How to Respond to ‘I’m Not Ready for a Relationship’: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

When someone tells you they aren’t ready for a relationship, it can be disappointing.

You may have feelings for them or just be seeking something more serious in general. But how do you respond in a way that’s flirty, witty, or even savage without sabotaging future possibilities?

Here are over 30 possible responses you can try to keep things playful and interesting after hearing “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

30+ Responses When Someone Says They Aren’t Ready for a Relationship

Before jumping into the responses, it’s important not to take it too personally if someone says they aren’t looking for a relationship right now.

There can be many reasons – they just got out of one, are focused on work/school, dealing with personal issues, or simply want to play the field.

If you like them, try to keep things casual and fun without pushing for more. You never know what may develop down the road. Now onto some savvy responses…

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Funny Responses

Telling someone you only want a casual relationship can be awkward. Lightening the mood with some playful humor can help ease the tension.

When the time is right, try out a funny response. But make sure it doesn’t cross the line or make light of their feelings.

Savage Responses

If you feel a little sassy and want to clap back playfully, try out one of these bold responses. But read the room carefully first!

Make sure your crush will appreciate the humor and isn’t super sensitive. And don’t go overboard dragging them.

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Clever Responses

Impress them with your wit by responding cleverly and unpredictably.

A creative or unexpected response shows confidence and captivates their interest.

What If They Say “It’s Not You, It’s Me”?

It’s easy to take it personally when rejected. But often times when someone says “it’s not you, it’s me,” it genuinely has little to do with you.

Here are some probable reasons:

  • They just aren’t ready for commitment right now
  • They have personal issues or baggage
  • The timing simply feels “off” for some reason
  • They are focusing on other life priorities now

Regardless of their motives, don’t agonize over it! Everyone has preferences and things going on beneath the surface.

Response: “I appreciate you being upfront. And don’t worry, my ego can take it! I totally understand needing space and priorities. But I’m happy to hang out casual whenever you feel like it, zero expectations.”

What If You Suspect They Started Seeing Someone Else?

It’s inevitable that the person you’re crushing on could begin dating other people, especially if you’re not in an exclusive relationship.

But try not to jump to conclusions or feel slighted if you only suspect they started seeing someone new. Unless they confirm it or blatantly throw it in your face, assume the best.

Who knows – they actually may still be interested in you but feel temporarily distracted by this new person and the excitement of dating around. Stay friendly to keep that door open!

Response: “No prob, I’m cool with keeping things casual between us. Let me know if you ever want to grab food or chill as friends, no strings attached!”

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What If You Want More But They Insist On Just Being Friends?

Unrequited feelings suck, plain and simple. If someone explicitly states they just want to remain platonic friends, continuing to pressure them will only push them away.

As difficult as it may be, respect what they shared explicitly. Give yourself space from them if needed to get over your romantic feelings before resuming any friendship. Who knows…after time passes and you date around too, you may both view the situation differently.

Response: “I appreciate the honesty – friends it is then! Just do me a favor and hook me up if you know anyone cute for me, haha.”


Getting told “I’m not ready to date right now” can feel like a blow to your ego or dash hopes of diving into a relationship. But in many cases, it has little to do with you personally!

Everyone moves at their own pace when it comes to dating intent and commitment comfort levels. Rather than take it as rejection, embrace the positive in the situation – this person enjoys your company enough to hang out one-on-one still.

Who knows what can transpire after spending more platonic time together! Just focus on building attraction through having fun, keeping things light, and showing off your amazing personality. And if after awhile your connection doesn’t progress and needs aren’t met, you can always kindly move on. But never lose hope in finding the right match when the timing aligns for both.

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