How to Respond to ‘I Want You to Be Mine’: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

I was at the park the other day when a guy I had just met suddenly proclaimed “I want you to be mine!” It caught me so off guard that I stumbled over my words and barely managed to mumble a response.

After I got home, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the things I wish I’d said instead. So I decided to put together this list of flirty, witty and savage responses for the next time someone tries to stake their claim on me so boldly.

If you’ve ever been in a similar situation where someone has boldly stated “I want you to be mine” and left you temporarily speechless, then this list is for you. Keep reading for 30+ perfect responses ranging from playful banter to outright rejection. I’ve got you covered whether you want to gently let them down or savagely burn that bridge.

30+ Ways to Respond When Someone Says “I Want You to Be Mine”

Before jumping into the list, I want to note that someone stating “I want you to be mine” could mean very different things depending on the context. It could be:

  • A stranger or new acquaintance coming on too strong too fast
  • Someone you’re casually dating trying to lock you down
  • An ex wanting to rekindle the romance
  • A long-time friend confessing deeper feelings

The appropriate response will depend on your relationship and feelings toward the person. The following responses run the gamut – take your pick based on the situation!

So there you have it – over 30 ways to respond when someone boldly states “I want you to be mine” ranging from lighthearted banter to outright rejection lines.

Which response resonated most with you? Did any of them make you laugh? Do you have a go-to response I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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Funny Responses


When someone declares “I want you to be mine” out of the blue, it can be jarring. While you gather your thoughts, it helps to fall back on some lighthearted humor to diffuse the intensity of the moment. When in doubt, a funny quip buys you time to figure out how to respond. Here are 10 playful ways to react that might make them laugh and backpedal a bit:

  1. “Geez, at least take me out to dinner first before making such bold proclamations.”
  2. “I don’t recall putting myself up for auction. Do I hear a higher bid?”
  3. “Marking your territory a bit early, don’t you think?”
  4. “What makes you think you can tame me?”
  5. “I think you have me confused with a sled dog team. Mush!”
  6. “Shouldn’t we exchange insurance information first in case this relationship crashes and burns?”
  7. “Does this come with a 30-day money back guarantee in case it doesn’t work out?”
  8. “Did you get down on one knee when you said that or just blurt it out randomly?”
  9. “I think you have the wrong idea about our relationship status here…”
  10. “If you’re going to start staking claims, I’m going to need to see some credentials.”

Throwing some lighthearted humor into an awkward declaration like this helps take the pressure off having to respond seriously right away. And making them laugh might make them realize how overly bold they’re being.

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Savage Responses

However, some bold “I want you to be mine” declarations warrant more biting responses – especially if coming from toxic exes or guys who won’t take polite hints. Don’t be afraid to be brutally honest if someone is ignoring boundaries or needs to be put in their place. Here are 10 savage ways to stand up for yourself:

  1. “And I want a million dollars, but we don’t all get what we want, do we?”
  2. “Funny, I don’t remember asking for your opinion.”
  3. “Just because you want something doesn’t mean you can have it.”
  4. “Thanks, but I have standards.”
  5. “I’m not one of your possessions.”
  6. “I am not property to be claimed.”
  7. “Don’t flatter yourself – keep dreaming.”
  8. “I’m nobody’s but my own. Back off.”
  9. “I wouldn’t be yours even if you were the last person on Earth.”
  10. “Not in this lifetime, buddy.”

I don’t condone outright cruelty, but when someone steamrolls your boundaries they need to be called out forcefully and unambiguously. These firm shutdowns get the message across loud and clear.

How to Respond to Different Scenarios

The appropriate response will depend heavily on the context – who is proclaiming this and what’s your relationship to them? Here are some scenarios with tailored responses:

Stranger or New Acquaintance

If a random stranger or someone you just met recently drops this bomb on you, they are likely being overly bold and need to be reined in. Some good responses include:

  • “Don’t you think it’s a little premature to be making bold declarations like that?”
  • “You’re coming on awfully strong for someone I just met…”
  • “I’m flattered by your interest, but let’s take things slow.”
  • “I don’t commit to just anyone – we hardly know each other.”

The key is signaling that it’s way too soon for such a statement while letting them down gently but firmly.

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Casual Dating Partner

If you’ve gone on a few dates with someone and have made it clear you want to keep things casual, but they still insist “I want you to be mine” it’s time to reinforce that boundary more strongly:

  • “I thought I made it clear I was only interested in a casual relationship.”
  • “If you’re looking for a commitment, I’m not the right girl for you.”
  • “I enjoy our time together, but am not ready to be someone’s girlfriend.”
  • “I’m flattered, but see no need to put labels on this when we’re having fun just dating.”

Be explicit that you only see them as a casual dating partner to prevent future misunderstandings.

Ex Trying to Rekindle Things

One of the most annoying scenarios is a former flame popping back up insisting “I want you to be mine” again after things clearly ended for good reason the first time. Some solid rebuttals include:

  • “If you haven’t noticed, we broke up for good reason.”
  • “This ship has sailed – I have no interest in revisiting this.”
  • “We tried that already – no thanks.”
  • “What makes you think I’d give you another chance?”

Exes can have selective memory about why things didn’t pan out the first time. Be very clear the door is closed firmly.

Close Friend Confessing Feelings

It can be awkward if a long-time platonic friend suddenly confesses they’ve secretly been longing for you to “be mine”. You want to gently turn them down without sacrificing the friendship. Respond with:

  • “You’re one of my best friends, so I’m flattered. But I don’t have romantic feelings for you that way.”
  • “Our friendship means so much to me. Let’s not muddy the waters by trying to force a relationship.”
  • “I don’t want to risk hurting you, but I only see you as a friend, nothing more.”

Reaffirm how much they mean to you platonically, but state unambiguously that you have zero romantic inclinations.

10 Best Editor’s Choice Responses

Out of all the many ways to react when someone boldly declares “I want you to be mine”, I have narrowed it down to the 10 best editor-approved responses in my opinion. These top-tier comebacks artfully blend humor, grace, wit and backbone to address that demanding declaration. Keep these in your back pocket for the next time someone tries to prematurely claim you:

1. “I Appreciate the Sentiment, But I Belong Only to Myself”

This response blends gratitude for their interest with an independent streak that makes clear you are not property to be claimed. It’s a classy reply expressing self-assuredness.

When to Use: Early dating, friends confessing feelings, overly-bold strangers

When Not to Use: Long-term partners ready for commitment

2. “You Seem to Be Confusing Me with a Prize to Be Won”

This witty response calls out their objectifying language in a playful way. It can make them laugh while enlightening them to the fact that you make your own choices.

When to Use: Bold strangers, Presumptuous exes, Friends mistaking friendly rapport for romantic interest

When Not to Use: Someone you are actually dating seriously

3. “I’m Flattered, But It’s a Bit Soon for Such Bold Declarations, Don’t You Think?”

This friendly response blends gratitude for the compliment with a reality check on the timing. It’s gentle yet still makes boundaries clear.

When to Use: Very early on in dating, Friends confessing hidden crushes

When Not to Use: Long-term partners clearly ready for commitment

4. “You Seem to Be Getting Ahead of Yourself There”

Sometimes simple and direct is best. This short quip playfully warns them they are jumping the gun while giving you time to gather thoughts on how to gently let them down.

When to Use: Strangers and new acquaintances coming on too strong

When Not to Use: Long-term partners ready to take next step

5. “I’m Flattered, But Can We Please Slow Things Down?”

For those who seem great but are moving too fast, this response gives a gentle reality check that they need to pump the brakes while making sure they still feel positively regarded.

When to Use: Promising new dating prospects coming on too strong

When Not to Use: Long-time partners finally ready for a deeper commitment

6. “I Belong Only to Myself”

This straightforward declaration leaves no doubt that your autonomy is non-negotiable. It’s especially useful for exes or toxic people who won’t take polite hints.

When to Use: Toxic Exes, strangers ignoring personal space

When Not to Use: Healthy partnerships with trusted significant others

7. “Shouldn’t We Get to Know Each Other First Before Making Such Bold Claims?”

Playful yet firm, this response makes it clear that it’s premature to stake any claims when they barely know you. Great for strangers and acquaintances.

When to Use: Someone you just met getting overly familiar

When Not to Use: Established partners hoping to deepen intimacy

8. “You Seem to Be Confusing Me with a Claim to Be Staked”

This witty quip calls out the objectifying language by reframing you as a plot of land versus a conscious human with free will.

When to Use: With ignorant strangers who don’t respect personal agency

When Not to Use: Healthy long-term relationships

9. “How About We Start with a Date First?”

For interested parties coming on too strong, this friendly response suggests dialing it back to dating first before diving into commitment and exclusivity.

When to Use: Eager new dating prospects

When Not to Use: Longtime partners finally ready for more

10. “I’m Nobody’s Possession but My Own”

Straightforward and uncompromising, this response leaves no doubt that you belong only to yourself. It firmly sets boundaries for those ignoring social graces.

When to Use: Creepy strangers and toxic exes

When Not to Use: Healthy relationships with trusted partners

There you have it – 10 editor-approved responses for every scenario from playful banter to uncompromising assertions of autonomy. Try them out and let me know which you prefer!

How to Respond to a Guy

When a guy boldly proclaims “I want you to be mine” it can be surprising and uncomfortable if you’re not interested. Many women have been conditioned to avoid directly rejecting men for fear of retaliation. But don’t let anxiety stop you from standing firm in your truth. Here are solid ways to respond to let a man know clearly you don’t reciprocate without aggression:

  1. “I’m flattered, but don’t share those kind of feelings for you.” (Clear, direct rejection)
  2. “Let’s keep our relationship strictly professional/platonic.” (Reinforcing boundaries)
  3. “I enjoy our friendship but don’t see you as anything more.” (Redirecting to the friend zone)
  4. “I’m not looking for that kind of relationship.” (Leaves no room for negotiation)
  5. “You seem nice, but I’m not interested in pursuing anything romantic.” (Polite disinterest)

The key is being direct yet cordial. State plainly you aren’t interested in dating without attacking their character or humiliating them in response to the unwanted advance.

Inappropriate Workplace Advances

If this declaration happens in a professional context by a male colleague or supervisor, it’s paramount to shut it down swiftly. Some appropriate responses:

“I’d prefer to keep our relationship strictly professional.”

“Comments like that make me uncomfortable and are inappropriate for the workplace.”

“I’m flattered, but would appreciate if we refrain from personal remarks and keep discussions work-related moving forward.”

Document the exchange in case you need to involve HR later. But strive to handle it calmly and firmly in the moment.

How to Respond to a Girl

Sometimes even platonic female friends can catch feelings and insist “I want you to be mine” despite knowing you don’t share romantic inclinations. Handle these sensitive situations compassionately:

  1. “I care about you deeply as a friend, but don’t have romantic feelings beyond that.” (Reinforcing platonic boundary)
  2. “I’m flattered, but wouldn’t want to risk our great friendship if we didn’t work out as a couple.” (Redirect to valuing friendship)
  3. “Let’s keep enjoying each other’s company purely as friends.” (Define relationship clearly)

Note any sexual orientation mismatches if applicable, but don’t belabor explaining why you don’t reciprocate interest. The key is preserving the friendship by making clear your fondness is strictly platonic.

When to Walk Away

While strive to respond politely when someone insists “I want you to be mine” against your will, occasionally firmer reactions are warranted:

Toxic Exes: Don’t take the bait trying to justify why it won’t work. Shut them down or walk away.

Aggressive Strangers: If they pursue you despite clear rejection, just disengage and create space immediately.

Unsupportive Friends: Those who can’t respect “no” as an answer don’t deserve the friendship.

Remember – you deserve to have boundaries respected. Don’t hesitate to walk away from anyone who refuses to take “no” for an answer!

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