How to Respond to “What’s Your Type”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

What’s your type? Getting asked about your ideal partner preferences can be exciting, but also nerve-wracking. Do you go the flirty route? Attempt a witty quip? Or clam up entirely? I’ll never forget the first time a crush asked me this loaded question. I fumbled through a response, mumbling something about liking “nice guys” before changing the subject out of awkwardness.

After that experience, I started jotting down responses I heard in films or from quick-thinking friends, slowly building a mental list of fly replies. And let me tell you – the next time a cutie asked about my taste, I smoothly rattled off a clever one-liner that won me a laugh and a date. Success!

30 Clever Responses to “What’s Your Type?”

Below I’m providing 30 on-point responses ranging from playful one-liners to thoughtful answers.

Consider this your master list of flirty, witty, and savage responses to the classic “What’s your type?” question.

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There you have it – 30 on-the-mark responses for the next time someone asks the loaded question, “What’s your type?” From flirty and funny to thoughtful descriptions, I hope these spark playful banter or lead to an intriguing discussion about your ideal romantic match.

Hilarious Comebacks To “What’s Your Type?”

We all enjoy a good laugh, especially when flirting! When asked about your type, going the funny route helps break the ice and makes things feel more casual.

What’s Your Type?

Ready to laugh? Here are some silly comebacks when asked the loaded question:

Funny One-Liners

Cheeky Responses

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Playful Comebacks

As you can see, going the humorous route allows you to break the ice and steer the conversation into flirty waters without getting too serious right away. So flex those clever comebacks muscles next time someone asks about your preferences!

Savage Responses

If you’re feeling feisty, unleash your quick wit by going the savage route! When done playfully, dropping a cutting comeback makes things exciting and shows you can hold your own.

Before trying these bold examples, read the room and consider the vibe you want to put out there. Then again, you miss all the shots you don’t take!

Blunt Quips

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Ballsy Banter

Edgy Responses

As you can see, savage comebacks definitely make an impression! Just be sure whoever you respond to this way can take the heat. Otherwise, maybe stick to friendlier banter to keep things light. The choice is yours!

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After compiling feedback from our witty editors, I’m highlighting 10 all-star responses that skillfully navigate the “What’s your type?” question. Consider these persuasive yet playful comebacks for your flirting arsonel!

1. I Tend to Vibe With Old Souls

I crush hard on people with depth and wisdom beyond their years. You know, old souls who view life through a lens of gratitude, optimism and compassion. If you can hold space for me during tough times while inspiring me to grow, you just might be my type!

When to use: When you want a thoughtful response that leaves room for deeper connection.

When NOT to use: If you want to keep things surface-level or strictly sexual.

2. I Like People Who Make Me Feel Heard

My biggest turn on is effortless conversation where I feel totally seen and heard. Like no topic is off limits, no judgment passed. If you can make me feel comfortable opening up while sharing vulnerabilities of your own? Wow, be still my heart!

When to use: When you want to shift the dynamic into more intimate territory.

When NOT to use: When entertaining TMI. Read the room before unveiling your soul!

3. I’m Into Good Energetic Vibes

I tend to crush on people with an infectious zest for life. You know, positive spirits who speak enthusiastically about their passions. And if you can school me on the magic of sequin fashion and early 2000s pop punk in the same convo? Marry me now!

When to use: When you want a quirky response that’s uplifting.

When NOT to use: If you’re trying to project a smoother image.

4. I Like Witty Banter With A Side Of Compassion

Few things get my heart racing faster than effortless back-and-forth banter with someone quick-witted. But it only really works when they also wear their heart on their sleeve. I wanna laugh till I snort then have sincere conversations about our childhood dreams. Ya feel me?

When to use: When you want to highlight both your goofy and sensitive sides.

When NOT to use: If you struggle holding deeper convos after joking around.

5. I’m Attracted To Bold Risk-Takers

I crush hard on autonomous spirits unafraid to color outside the lines. Folks who back bold visions with diligent hustle. I find the dynamic combo of fierce independence and unwavering empathy super sexy. Like, take me on an impromptu road trip in your vintage van NOW!

When to use: When you want an adventurous vibe.

When NOT to use: If commitment and stability are more your speed.

6. My Type Is Someone Who Values Personal Growth

I fall fast and hard for people focused on continual self-improvement – even when it hurts. You know, seeking out life’s tough lessons so they can level up as a partner, friend, citizen, human. I LOVE that drive to understand oneself more deeply. Nothing sexier!

When to use: When personal development is important to you.

When NOT to use: When trying to sound low-maintenance.

7. I’m Into Artsy Dreamer Types

I tend to crush on creative types – the dreamy music nerd analyzing lyrical nuance or the painter who describes compositions passionately. Witnessing the uninhibited imagination of an artsy spirit totally captivates me. Especially when we can geek out over niche interests together.

When to use: When you want an intellectual but romantic vibe.

When NOT to use: If you fear getting too intense too quickly.

8. I Like A Little Quid Pro Quo

If I’m being totally honest, my version of “my type” is less rigid and more equal opportunity. Because at the end of the day, connection is a two-way street. I’ll bring fierce loyalty, compassion, and eccentric humor to the table if you promise the same!

When to use: When you want to highlight reciprocity.

When NOT to use: If you prefer old school courtship vibes.

9. I’m Pretty Democratic In My Tastes

I don’t have a rigid physical “type” per se. I tend to vibe with folks whose company I enjoy. You know, people with open minds, quick wits and passionate pursuits. At the core, I just want laughter, mutual caretaking and spicy conversations on the regular!

When to use: For an egalitarian vibe.

When NOT to use: If you want a more directional answer.

10. I’m Into Good Listening Skills

Wanna get my heart racing? Dazzle me with stellar listening abilities! Maintain eye contact, ask thoughtful follow ups, reflect my expressions back at me. That sincere interest and effortless reciprocity just does it for me. Real talk, good listeners are my biggest weakness!

When to use: For a thoughtful response.

When NOT to use: When seeking something more playful or surface-level.

There you have it – 10 clever responses approved by our discerning editorial team! Whether you want intellectual, lighthearted, or flirty there’s an all-star answer here for you. Now knock ’em dead out there, killer! 😉

How to Respond to Girls

When a gal asks about your type, she likely wants to know if she fits the bill! Going the sincere route shows care while still keeping things playful.

Compliment Her Unique Traits

Rather than listing generic qualities, pay a genuine compliment highlighting specifics you dig about her. This shows sincere interest!

Keep it Lighthearted

Don’t unload emotionally heavy declarations out the gate. Instead, reciprocate interest playfully without putting pressure on things to escalate instantly.

How to Respond to Guys

If a dude asks this loaded question, he likely aims to steer the convo toward dating prospects between you two. Tread carefully depending on your interest level!

Redirect Boundaries Respectfully

If you only see him as a friend, reiterate that in a kind way while still appreciating his interest.

Reciprocate Subtly

If you do have interest, reciprocate gently without going overboard too quickly.

Parting Words

When someone asks about your ideal partner preferences, resist pressure to categorize yourself or your “type” in a defined box. At our core, we all yearn for authentic connection – it comes in various wildly worthwhile packages.

So focus more on listing desirable human qualities than specific physical attributes. And pay attention to whether potential matches uplift you as is instead of who they could be. Prizing substance over surfaces serves your highest good.

Now get out there and may all your conversations be sprinkled with just the right amount of playful sass and compassionate sincerity!

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