How to Respond to ‘Oh Really’: 30+ Witty And Savage Responses

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Sarah Koch


“Oh really?” – Someone questions you skeptically after you make a claim or statement. It may come across as rude, passive aggressive, or sarcastic. Knowing how to respond can turn an awkward or tense situation into an open, lighthearted one.

Whether in person or over text, here are 30+ witty, funny, and savage comebacks to try next time someone hits you with the “oh really?”.

Before jumping into the numerous “oh really” responses below, I feel compelled to share what prompted me to compile this list for you. Just last week a close friend doubted me when I mentioned my recent weight loss success. I was initially stunned into an awkward silence when they retorted “oh really?” after I proudly shared the progress. I later wished I had a snappy or humorous reply ready instead of just moving on quietly. Well, now I do – and so will you after reading further!

If someone questions your honesty or the facts you state, whip out one of these well-crafted retorts. Or simply peruse for a chuckle at the ridiculous lengths we go to avoid looking foolish in front of others.

30+ Witty Ways to Respond to “Oh Really”

Before unleashing any of the below snarky comebacks, consider the situation and who you’re addressing. Proceed judiciously!

Well there you have it, enough snappy comebacks for even the most stubborn, skeptical naysayers. Try utilizing a silly voice tone when delivering your retort for maximum comedic effect.

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Or mix it up by deadpanning the response to really shake things up. Just have fun with it! And don’t hesitate to lovingly call out rudeness when warranted.

Sometimes people speak without thinking through how their words affect others. A dash of lighthearted humor can quickly change the tone.

Next let’s explore even more ridiculous ways to answer “oh really” – from funny to savage and everything between!

Funny Responses

Not looking to start drama? Try one of these lighthearted, humorous comebacks instead.


Silly Retorts

  1. No no, just kidding, you know me such a jokester!
  2. Wait, did I say me? I meant my friend’s neighbor’s cat’s original owner.
  3. Of course I’m making it up! When do I ever tell the truth?
  4. You caught me! I’m totally pranking our entire conversation right now.
  5. Dang, you foiled my evil plan to impress everyone with wildly exaggerated stories!
  6. Drats, you’re just too clever for me. I’ll try harder with my tall tales next time!

Cheeky Remarks

  1. What can I say, I just ooze awesomeness.
  2. I forgot how utterly unbelievable I am!
  3. It’s tough being this cool – no one ever believes me. Woe is me!
  4. I’d gasp in disbelief too if I heard how amazing I am. No worries!

Savage Responses

Go for the jugular with one of these biting retorts when subtlety fails.

Snarky Comebacks

  1. Wow, so we’re just straight up calling each other liars today. Bold strategy Cotton!
  2. I’d waste more breath defending myself but I try not to argue with fools.
  3. A wise person once said: “It is better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
  4. I’d explain it to you again but I lack the crayons and puppets to simplify it further.
  5. You must be so embarrassed for me having accomplished more than you.
  6. Do let me know if you need help removing that foot from your mouth!

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Blunt Replies

  1. Funny, I don’t recall asking for your opinion.
  2. If you’re just going to be rude I’ll find someone else to talk to. Buh-bye!
  3. Your face says “I’m jealous” but it’s fine, your secret’s safe with me!
  4. I apologize you’re having a bad day, but do try not to take it out on others.

And if all else fails, there’s always a tactical retreat: Sorry, I don’t engage with rude people! Toodles! No further explanation needed.

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

Carefully crafted for maximum impact when you really need to make a point. Use judiciously!

1. The Classic Callback

“Oh really?”

“No, I just made that up for fun. Oh really! See I can repeat things for no reason too!”

Point out the senselessness of their question by mimicking it back. Bonus points for using an exaggerated voice.

2. The Feigned Flattery

“I’m flattered you find my achievements so unbelievable. Not everyone can handle all this greatness!”

Flipping the rudeness into playful vanity calls out their jealousy without stooping to their level.

3. The Confused Clarification

“Oh sorry, did you mishear me? I definitely said really.”

Pretending you think they just didn’t hear properly gives them a chance to backtrack with grace.

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4. The Underhanded Compliment

“Wow, nothing gets past you! So glad to have such an observant, thoughtful friend.”

Blessing the rudeness with sugary sweet sarcasm makes the subtle dig almost undetectable.

5. The Snappy Sidestep

“Anyways…” Then promptly continue your original story where you left off as if they hadn’t even interrupted.

Refusing to engage the rudeness directly, this response still dismissing it clearly.

6. The Calling Out

“Well that was rather rude. I’m happy to discuss respectfully whenever you’re ready.”

Calmly calling out the behavior directly leaves no room for confusion. Now the ball is in their court.

7. The Confident Assumption

“I mean, why wouldn’t it be true? But go ahead, ask what you really want to know.”

Flipping the skepticism onto them by implying unfounded bias puts the onus on them to explain their doubts.

8. The Exaggerated Eyeroll

Eyeroll “If helping me celebrate my wins is too taxing for you I can always share with someone else.”

A dramatic response highlights the ridiculousness of their wet blanket attitude.

9. The Sincere Concern

“Wow, you seem really troubled by this. Want to talk about why my experience bothers you so much?”

Feigning sincere concern for their emotional state of mind flips the rudeness back on them. Touche!

10. The Tactical Ignorance

Pause briefly as if confused by strange sounds “Hmm sorry, thought I heard something. Anyways, as I was saying…”

Simply talking over the rudeness as if you didn’t even hear it is a pro-level power move when executed properly.

Choose your fighter wisely! And remember – a sprinkle of lighthearted humor can diffuse even the rudest of exchanges. Now get out there are start asserting some savvy sass!

How to Respond to a Girl

Ladies may require a lighter touch than the snappy comebacks above.

When She’s Your Friend

If it’s a girlfriend or gal pal, try a silly response to get a laugh while calling out the rudeness:

“Oh c’mon Lucy, you know I crush life 24/7! I’d expect encouragement from my bestie, not shade!”

When She’s a Love Interest

If you wanna get the girl, kill the skepticism with confidence instead:

“I may seem too good to be true, but I promise it’s all real baby! Let me prove it over drinks later.”

When She’s a Stranger

If she’s just a rude random, stay polite but don’t feel pressured to convince her either:

“You’re welcome to believe what you wish, but I know what my life’s all about.” Then simply walk away with head held high.

How to Respond to a Guy

Dudes often require a little more oomph to get the message across:

When He’s Your Friend

Some playful ribbing from a buddy is no surprise – give it right back!

“Seriously Chad? Last I checked you’re still bumming rides off me to get to the gym! Let me enjoy my wins in peace bro!”

When He’s a Rude Stranger

No need to take guff from some rando guy. Shut it down quick:

“I’m sorry, who are you again? Oh right – no one who’s opinion matters to me. Have a nice day now!”

When He’s Mansplaining

If he’s improperly explaining something you know better about, set him straight girl!

“That’s adorable Brad, but given this is literally my area of expertise, maybe just take notes this time instead?”

The key is all in the delivery – be it lighthearted or biting. Match the energy of the room and carry on unbothered!

What if someone says this at work?

If a colleague or supervisor skeptically questions you, it’s best to keep it professional:

“I can assure you the numbers/facts are accurate. I’m happy to walk you through the details privately later so we can clarify any confusion.”

Kill them with competence and facts. You can always debrief with a trusted coworker later about the rudeness if needed. Commiserate don’t escalate!

How to respond over text messages?

When format limits tone and body language cues, brevity is best:

“Lol gotcha! 😆 Yup, the facts check out but I get the skepticism.”

Or simply reassure the details are correct if you prefer not to engage further. The lack of tone indicators online means giving others the benefit of the doubt.

What are some good responses for kids or teens?

Meeting rudeness from peers with some light self-deprecating humor can help teach social skills:

*”Ha, I know! Someone like ME doing something cool? Hard to fathom 🤪” *high five* “But whaddya gonna do right? Anywho…”*

Then simply moving the conversation elsewhere, the subtle message is sent that rude behavior won’t be rewarded with attention. Lead by example!

The art of snappy comebacks takes some creativity and practice. But with a few good lines in your pocket, dealing with rudeness can almost be fun! It’s often less about the words and more about the delivery. Now get out there and start shutting down the haters 😉👏

The basics remain the same…lighthearted humor to diffuse, confident brevity if you prefer not to engage, or calling out the rudeness directly. The delivery may change slightly depending on the circumstances but the essence is unchanged.

Rock on with your bad self! Just remember – what others think of you is none of your business. Now get out there and start whipping out some witty repartee!

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