How to Respond to ‘Wassup’: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

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Wassup? How’s it going? What are you up to? This simple greeting opens up lots of flirty, witty, and savage responses.

I’ll never forget the time my crush messaged me “wassup?” and I just froze. I wanted to say something clever or flirty back, but my mind went blank.

After an awkwardly long time, I sent back a boring “nm u?” Ever since then, I’ve made it my mission to prepare the perfect responses to this loaded question.

Whether you want to get flirty with your crush or savage with your frienemies, I’ve got you covered. Below are 30 amazing, interesting, and usable comebacks for when someone hits you with that “wassup.” But first…

30 Witty, Flirty, and Savage Ways to Respond to “Wassup”*

My favorite go-to responses are in bold – tested and perfected for maximum flair! But mix and match to find what works for you. Now let’s get into these awesome comebacks:

There you have it – 30 different ways to respond to “wassup” guaranteed to spark interesting conversation. Mix and match to find your perfect witty, flirty, or savage replies!

Hilariously Exaggerated Responses

We’ve all had those days that feel so dramatically horrible they’re actually hilarious. Lean into the humor of your misfortune with these over-the-top replies:

  • Omg my day is literal hell! Woke up late, spilled coffee everywhere, accidentally wore two different shoes to work ‍♀️. Please tell me about your day so I can live vicariously!
  • On the struggle bus for sure! Slept through THREE alarms, locked my keys in the car, and there’s still 9 brutal hours left in this work day screaming inside. What’s new with you??
  • Ughhh I’m so clumsy! Just faceplanted walking out the door smh. These bruises are gonna look great on my date tonight ‍♀️ What embarrassing mishaps have you survived lately?
  • Wait should salad dressing have expiration dates? Lol jk…unless? For real though, how’s your day going?
  • Fantasizing about adopting 20 dogs when I win the lotto! What would your ideal day look like if you were filthy rich?
  • Omg RIP my bank account, just found the cutest pair of shoes and I neeeeeed them lol! What purchase have you treated yourself to recently?

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Savage Responses

Got a frenemy fishing for gossip or drama? Shut it down with these savage replies:

Flirty Responses

Shoot your shot with that cutie with these playful, flirty responses!

More Creative Responses

Mix and match elements from all the examples above to craft your own perfect witty, flirty, or savage replies! Feel free to get creative with these response formula mad libs:

The options are endless – review all the examples above and craft a unique response that fits your relationship and mood!

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Top 10 Editor’s Choice Ways to Respond to “Wassup”

1. Just Chillin, Wbu?

This simple yet effective response checks all the boxes. It’s casual, opens the conversation back up, and leaves room for flirtiness later.

When to use: Great for new matches, friends, or anyone you have a casual dynamic with. Leaves the door open for playful banter.

When NOT to use: May sound low effort for very close friends expecting enthusiastic conversation.

2. Living My Best Life Thanks to You! 😘

A sweet flirty line like this is sure to make them smile. Shows you associate them with positive feelings.

When to use: When flirting with a new match or crush. Shows your interest in them!

When NOT to use: Comes on too strong for platonic relationships. Save romantic lines for love interests.

3. Wait Shouldn’t You Be Minding Your Business? 😝

A playful zinger to use when dealing with friends who focus too much on your life. Shows you don’t take yourself too seriously!

When to use: With close friends who innocently but frequently pry into your business. Kindly tells them to give you space.

When NOT to use: Avoid with strangers, new matches, bosses – anyone who doesn’t know your sense of humor well.

4. Omg Dying Over This Adorable Puppy Outside! 🐶

When you’re excited about something cute or hilarious, share the joy! Bonus points if you include a photo.

When to use: When you’re enthusiastically happy about something and want to spread the feeling. Allows you both to bond over delight.

When NOT to use: Use caution when they are having a bad day, as your happiness could feel like salt in their wound. Read the room before gushing.

5. Netflix & Napping, Avoiding All Responsibilities! 😴

We all have lazy days where we fall into the Netflix spiral. Share the laughs over your slothful moments!

When to use: Bond with friends or partners by sharing your silly unproductive moments. Allows you both to laugh over the relatable messiness of being human!

When NOT to use: With authority figures like parents, bosses, etc who disapprove of laziness – they won’t find the humor.

6. So Stressed From Adulting 😓 Please Tell Me Something Fun You Have Coming Up!

Venting about your struggles implicitly asks them to uplift you. Shares vulnerability.

When to use: Opening honest conversations about what’s bothering you deepens intimacy and trust in relationships. Asking about their life prevents the vent session from getting one-sided.

When NOT to use: Oversharing personal struggles early with strangers can seem like a red flag. Get to know them first before infodumping.

7. You Know Me, Same Old Grind! But I’d Rather Hear About Your Day! ☺️

Keeps the conversation focused on learning about them. Shows your genuine interest.

When to use: Early in relationships to demonstrate sincere curiosity about their inner world. Fosters intimacy.

When NOT to use: With very close friends/partners who expect mutuality – if you only ever talk about them and not yourself, they won’t feel heard.

8. Wait Shouldn’t You Be [Funny Thing]? JK! Tell Me Something Fun You Have Coming Up!

A good-natured zinger layered under an invitation to share makes them laugh while keeping things upbeat.

When to use: With close friends who will know your teasing is playful. Light roasting combined with genuine curiosity to learn about their happiness.

When NOT to use: With sensitive people or those who don’t understand your humor. Teasing should only be used between mutual friends who roast each other regularly with no hurt feelings.

9. Counting Down The Minutes Until Our Next Date! 🥰️ When Are You Free Again?

Flirty yet direct, this line leaves no room for doubt about your romantic intentions, and prompts them to lock down date #2!

When to use: After a great first date, letting them know you’re excited to meet up again. Confidently pursuing what you want is attractive!

When NOT to use: Avoid saying “date” prematurely with friendly hang outs – could scare them off by coming on too romantically strong if they see you as a friend. Read their intentions first.

10. Chilling With My Cat Like The Crazy Cat Lady I Am! 🐈 How’s Your Day Going?

Leaning into silly self-deprecating humor makes you more approachable and human. People gravitate towards those willing to poke fun at themselves!

When to use: Early on to indicate you don’t take yourself too seriously, while still advancing the conversation by asking about their day.

When NOT to use: Self-deprecation with friends who know your insecurities well could hit the wrong nerve. Use selectively depending who you’re talking to.

There you have it – 10 editor-approved ways to respond to “wassup” guaranteed to spark an interesting conversation. Mix and match for the perfect reply to anyone in your contacts! Now go wow them with your new witty, flirty, and savage banter skills. You got this!

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How to Respond to a Girl Who Messages “Wassup”

When a girl texts you “wassup,” she’s showing interest in your day and opening the door for further conversation. How should you respond?

Be casual yet interested – Mirror her casual tone while also asking questions to keep things flowing. Stay focused on getting to know her instead of facts about yourself. For example:

Flirt back lightly – If she seems open to some playfulness, gently flirt back while keeping it respectful. Compliment her, suggest hanging out, tell an amusing story, etc. For example:

The key is reading her signals – only escalate flirtiness if she seems receptive.

Use humor – Making her laugh builds attraction, just avoid crass jokes early on. Poke fun at a silly situation that happened or share a funny meme. For example:

Humor presents you as confident and not taking yourself too seriously. But get to know her humor style before teasing her specifically.

Follow her lead – Pay attention to the length and depth of her responses. Match her cadence while allowing silences for her to fill instead of oversharing. Let her reveal personal details at her own pace.

The overall goal is helping her feel comfortable opening up at her own pace!

How to Respond to a Guy Who Messages “Wassup”

It’s generally safe to assume a guy messaging “wassup” is interested in at least chatting, if not outright flirting. But make sure before assuming romantic intent!

Flirt back if there’s chemistry – If he’s your crush or you’re hoping to spark something, keep it lighthearted. For example:

Give him openings like asking questions or making date suggestions. Say yes if he asks you out!

Stay platonic if you only see him as a friend – You can be friendly while making sure he knows your intentions are strictly platonic. For example:

Talking about your mutual friends or interests discourage him from asking for one-on-one hangouts.

Cool off contact if needed – If constant flirty outreach makes you uncomfortable, create some distance. Keep responses brief, delay responding, and interact mainly in group settings.

The key is handling uncomfortable interest with grace while protecting your peace! Not every match needs to be your new BFF or boyfriend – learn to say “no thanks” respectfully.


At the end of the day, a simple “wassup” text is your chance to have fun connecting with friends and potential partners alike.

So take a cue from the 30 examples and expert tips provided above to handle this common question with wit, charm, and confidence!

Whether you want to get flirty with your crush, bond even more deeply with close friends, or even craft the perfect sassy retorts to handle the nosy frenemy, utilizing these premade conversation springboards takes the pressure off thinking of clever replies on the spot.

Next time your phone lights up with that loaded “wassup” icebreaker, you’ll be cool as a cucumber with the perfect witty, charming, or savage responses ready to fire from the hip! So what are you waiting for? Go forth and wow them with your A+ banter skills!

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