How to Respond to “Thank You” From a Crush: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

Got a “thank you” text from your crush and don’t know how to respond? Want to keep the conversation going with some flirty, witty or funny replies? Well, you have come to the right place.

I decided to make this list of over 30 responses after an incident where a girl I liked sent me a simple “thanks” and I ended up sending her the thumbs up emoji because I couldn’t think of anything else. Cringeworthy, I know.

Before jumping into the long list, here are some quick ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • No problem at all, I was happy to help
  • Anytime! Let me know if you need anything else
  • Don’t mention it. Seeing you smile is thanks enough

Now, check out the full list below and take your pick, Below I have compiled the ultimate list of perfect responses ranging from flirty to savage so you always have a smooth comeback ready. If you want to spice up your texting game, impress your crush and stand out from the crowd, just use one of these tried and tested replies.

30+ Best Responses to “Thank You” From Your Crush

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Funny Ways to Respond to “Thank You” From Your Crush

Flirty-Reply to-Thank-You-from-Crush
Flirty-Reply to-Thank-You-from-Crush

Got a thank you text from your crush but not sure how to keep the laughter flowing? Try out one of these 10 hilarious comebacks guaranteed to get you extra brownie points for your sharp wit and humor!

Who said romance and funny can’t mix? Sprinkling some lighthearted teasing and banter into your texts is sure to make your crush crack up while keeping the conversation alive.

  1. What can I say, I’m just an all around helpful guy! Helping damsels in distress is what I do best 😎
  2. No problem! Although I usually charge for my excellent favors… I guess I can give you the friends and family discount! 😜
  3. Anytime darling! Gotta rack up those brownie points so you’ll keep me around 😉
  4. My services don’t come cheap you know… you totally owe me big time! I take payment in home cooked meals, massages, and endless compliments 😆
  5. Glad to be of service m’lady! Maybe you could recommend me to all your cute friends once you realize how awesome I am? 😁
  6. No no, the pleasure was all mine! Any excuse to show off my mad skills and impress a cutie like yourself! 😏
  7. Careful now, you might wear out my good will with all your thank yous! But for you I think I can muster up some extra courtesy 😉
  8. You’ve already maxed out your thank you limit for the month I’m afraid! Try again in 30 days 😝
  9. Wow, so formal! If I got a dollar for every thank you text you sent me, I could take you on a nice date by now! 😄
  10. Easy there big spender! Save some of the thank yous for the second date why dont ya? 😜

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Savage Responses to Say After “Thank You”

Feel like being a little sassy and knock your crush down a notch in a playful way? Try out these 10 bold comebacks when you get tired of all the politeness!

Giving your crush some roasts along with the sweet talk keeps things exciting and shows off your confident side! Just don’t be too mean or they might get offended… use these savage responses in moderation for best results!

  1. Yeah yeah, don’t wear it out. I think we both know I’m getting the better end of this deal! 😏
  2. Umm I believe the dictionary definition of “thank you” also includes buying me a drink? Nice try though 😒
  3. Darling I think there’s something wrong with my phone… your number isn’t in it! Care to rectify the situation? 😈
  4. Slow your roll there buddy! Save some charm for date number 2, we don’t want me getting bored of you too quickly now…😝
  5. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t sending cute selfies proper thank you etiquette these days? 😛
  6. Wow, look at you being all polite and proper! Does your girlfriend know how charming you can be or do I get special treatment? 😉
  7. Easy now, too many compliments might go straight to my head… even more than usual! 😜
  8. Careful now, keep talking like that and I might just get used to it! 😏
  9. Flattery will get you everywhere darling… tell me more! 😘
  10. I love hearing you fawn over me – be a pet and don’t stop! 😻

Flirty Responses to Give Your Crush After a “Thank You”

What better way to show your interest while keeping the romantic tension alive than with some flirtatious comebacks? Use these 10 steamy responses to get your crush hot and bothered!

Sprinkling playful innuendos, cheeky compliments and subtle sexual undertones into your friendly chat is sure to leave your crush wanting more… give their imagination a little tease with these flirty replies when you get a “thank you” text!

  1. No need to thank me yet… I still owe you a nice candlelit dinner 😉
  2. Anytime sexy! Let me know if you think of any other ways I can be of service…😈
  3. Careful saying thank you looking all cute like that – makes me want to eat you right up! 😋
  4. My pleasure darling, though I can think of much better ways for you to repay the favor…interested? 😏
  5. Was happy provide my services – tell me, how do you intend to show your appreciation? 😇
  6. Don’t mention it baby! Helping a hottie like yourself is thanks enough…or so a kiss wouldn’t hurt 😘
  7. You know I love going above and beyond for you… what do you say we continue this over drinks later? 🍸
  8. The next time you wanna thank me, how about doing it over a nice romantic dinner instead? 😉
  9. Careful now, keep sweet talking me like that and I won’t be able to resist asking you out 😋
  10. Anytime sexy! Let me know if you ever wanna properly thank me in person…

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10 Editor’s Choice Best Responses to “Thank You” From Your Crush

1. Aww, aren’t you just the sweetest!

This response is short and sweet, showing appreciation for your crush’s thoughtful gesture. It maintains a flirty yet casual tone without going overboard.

Where to use: Early on when just establishing a playful rapport. Avoid using too often.

Where NOT to use: If your crush responds negatively to compliments or doesn’t enjoy constant sweet talk.

2. Please, the pleasure was all mine!

Polite yet confident, this witty response smoothy flips the script to highlight your delight in helping out your crush.

Where to use: When you want to keep the playful romantic tension going without getting overly flirtatious.

Where NOT to use: If your crush prefers more direct and straightforward communication. Could come across as corny.

3. No need to thank me… your smile is thanks enough!

Cheeky yet charming, this flirty line pays a subtle compliment while downplaying your own efforts. Shows your selflessness and interest in making your crush happy.

Where to use: When flirting with someone you already have an established romantic connection with.

Where NOT to use: At the very start when you are still getting to know each other, could come on too strong.

4. I’ll send you my invoice later 😉

Humorous response plays up the fact your crush “owes” you in a silly way. Keeps things upbeat and banter-filled without heavy flirting.

Where to use: Early on to establish a playful, fun dynamic of teasing and banter.

Where NOT to use: With super serious crushes who might take the joke literally. Use sparingly.

5. Anything for my favorite person!

Warm and affectionate, this response subtly hints someone is special to you. It’s flattering but not overly mushy.

Where to use: Once you have an established connection and want to hint at deeper feelings.

Where NOT to use: When you barely know someone or want to keep things very casual.

6. Keep it up and I might get used to royal treatment 😉

Playful arrogance hints you enjoy being fawned over by your crush. Checks their overly polite gesture while showing your confident side.

Where to use: When you want to gently take charge and steer the dynamic to be in your favor.

Where NOT to use: Early on or with very shy/sensitive crushes who may take it the wrong way.

7. Mission accomplished – you just made my day!

Friendly and upbeat, this reply shares positive emotions to build rapport and connection. Focuses on the favor’s impact rather than politeness.

Where to use: Early on to reinforce a feel-good vibe. Also great for subtle friend-zoning.

Where NOT to use: When actively pursuing romantic escalation. Can come across as too platonic/neutral.

8. No thanks needed… just being awesome is what I do! 😎

Boldly arrogant but in a silly, tongue-in-cheek way. Shows confidence to grab attention and start playful banter.

Where to use: Early when first establishing a flirty dynamic. Makes you memorable.

Where NOT to use: With serious crushes or those needing more sincere affection/attention.

9. Anytime babe… and I do mean ANYTIME 😏

Undeniably flirty reply laced with sexual innuendo. Hints you’re open and eager to assist your crush whenever needed.

Where to use: Sparingly when ramping up chemistry with a crush you have already established tension with.

Where NOT to use: Early on or you risk appearing overly horny/aggressive and making people uncomfortable.

10. I’ll be sure to call in that favor someday…😉

Playful arrogance with a splash of mystery. Hints your crush “owes” you while baiting curiosity.

Where to use: When you feel ready to get bolder with flirtation and innuendo.

Where NOT to use: With very polite, formal crushes who prefer more subtle romantic escalation.

How to Reply to a Girl After She Says “Thank You”

Girls appreciate thoughtfulness and courtesy more than anything. When she says thanks after you do something nice, respond by:

  • Keeping things upbeat and positive. Avoid sounding annoyed or like you expect repayment.
  • Downplaying your effort so she doesn’t feel pressured to reciprocate right away.
  • Hint you enjoy treating her specially and making her smile. Subtle flattery goes a long way.
  • Suggest meeting up again soon if you want to escalate romantically. Her thank you means she enjoys spending time together.

Here are some tailored examples:

  • “No problem at all! Helping pretty girls in distress is what I do best ;)”
  • “Don’t even mention it cutie, I just love seeing you smile!”
  • “Making sure you have a great day is thanks enough for me sweetheart!”

How to Respond to Another Guy After He Says Thanks

When a male friend or crush expresses gratitude, take a more direct and banter-filled approach by:

  • Keeping things positive but avoid sounding overly sweet/sentimental.
  • Joking around that he “owes” you one to play up the bro code camaraderie.
  • Suggesting you hang out again soon, either 1-on-1 or with your usual squad. His thank you means he enjoys your company.

Some tailored examples include:

  • “No worries dude, you can buy the drinks next time to make it even!”
  • “Don’t mention it buddy! But you definitely owe me big time now!”
  • “Anytime man, just hit me up whenever you wanna hang”

Special Thank You Responses for Shy Crushes

If your crush is introverted or timid when expressing gratitude, reassure them with responses like:

  • “No need to be shy around me, I’m happy I could make your day brighter!”
  • “You’ve thanked me like five times already, it’s seriously no big deal!”
  • “I promise helping you out was my pleasure – now relax a little!”

Here are additional good options:

  • “I’m always here for you, never feel awkward about asking me for favors!”
  • “I can tell you really appreciate it but no extra thanks needed, okay?”
  • “Let’s hang out again soon so helping you out feels worthwhile.”


At the end of the day, any sincere expression of gratitude deserves an upbeat, gracious response – especially from romantic interests.

Rather than just replying “no problem”, “you’re welcome” or a thumbs up emoji, take the opportunity to strengthen your connection through charm, wit or flirtation tailored to your crush’s personality.

Pay attention to how they react so you can determine what communication style makes them most comfortable as your relationship progresses. With effort and emotional intelligence, that simple “thank you” text can end up blossoming into something deeper!

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