How to Respond to Kissy Face Emoji 😘: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

Got a kissy face emoji 😘 and don’t know how to respond? Look no further!

Whether it’s your crush sending those cute emojis or your partner keeping the spark alive, a kissy face emoji always calls for a witty and flirty comeback.

I’ve compiled this list of 30+ perfect responses after receiving one too many kissy face emojis 😘 myself. From funny one-liners to cheeky proposals, these replies will help you hit back with just the right amount of sass and romance.

So quit wondering “What do I say to a kissy face emoji?” and try out these tested responses instead!

30 Flirty Responses to a Kissy Face Emoji

Before jumping into the responses, let me give you a bit of context first.

A kissy face emoji, also called the ‘kiss mark’ or ‘lip mark’, features pursed lips ready to plant a kiss on someone. It’s commonly used to convey affection, romance, and gratitude over text.

So if you just got one from your special someone, responding appropriately is key!

Here are 30 flirty yet witty ways to reply when you get a kissy face emoji:

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Funny Responses

Got a kissy face emoji from someone trying to be flirty or funny? Hit ’em back with these witty and humorous comebacks!


10 Hilarious Ways To Reply To A Kissy Face

  • Aww, did you kiss the screen? Let me get you some sanitizer for that! 😘🌡️
  • Sorry, but I charge for kisses! Venmo me first 😘💵
  • That kiss is wasted on a screen. My lips are right here you know! 👄😘
  • Are we counting kisses now? Coz I’ve got a lot stored up for you! 😙😘
  • That’s one message I won’t be deleting..unlike your browser history 😆😘
  • Easy there Romeo, we’ve only had one date! 😳😘
  • puckers up Mwah right back at ya babe! 💋😘
  • That’s cute and all, but have you seen baby animal videos? 🐥😘
  • Aww, did you just discover the emoji keyboard? 😂😘
  • Quit goofing around and send memes instead! 😝😘

7 Silly Ways To Respond

  • New phone, who dis? 😛😘
  • Dodges kiss matrix style Mwah! You missed! 😝😘
  • WARNING: Smother screen with kisses at your own risk! 😙😘
  • Trying to steal a kiss through the phone? Nice try 😏😘!
  • Are we in kindergarten passing kissy notes or what? 😆😘
  • Easy there grandma, wrong emoji! 👵😘
  • Quit Stalin and ask me out already! 😉😘

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Savage Responses

Want to shut down kissy faces from someone you’re not into? Try these savage replies!

10 Perfect Burn Responses

  • Restraining order,incoming! 🚫😘
  • Do I even know you? 😐😘
  • Is that mouth herpes or are you just happy to see me? 😷😘
  • Did you mean to send that to your mom? 😬😘
  • I think you want the wrong contact 😝😘
  • New touchscreen, still getting used to it.. 😑😘
  • You’ve got the wrong number Creepo 😒😘
  • Easy there stalker, we met once! 😳😘
  • Sorry grandma, wrong text! 👵😘
  • Who are you again? 🤔😘

6 Extra Savage Responses

  • Restraining order headed your way! 🚫😘
  • Back away slowly before I block you.. 😒😘
  • Please lose this number ASAP 😤😘
  • Pretend I said something cute back 🙄😘
  • Cute emoji, ugly recipient 😝😘
  • Blocking you now, byeeee 🚫😘

10 Editor’s Choice Responses

1. Why just an emoji when you can send over the real thing?

This flirty and direct response insinuates meeting up for an actual kiss. It’s forward without being overly aggressive.

2. Trying to get lucky or just being your usual cute self?

This playful response walks the line between seductive and sweet perfectly. It keeps things flirty without getting too serious.

3. Mwah right back at ya! Consider this an RSVP dear

Reciprocating the kissy face with humor shows you can take things in stride. It’s lighthearted yet still romantic.

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4. That hits different coming from the best way possible!

Responding with appreciation and affection is always a good route. It builds intimacy smoothly.

5. Are you seriously trying to seduce me over text? Well congratulations, it’s working!

This cheeky reply plays up the romance. It’s direct about the seducing without going overboard.

6. Relax Casanova, you’ve already won me over!

Comparing them playfully to the greatest seducer shows your interest without desperation.

7. Trying to get a kiss back? Well pucker up buttercup!

Using a cute pet name while asking for a kiss back is as sweet as it gets.

8. Easy there Romeo, we’ve only had one date!

This response humorously plays up their moves while gently pumping the breaks.

9. That’s one way to make my heart skip a beat. Now c’mere you!

It’s flattering yet still openly interested. The “c’mere you” part extends a sexy invitation.

10. Mwah! You missed!

This playful response reciprocates while still keeping things fun and lighthearted.

How to Reply to a Girl

So a special girl sent you a flirty kissy face emoji and you want to impress her? Use these tips and examples tailored just for her:

Romance Her

Girls love romance! Respond with sweet nothings like:

  • Aww thanks cutie, that warmed my heart! 😊💕
  • You always know how make me smile babe 🥰😘

Flirt Back

Flirt back but keep it classy with responses like:

  • Well aren’t you just adorable! Thanks for making my day 💛😘
  • Haha well now you’ve got me blushing over here 🙈😘

Use Cute Nicknames

Every girl likes a good pet name. Try these cute nicknames in your response:

  • Sending kisses back your way babycakes! 😘💖
  • Oh stop it cutie pie, you’re making me swoon 🥺😘

How to Reply to a Guy

Want to impress a fella who sent you a kissy face? These tips will help craft the perfect response:

Get Flirty

Flirt back confidently with cheeky responses like:

  • Well, well, look who’s got moves! 😏😘
  • Someone’s feeling brave today! 😜😘


Guys love when you reciprocate interest. Send back a kiss or say:

  • Mwah! One kiss deserved another 💋😘
  • I can work with sweet nothings 😉😘

Laugh It Off

Use humor to balance out romance. Try a funny response like:

  • Haha careful where you point that thing! 🤪😘
  • Did you mean to send that to your mom? 😂😆

How Else to Respond

Stumped on how else to respond? Here are 5 more smart options:

  • Reciprocate the emoji right back
  • Laugh it off with a funny meme
  • Flirt back with a cheeky line
  • Change topics casually
  • Be direct but kind if uninterested

And that concludes this extensive guide on responding to kissy face emojis! Try out the flirty, funny, and savage responses I’ve included above. You’re sure to hit back with the perfect message. 😘👌

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