How to Respond to “Or What”: 30+ Witty And Savage Comebacks

Someone says “or what” to you as a threat or challenge? Don’t let them intimidate you. Here are 30+ savage, funny, and clever comebacks to shut them down. I decided to make this guide after my little brother pulled the “or what” card on me one too many times. If you need more ammo for these situations, read on!

30 Clever and Savage “Or What” Comebacks

When someone tries saying “or what” to you, it can catch you off guard. But staying silent or getting angry often makes you look weak.

The best way to respond is by having a clever and bold comeback ready. Here are 30 great examples to put anyone trying to threaten or challenge you in their place:

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Funny Comebacks


Dealing with someone trying to threaten you by saying “or what” can be annoying. But you can diffuse the situation and even make yourself laugh with some funny and disarming responses.

Here are 10 clever funny comebacks that will leave the “or what” sayers scratching their heads:

10 Hilarious Ways to Respond to “Or What”

  1. Or what? You’ll tell yo mama jokes at me? Oooh, I’m so scared of knock knock jokes!
  2. Or what, you microphone stand without a mic? You’ll just stand there looking stupid while I ignore you?
  3. Or what? You’ll fart in my general direction? Yeah super threatening, Sir Stinks-a-lot.
  4. Or what? You’ll make faces at me until I surrender? Oh wow, not the scary preschooler face making tactic! Anything but that!
  5. Or what? You’ll tickle attack me? Ha, okay Bart Simpson. I’ll be sure to wear protective gear.
  6. Or what? You’ll beat me at Mario Kart? I tremble at the thought of you crossing the finish line first in a baby game.
  7. Or what, you sentient bottle of syrup? You’ll stick to me until I give up? Yeah super scary, Mr Sticky.
  8. Or what? You’ll stare at me aggressively? Oooh, not the scary eyes! Mommy save me from the bulging eyeballs!
  9. Or what? You’ll steal my nose? Okay Voldemort, just make sure to give it back when you’re done playing toddler games.
  10. Or what? You’ll pull my pigtails and throw sand at me? Wow, third grade insults – you really got me there!

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Savage Responses

If subtle humor isn’t your style, there’s nothing wrong with brutally putting an “or what” sayer in their place.

Here are 10 gloriously savage comebacks to make anyone regret trying to step up to you:

10 Ruthless Ways to Shut Down “Or What”

  1. Or what? You’ll demonstrate your baby dinosaur arms by trying to slap me? Adorable.
  2. Or what? You wanna see what it’s like to get your face rearranged? Keep running your mouth.
  3. Or what, you sentient sack of potatoes? You wanna become a smashed sack of potatoes when I pound you?
  4. Or what? You’ll call me nasty fifth grade level insults? Sorry, but I left those behind before puberty hit. Unlike some people…
  5. Or what, you toxic dumpster fire? You wanna see the flames get extinguished with tears once I’m done verbally tearing you down?
  6. Or what? You’ll go home crying so your mommy can wipe away your embarrassing failure tears?
  7. Or what? You wanna see how hard the floor hits when I slam your scrawny behind down? Come at me then.
  8. Or what, you pathetic expired jar of mayonnaise? You wanna get recycled like the useless trash you are?
  9. Or what? You wanna cry into your My Little Pony dolls once I pulverize you with words harsher than your daddy’s belt?
  10. Or what, you sentient sock puppet? I’ll use you for what you were made for – wiping up nasty filth. Starting with that trash spewing from your mouth.

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Flirty Responses

Snarky comebacks not your style? Kill their intimidation vibes by responding flirtatiously instead!

10 Cheeky Ways to Flip the Script

  1. Or what, big boy? You’ll pin me against the wall with your strong arms? Mmm I’d like to see you try.
  2. Oh will the big scary man punish me? Please sir I promise to behave! playful wink
  3. Ooh threatening me baby? I love seeing this dominant side of you! Rawr!
  4. Aww is someone feeling feisty? So cute when you act all tough.
  5. Oh no guess you’ll have to spank me huh? I might even enjoy it 😉
  6. Someone’s trying so hard to seem intimidating! Bless your precious heart.
  7. Aww you get more adorable by the minute Mr. Macho Man! Careful I might just kiss that grumpy pout away.
  8. Uh oh guess I made daddy angry! Maybe he needs to bend me over his knee?
  9. Is that the best threat you’ve got babycakes? I might just attack you with cuddles for trying so hard!
  10. Sexy angry guy alert! Please use your manly power on me you hunk. Rawr!

Top 10 Editor’s Choice “Or What” Comebacks

1. Or what? You’ll bore me to tears with your lack of intelligence?

This clever comeback questions their intellect and implies their meaningless threats are more likely to just bore you.

When to use: When someone empty-threatens you acting superior but you know they are all talk.

When NOT to use: If they seem truly dangerous. Then avoid antagonizing them further.

2. Or what, you overinflated balloon? You’ll fly around making fart noises until you deflate?

A funny over-the-top metaphor comparing them to a balloon making this comeback lighthearted yet cutting.

When to use: When someone threatens you thinking they are intimidating but seem more silly.

When NOT to use: If they are in a true emotional crisis. Humor may poorly timed then.

3. Or what? You’ll evolving into something slightly more meaningful than an amoeba? Congrats! 🎉

Sarcastically acting impressed if they did anything more than an amoeba mocks their lame threat.

When to use: When you want a clever but less abrasive way to challenge their daring you.

When NOT to use: When you need to de-escalate tensions with someone truly volatile.

4. Or what, you animated pile of silly putty? You’ll oozily engulf me with your blobby nonsense?

Funny visual metaphor highlights absurdity of their posturing without cruelty.

When to use: For lighter mocking of hollow intimidation attempts that seem more silly than scary.

When NOT to use: With someone truly unstable or dangerous. Avoid riling them up further.

5. Or what? You’ll throw your sippy cup at me? 😱 Please don’t, that might actually smart!

Mocking them as an infant poking fun at the emptiness of their threat.

When to use: When their attempt to scare you seems childishly silly and transparent.

When NOT to use: With someone genuinely menacing. Antagonizing them is unsafe. De-escalate instead.

6. Or what, you crusty tube sock? You’ll smother me with your stench?

Ridiculing them like a dirty discarded sock highlights impotence of their posturing.

When to use: When someone tries weakly pretending to be intimidating but fails hard.

When NOT to use: If tensions are highly volatile. Further insults could trigger true violence.

7. Or what? You’ll teach me to never waste time humoring dumb threats from dumb people? Lesson learned, trust me.

Snarky comeback asserting their lame threat only taught you they’re not worth your time or energy.

When to use: When you’re done tolerating someone’s repeated foolish attempts at intimidation.

When NOT to use: Initial minor conflicts. Jumping to writing them off as worthless may prematurely nuke bridges.

8. Or what? You’ll change out of your urine-stained cartoon pajamas first? Please say yes, this is just sad.

Vicious mocking of their maturity highlights hollowness of their words.

When to use: When publicly shaming their childish overcompensation for feeling powerless amuses you.

When NOT to use: Private conflicts. Such cutting insults said aloud could badly backfire if overheard.

9. Or what? You’ll teach this class how lame threats and grammar school insults will earn nothing but pity and contempt? A+ demonstration! 👏

Framing their foolishness as an exemplary demonstration of what not to do mocks them while asserting superiority.

When to use: When you’re DONE with someone’s repeated lame attempts at baiting you and want to assert your confidence.

When NOT to use: Initial minor drama. Such firm shutdowns don’t allow saving face and nuke future friendly relations.

10. Or what? You gonna back up all this big talk or just have an embarrassing public meltdown when you gotta fold? Your call.

Bold challenge calls out their bluff hard while offering them a face-saving out if they back down.

When to use: If overly aggressive posturing continues despite previous firm requests to stop. Puts ball in their court.

When NOT to use: When dealing with someone truly dangerous or unstable. Daring them to follow through could risk real violence.

How to Respond to Girls Saying “Or What”

Girls saying “or what” to you can be surprising or frustrating. Stay confident and use these tips to shut it down while keeping things light.

First, take a breath. She’s likely just testing boundaries or your confidence. Getting visibly angry or flustered hands her power.

Instead, respond playfully to show her antics don’t faze you. For example:

-“Ooh, she’s a fiery one! I admire the sass.”

-“Aw, is someone brave enough to stand up to a big scary man like me?”

This flips the script and frames you as the confident one entertained by her show of force.

If she persists, gently call out her behavior as cute but unnecessary:

-“Okay killer, we both know you don’t have to put on this tough girl act with me.” This asserts you see through her front while validating her confidence.

Finally, if she continues threatening force, stand firm:

“I won’t indulge this disrespect or threats. Find me when you can talk without the power plays.”

This establishes a boundary against mistreatment while leaving the door open to reconnect later.

In most cases, playfully handling girls’ “Or what” challenges with humor and understanding while upholding self-respect does wonders.

Responding to Guys Saying “Or What”

Unlike girls, guys saying “or what” are more likely attempting true intimidation.

First, ask them plainly to clarify their intentions. This offers a chance to backpedal from confrontation.

If aggression continues, warn them firmly you won’t engage threats or mistreatment.

Should they persist, use the broken record technique, calmly repeating your warning without getting riled up.

Finally, if you fear real danger, disengage safely. “This doesn’t seem productive. Let’s table things for now and revisit later.”

Remove yourself while avoiding escalating tension. Defend verbal attacks only with repetitive warnings, avoiding descending to their level.

As a last resort when violence seems imminent and you can’t leave, use force as legally warranted to protect yourself.


While “or what” challenges aim to threaten and intimidate, letting fear or anger control your reaction hands them power.

Respond wisely with self defense only when absolutely necessarily.

Otherwise diffuse tension with humor, understanding, boundaries, and broken record de-escalation tactics. A little preparation with comebacks like those shared here can help you react confidently.

Just remember why people say “or what” in the first place: to cover up underlying feelings of weakness. Have compassion for their struggles while refusing to indulge disrespect.

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