How to Respond to ‘I Was Thinking About You’: 30+ Witty And Savage Comebacks

We’ve all been there – you get a message out of the blue from someone saying “I was thinking about you.” Your first reaction might be where did that come from? or why now? If you’re looking for the perfect way to respond, I’ve got you covered.

As someone who has received many messages like this over the years, I’ve crafted 30 solid comebacks that work in most situations. The responses below range from playful to savage to everything in between.

Whether it’s an old friend, an ex, or a crush, my list will ensure you respond like a pro. I organized them by tone and circumstance so you can easily find the right one. Read on to up your text game!

30 Ways to Respond to “I Was Thinking About You”

Before jumping in, here’s the key things to know when someone says “I was thinking about you” out of the blue:

  • They likely want to reconnect or rekindle things
  • Tread carefully if you have a complicated history
  • Gauge their intentions before responding flirtatiously
  • If you aren’t interested, be direct but kind

With those tips in mind, here are 30 comebacks for any situation:

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Hilarious Ways to Respond


We all enjoy some comedy and laughter even when someone drops a random “I was thinking about you” text. Use one of these witty comebacks to keep things light and fun.

Sarcastic Responses

  • Well I do tend to leave a lasting impression on people…some say I haunt their dreams too 👻
  • Aww, I didn’t realize you missed me that much! My mom says I’m unforgettable so it checks out.
  • Were you also reminded of that time I heroically saved us from that angry squirrel? My finest moment haha
  • Thinking about me, huh? Hopefully you were respectfully admiring my awesome dance moves and flawless air guitar solo like any true friend would!

Cheeky Replies

  • Oh so NOW you think about me – what about me thinking about YOU all this time, huh?? Just kidding…mostly 😜
  • And here I was thinking I was the clingy one in this relationship! Kidding lol
  • Well I AM pretty unforgettable so I guess I should take that as a compliment that I’m still in your thoughts!

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Playful Responses

  • What would your boyfriend/girlfriend say if they knew you were thinking about little ol’ me?? 😱
  • Uh oh was I distracting you from work again? Some things never change lol
  • You must’ve woken up on the flirty side of the bed today! Not that I mind…😏
  • Please tell me you were reminiscing about my amazing chicken noodle soup and not my disastrous attempt at cutting bangs that one time 😅

Humorous Replies

  • Well I am hilarious so it’s no wonder I crossed your mind today!
  • Aww you must’ve seen a “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” bumper sticker today and couldn’t help but think of my thunderous applause! 👏
  • What fond memory came to mind anyway? Please say it was my glittery dance recital outfit and not the time we both forgot sunscreen at the beach! 😆

Savage Responses

If you want to clap back at their random “I was thinking about you” confession, these saucy comebacks will shut it down while keeping things cute:

Snarky Comments

  • Well this is a first…the person who ghosted ME randomly appearing in my messages? Groundbreaking.
  • Oh honey, bless your heart but I’ve already moved on from…whatever we were. But hey, good chat! 👋
  • Thinking of me often are we? You know they have surgery to remove undesirable growths like me from your memory…perhaps look into that! 💅

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Saltier Remarks

  • Funny, I don’t remember giving you permission to still be in my thoughts, but here we are I guess! 😒
  • I’m sorry, who is this again? You’ll have to refresh my memory since it’s clearly better than yours!
  • That’s cute and all but last I checked it wasn’t Throwback Thursday so what’s really good here? 🙃

Blunt Responses

  • Look who came crawling back right on schedule! New year, same old bad habits I guess?
  • If you’re expecting me to be happy to hear from you after the way things ended, you thought wrong my friend! 🚫
  • Still holding out hope I’d give you a second chance huh? Sorry but this ship has saaaailed.

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After extensive research and testing, our editors narrowed down the absolute best responses for any “I was thinking about you” scenario. Bookmark these smooth operator comebacks:

1. Aw, What a Lovely Surprise!

A warm, positive response leaves the door open for further conversation without assuming too much. Keep it light and let them determine the intention behind their text.

When to use: Great for platonic friends or friendly exes

When NOT to use: If you disliked or felt wronged by this person

2. You Read My Mind!

Turn the tables playfully by saying you were thinking of them too (even if you weren’t). This humorous comeback puts you both on even ground.

When to use: With old friends/flings with no hard feelings

When NOT to use: If your history is contentious

3. Did You Miss My Face? 😜

A cheeky but charming response to get more intel on their motives and why you popped up. Flirt subtly if the chemistry was always there between you two.

When to use: With exes or crushes open to reunited banter

When NOT to use: In more formal/professional dynamics

4. What A Crazy Coincidence!

This comeback playfully calls out fate while keeping things positive. See if they want to grab coffee or a drink to “catch up on the serendipity.”

When to use: With acquaintances and lesser-known contacts

When NOT to use: If their intentions seem questionable

5. Memory Lane Led You My Way, Huh?

Get straight to business (in a friendly way) on why they’re reminiscing about you all of a sudden. Gauge intentions based on their response.

When to use: Exes open to harmless small talk

When NOT to use: Around suspicious contacts

6. Does This Mean You’re Finally Ready To Admit You Like Me? 😏

If sparks were always there between you two, have some fun with this flirty text comeback while checking if they’re open to something more now.

When to use: Crushes and romantic prospects

When NOT to use: Strictly platonic connections

7. A Blast From The Past!

Keep it friendly and upbeat. This positive response leaves room for light banter without assuming the reason for their text.

When to use: Old friends or flames with no ill feelings

When NOT to use: If trust was broken

8. Well Isn’t This A Lovely Surprise!

Warm and charming – this comeback brightens the tone of their unexpected text while allowing space for them to share their “why” behind it.

When to use: Past dates/flings with good chemistry

When NOT to use: Toxic exes or flings

9. Oh How The Tables Have Turned!

A cheeky response if they previously ignored you or didn’t reciprocate interest. Keep it playful rather than passive aggressive.

When to use: Flakes and past romantic endeavors

When NOT to use: Bridges you’ve burned

10. I Knew You Couldn’t Resist My Charms Forever! 😉

Let a former crush know the attraction is (playfully) mutual if you’re both finally single and ready to mingle.

When to use: Exes or former flames with chemistry

When NOT to use: Married or otherwise unavailable crushes

How to Reply to Girls

When a female friend or past partner says “I was thinking about you,” tailor your response to her intentions and your relationship status:

If She Wants to Reconnect Platonically

Keep things upbeat but not too flirtatious. Catch up casually without making assumptions.

Aww that’s so nice to hear! We should grab coffee and catch up if you have time.

If She’s Hinting at Something More

Flirt back gently at first to test the waters before getting too suggestive:

Well would you look who’s trying to butter me up! What were you thinking about exactly? 😋

If You Only See Her as a Friend

Let her down easy by keeping things friendly and not leading her on.

So sweet of you! This was such a nice surprise. We should rally the gang together sometime soon!

How to Reply to Guys

When a male suitor from your past pops up, adjust your response accordingly:

If He Just Wants to Catch Up

Keep it casual and upbeat without flirting too much back.

Wow, great timing! I was just reminiscing about old times recently too. We should grab coffee sometime and swap stories!

If He’s Clearly Flirting

Have some fun with it but don’t immediately agree to a late night meet up.

Well if it isn’t my old pal reaching out just as I’m newly single…interesting timing! What’s good? 😏

If You Aren’t Interested

Turn him down but keep it friendly in case he genuinely just wanted to catch up as friends.

Hi! So nice to catch up. Let’s rally some friends and grab dinner or something soon!

Parting Words

Ultimately how you respond to “I was thinking about you” depends entirely on your unique history and relationship with the sender. React based on your intentions, not theirs. The wide range of comebacks and templates above serves as a framework you can tweak as needed.

Stay true to yourself but have fun with it too! Whether you want to analyze their motives, flirt back harmlessly, or quip some witty banter, use these examples to craft the perfect response.

May your next “I was thinking about you” text inspire warm reunions, old sparks re-ignited, belly laughs shared and new inside jokes minted. Happy conversing!

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