How to Respond to “SMH”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

Have you ever had someone shake their head at you disapprovingly and say “SMH” (an abbreviation for the phrase “shaking my head”)? It can be frustrating when people make judgments about you or your actions. However, there are many clever ways you can respond to an “SMH” that show confidence and allow you to regain control of the conversation.

I still remember when my best friend SMH’d at me when I told her I had a crush on the cute barista at our local coffee shop.

At first I felt embarrassed, but then I delivered a witty comeback that made her laugh and quickly changed the tone of our chat. After that, I started collecting good “SMH” responses to always have a snappy reply ready.

Below I’ve compiled over 30 flirty, witty and savage responses you can use after someone throws you an “SMH”. Some will make them laugh, while others may gently put them in their place. Use them to turn an annoying judgment into a fun and memorable conversation.

30+ Ways to Respond to “SMH”

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Funny Ways to Respond to “SMH”

We all need some humor when someone is shaking their head at us! Laughter helps take the sting out of judgment and makes the situation more lighthearted. Here are 10 hilarious “SMH” comebacks:

  • My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…and apparently all the head shaking too!
  • If my awesome dancing is too much for you, just say so!
  • Starts doing the sprinkler dance move You can’t resist my sweet moves!
  • I know, this much beauty is blinding.
  • My parents warned me this would happen when I unleashed my silliness.
  • If crazy was an Olympic event, I’d have the gold medal!

Savage Responses to “SMH”

When someone is judging you unfairly, it can feel good to clap back with a clever takedown. But don’t be too mean! Here are 5 fiery yet controlled “SMH” responses:

  • I don’t have time for haters, I’m too busy winning.
  • Yawn Are you done with the attitude? I was trying to have a nice conversation.
  • If you don’t have something nice to say, come sit by me.
  • Being bitter really isn’t a good look on you.
  • I know you wish you were more like me. It’s ok, you’ll get there someday!

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Pop Culture SMH Responses

For the trendy and sarcastic people out there, use a reference from a popular movie, TV show, or meme to respond:

  • Like Mean Girls says, “Jealousy is a disease. Get well soon!”
  • As Elle Woods would say, “So you agree? The results are in, I’m a genius!”
  • Jim Halpert face to the camera
  • Is this because I didn’t invite you to my last party or something?

5 Editor’s Choice Ways to Respond to “SMH”

After polling our witty editors, we compiled the 5 best “SMH” comebacks that will work in most situations. Keep these snappy responses on hand for the next time someone rudely shakes their head at you!

1. “Was My Dancing Too Provocative Again?”

This response works well when someone is judging your silly or over-the-top behavior. Owning your provocative style with humor diffuses tension.

When To Use:

  • When you get carried away dancing or doing other “extra” antics
  • Friends who often tease you for being wild and crazy

When Not To Use:

  • Professional settings
  • With conservative family members

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2. “If You Stare Too Long, You Might Fall In Love”

A flirty response like this one reframes their judgment as attraction. It’s a playful way to point out their fixation on you.

When To Use:

  • When said by someone you are interested in romantically
  • Friends who you have chemistry with

When Not To Use:

  • Authority figures like bosses or teachers
  • Strangers – could come across as creepy

3. “If Crazy Was An Olympic Event, I’d Have the Gold Medal!”

Show pride in your unconventional personality by owning the “crazy” label. The Olympic reference amps up the humor.

When To Use:

  • Friends or family who know you’re creatively quirky
  • Responding to someone judging your offbeat ideas

When Not To Use:

  • During serious conversations
  • With acquaintances or strangers

4. “Sorry, I Was Distracted By How Cute You Look When You’re Frustrated”

Flipping their annoyance into an over-the-top flirty compliment catches people pleasantly off guard.

When To Use:

  • Someone you feel comfortable playfully flirting with
  • Lightening the mood in tense romantic situations

When Not To Use:

  • People who could take it the wrong way
  • In professional settings

5. “My Parents Warned Me This Would Happen When I Unleashed My Silliness”

Showing pride in your fun-loving nature positions you as confidently unbothered by their judgment.

When To Use:

  • Friends, romantic partners, or family members who you regularly joke around with

When Not To Use:

  • Strangers or new acquaintances
  • Supervisors, teachers

How to Reply When Your Crush Sends You “SMH”

  • Keep it playful by sending a flirty meme or gif back
  • Say something like “What did I do to deserve that reaction from someone as cute as you?”
  • Suggest taking things offline and talking in person to clear up any misunderstandings

What To Text Back If Your Best Friend Sends “SMH”

  • Directly ask them why they are shaking their head at you as their bestie
  • Send back a “SMH” gif making fun of their vague response
  • Call them up immediately and get them to explain exactly what you did wrong

What To Do If Someone Keeps Sending Vague “SMH” Texts

For those serial “SMH” offenders who refuse to clarify meaning after multiple instances:

  • Directly ask them to stop or at least provide more context when sending these texts. Open and clear communication is key.
  • If they still refuse, reiterate your boundary firmly. Explain that one-sided expressions of disapproval aren’t constructive.
  • As a last resort for petty and passive aggressive behavior with no signs of change, mute notifications or block their number temporarily.
  • If you decide to block someone permanently, tell them why clearly and concisely first.

How To Prevent Misinterpreted Texts Altogether

While vague texts themselves may be unavoidable, you can reduce confusion by:

  • Agreeing on texting norms early on so all parties understand proper etiquette.
  • Addressing conflicts, miscommunications, disagreements etc directly via phone call or in person when possible.
  • Making questions, statements, jokes etc explicit through use of emojis, explanation points, etc rather than leaving things open to interpretation.


Being on the receiving end of a cryptic “SMH” message can be annoying at best or offensive at worst. Hopefully this article provided ample ideas for responding cleverly, calling out rudeness, reconciling with disappointed parties or preventing confusing texts altogether.

Remember – context and tone are everything. While one person’s “SMH” could aim to tease or even flirt, another’s may come from unspoken frustration or judgment. React accordingly based on your relationship and history with the sender.

And when in doubt over text meaning, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk it out directly. Clearing the air will serve you better than playing the guessing game every time.

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