How to Respond to “Sweet Dreams”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

When someone texts you “sweet dreams”, it can be hard to come up with a clever response. From wanting to keep things light to throwing in some sass, you need the perfect comeback to such a common late-night message.

I’ve had my fair share of dull “you too” replies over the years. But after getting ghosted one too many times, I decided enough was enough! Through trial and error (and a lot of cringe), I’ve compiled the ultimate list of flirty, witty and savage responses to “sweet dreams”.

Whether it’s your partner, crush, friend or random match, these 30+ funny comebacks will help you stand out and spark playful banter into the early hours. So next time you get that inevitable PM, try out these sassy replies for some cheeky late-night fun!

30 Responses to “Sweet Dreams”

Before jumping straight into the list, I want to emphasize being your authentic self. While spicing things up with some harmless flirting or sarcasm can be exciting, don’t force a persona that isn’t really you. The right person will appreciate your unique charm!

That said, let’s get into 30 ways to respond to “sweet dreams”:

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Funny Responses


Laughter is the best medicine, so bring on the LOLs with these hilarious comebacks! Not only will you spark smiles, but showing you don’t take yourself too seriously builds rapport fast.

  1. Did you cast a sweet dream spell on me? witch cackling gif
  2. I’m changing your name in my phone to Sandman!
  3. * profession related gif* Too bad this job keeps me up all night!
  4. Don’t worry, I’ll dream of eating pizza and cake!
  5. Shrek blowing a kiss gif Mwah!
  6. Zzzzz audio clip of loud snoring
  7. SpongeBob rainbow meme iMaGiNe SlEePiNg LOL
  8. You forgot to read me a bedtime story!
  9. gif waving hands over face You are getting sleeeeepy
  10. I bet I’ll have weird dreams about inside joke reference
  11. silly gif of choice Sweet dreams are made of cheese!

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Savage Responses

If you wanna throw some spice, shade or sass, these snarky one-liners deliver! Just don’t overdo it, or you may come across overly salty. Remember, the person texted you goodnight after all!

  1. Were you dropped on your head as a baby?
  2. I think you meant to text your mom, not me!
  3. New phone, who dis?
  4. middle finger gif This what you wanna see before bed?
  5. laughing Tom cruise gif Wait you were serious?
  6. woman screaming internally gif Me reading this text
  7. I don’t have dreams, only nightmares 🙂
  8. person waving gif Bye, talk tomorrow!
  9. Did you text your booty call list by accident?
  10. woman cringing gif Oof, wrong person!
  11. woman popping champagne gif Yay he thinks I care!

Flirty Responses

Whether it’s a new match or long-term lover, sprinkle in some spice! Flirty texts create excitement, intimacy and leave them wanting more…

  1. Dreaming about your lips pressed against mine ;*
  2. Mmm I’ll be imagining that hot bod 😉
  3. seductive gif Can’t wait for our next late night rendezvous
  4. If I told you what I was dreaming, I’d have to spank you!
  5. I’ll be up for a while eggplant emoji
  6. Pooh bear sticking out butt gif This butt’s ready for bed!
  7. person drooling gif Just picturing you is getting me excited
  8. Clothes on or off tonight, babe? 😉
  9. I only need sweet dreams if I can wake up next to you!
  10. Damn I wanna play before bed…with YOU 😛
  11. lip bite gif Keep thinking those dirty thoughts, sexy!

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10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After combing through hundreds of “sweet dreams” comebacks, these 10 emerged as crowd favorites. From cheeky to cute, check out our top picks and when to deploy each sassy reply:

1. They’ll be sweet with you in them 😉

This flirty line implies you find the recipient attractive and would enjoy dreaming about them. Perfect for:

  • New matches/someone you’re interested in
  • Sparking a playful back-and-forth
  • Setting an intimate tone before meeting up

But don’t use if:

  • You want to keep things friendly
  • Text history shows they don’t reciprocate flirting

2. I bet I’ll dream about those gorgeous eyes/lips tonight

An imagination-sparking way to pay a compliment before bed. Works well when:

  • Flirting with someone you know finds you attractive too
  • You genuinely admire a facial feature of theirs

Avoid if:

  • It’s someone you’re not interested in romantically
  • They have not shown interest back

3. Sleep tight, don’t let the zombies bite!

A funny twist on the classic “don’t let the bedbugs bite.” Ideal for:

  • Lightening the mood with friends/family
  • Showing your quirky personality to new matches

Don’t use when:

  • You want to be flirty/romantic with a crush or partner

4. Mmm I’ll be picturing that hot bod 😉

Amp up intimacy with this cheeky tease about imagining their physique tonight. Good if:

  • You’re already in a sexual relationship
  • They previously flirted about your body

Don’t send if:

  • You haven’t gotten physically intimate yet
  • Their signals show disinterest in escalation

5. Did you cast a sweet dreams spell on me?

A magical line implying they seem charming enough to fill your dreams. Works if:

  • Developing a new connection with romantic potential
  • You dig their quirky personality

Avoid if:

  • Trying to transition a current friendship into more
  • They have friend-zoned you

6. New phone, who dis?

For those wanting an extra savage shutdown, this classic line always delivers. Ideal when:

  • Their text is an unwelcome/random reach-out
  • You feel like being a blunt to someone annoying

Don’t send if:

  • It’s your boss/parent/VIP contact
  • You want to avoid burning bridges

7. Can’t promise they’ll be sweet…or innocent 😉

Amp up anticipation of scandalous dreams with this steamy tease. Good for spicing things up when:

  • In an established sexual relationship
  • Both parties openly flirt about fantasies

Don’t drop if:

  • Still figuring out mutual comfort levels
  • You actually want to take intimacy slower

8. Did you text your booty call list by accident?

This savage clapback calls out feeling like you were an afterthought text blast. Ideal when:

  • Their text came super late at night
  • You recently felt de-prioritized

Don’t send if:

  • You haven’t communicated hurt feelings yet
  • Your reaction is too harsh for the context

9. Sweet dreams, babe! Love you 🙂

Short, sweet and affectionate – this warm reply nurtures intimacy. Use when:

  • In a steady, serious relationship
  • Your partner adores cute pet names

Avoid if:

  • You just started seeing each other
  • They don’t reciprocate “I love you’s” yet

10. Can’t wait to tell you about my crazy dreams tomorrow!

This friendly line continues an existing convo for later. Great for:

  • Developing new friendships and relationships
  • Plans to meet up again soon

Don’t send if:

  • You have no plans to ever interact again
  • Their text seemed like a late-night “I’m thinking of you”

How to Reply to a Guy

So a handsome fella just hit you with the classic “sweet dreams” text. Should you play it cool or respond more cheekily? Here’s how to craft replies based on your dynamic and intentions:

If it’s a crush/new match:

Flirt back! Try a spicy but sweet line like “Dreaming about those sexy lips tonight ;)” or ask to hang out again soon. Show interest, while assessing if he reciprocates.

If it’s a friend/the friend zone:

Keep it cute not heat-seeking with a warm response like “Aww thanks, sleep tight!” or a funny comeback about having weird dreams. Steer clear of flirty jokes to avoid mixed signals.

If it’s your boyfriend:

Have fun getting intimate from afar! Send something steamy like “Thinking of all the places I want those lips!” or affectionate like “Love you baby, can’t wait to cuddle tomorrow.”

If it’s an ex:

Proceed with caution! A late night “sweet dreams” text from an ex usually means they’re feeling nostalgic. But does reconnecting align with your boundaries and goals? Take time to consider before responding flirtatiously.

How to Reply to a Girl

When your female crush, friend or gal pal sends this sleepy-time message, craft your comeback based on what you want from her:

If you wanna date her:

Hint at romantic interest with a line like “Hope I’m in those sweet dreams tonight ;)” or suggest meeting for an activity you both enjoy. Just don’t be too aggressive if she’s given no signals.

If you adore the friend zone:

Keep it friendly! Try something like “8 hours of beauty sleep coming your way!” or a funny meme. Show you value her platonically without muddying the waters.

If she’s your girlfriend:

Remind her why she fell for you! Send a loving text like “Counting down to our next sleepover. Miss you babe!” or get cheeky with a flirty request for pics. Just respect her boundaries.

If she’s an ex:

Figure out her motives before responding suggestively. Is she just being polite or hoping to rekindle? Make sure you’re on the same page about boundaries if you want to flirt.

When Someone Unexpected Says “Sweet Dreams”

Got a “sweet dreams” text from a random colleague, distant relative or someone you can’t stand? Try these ways to craft a polite yet boundary-setting reply:

  • Keep it simple with just “You too.”
  • Wish them well without reciprocity: “Hope you sleep great!”
  • Kindly clarify wrong number if necessary
  • Redirect back to professional relationship

The key is avoiding mixed signals while steering the convo back to appropriate territory.

What Not to Reply

While spicing things up via text can be fun, you also want to avoid uncomfortable mix-ups or misunderstandings. Steer clear of these cringe-worthy replies:

  • Anything sexually explicit
  • Inside jokes they’re not privy to
  • Tangents unrelated to wishing them well
  • One-word snubs like “K” or “lol”
  • Anything passive aggressive

The basics of good text etiquette still apply, even for late night banter!


At the end of the day, how you respond to “sweet dreams” depends on your relationship and intentions. Getting creative with a flirty, funny or sassy comeback is a great way to spark smiles and stand out from boring “you too” replies.

Hopefully this extensive guide gave you plenty of witty, savage and cheeky inspo to try next time someone wishes you a good sleep! Mix, match and tweak based on the vibe you want to create.

Most importantly, have fun seeing where a playful late night exchange might lead! But ensure you feel safe, respected and set clear boundaries.

Now it’s your turn: what’s your favorite way to respond to “sweet dreams” – and do you have any original ideas I should add to the list? Let me know in the comments!

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