How to Respond to “I Hate You”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

We’ve all been there – someone special says those three little words that can cut straight to the heart: “I hate you.” 😱 It stings no matter the context. Your first instinct might be to either lash out or retreat into your shell.

But don’t despair! Saying “I hate you” doesn’t have to spell the end. With the right response, you can turn this painful moment into an opportunity to deepen your bond. 💕

In this article, I’ll provide 30+ clever, funny, understanding, assertive, and even flirty comebacks for when someone tells you they hate you. I’ve road tested these myself after my last big fight with my boyfriend! 😉

Whether it’s your significant other, a family member, or friend dishing this out, you’ll find the perfect reply here. The key is responding thoughtfully rather than reacting impulsively. Let’s dive in!

30+ Savvy Ways to Respond to “I Hate You”

I won’t sugarcoat it – hearing “I hate you” stings no matter who says it. But flying off the handle rarely helps. With some empathy and wit, you can turn this painful situation around. 💡

Before responding, take a few deep breaths to clear your head. Then review your options. Once you’ve centered yourself, try one of these smart comebacks:

When to UseWhen to Avoid
Heated arguments with S.O.Minor disagreements
After hurtful commentsProductive conversations
To diffuse tensionIf you’ve done something truly awful
When to deploy “I hate you” responses vs. when to have a sincere chat

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Funny & Lighthearted Comebacks


When tensions are high, humor can be disarming. 🤣 If you think a funny quip could help calm the mood, try one of these:

  • “Aww, but hatred is the first step toward friendship in all the great romantic comedies!”
  • “Are you trying to make me blush over here or what?” 😳
  • “But realize if you hate me, you also hate long, rambling stories about my cat.”
  • “Calm down Grumpy Gills! No need for all this hate.”
  • “Careful I don’t start charging you royalties for taking up so much space in your head.” 💰
  • “Come over here and tell me more about this hatred of yours.” 😉
  • “Don’t spread lies – we both know you adore me!”
  • “Feel free to blow off some steam, but I know you still like, like me.” 😜
  • “Have I told you how cute you look with your angry face on?” 🥰
  • “I always suspected you were just jealous of my good looks!”
  • “I hate that you’re making me hate that you hate me!”
  • “I hope this little hate crush of yours passes soon.”
  • “I think someone could use a hug!” 🤗
  • “If you hate me then I’ll just continue to tolerate you.”
  • “Is like still on the table or…?”
  • “Oh so that’s what we’re calling flirting these days?” 😏
  • “Ouch, you wound me! I thought we were friends not enemies?” 🥺
  • “Quick, say ‘knock knock’!” “Who’s there?” “Boo.” “Boo who?” “Aww no need to cry, I still like you!” 😆
  • “So first you loved me, now you hate me… make up your mind!”
  • “Sorry but you’re stuck with me!”
  • “Sounds like someone’s got a crush on me!” 💖
  • “Spoiler alert: I know you don’t really hate me that much!”
  • “Tell me more about when all this hatred got started…” 🧐
  • “Uh oh, should I file a restraining order on this internet stalker?” 😱

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Sassy & Salty Clapbacks

If some good-natured shade could get your bond back on track, consider a sassy remark:

  • “Bless your heart.”
  • “Cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it!”
  • “Don’t you have anything better to do than sit around hating me all day?”
  • “Feel free to continue stewing in your bitterness if you must.” 🤷
  • “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”
  • “Hate the game not the player, baby!” 😎
  • “I don’t know who needs to hear this but you clearly have too much time on your hands.”
  • “I hate how obsessive you are over little old me!”
  • “I’d hate me too if I had to be you.”
  • “I’ll be sure to clear some space on my schedule for when you’re done with your little temper tantrum.”
  • “Is hating me your full-time job or just an unhealthy coping mechanism?”
  • “K.”
  • “Oh no! Anyways…”
  • “Oof, I bet all that negativity and grudge-holding gets tiring.”
  • “Sounds exhausting but sure, go off I guess!”
  • “Sucks to suck.” 🤷‍♀️
  • “Tell me you have issues without telling me you have issues…”
  • “That sounds like a you problem.” 💅
  • “We can’t all be perfect – take me for example!”
  • “Who hurt you?”
  • “You must be so embarrassed that you said that out loud.”
  • “Your words are like arrows that graze my ironclad emotional armor.” 🏹

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10 Best Comebacks for “I Hate You”

When someone drops the H-bomb of saying “I hate you”, it pays to have a clever comeback ready. After extensive field testing painful conversations 🥲, these are my go-to responses:

1. “I Apologize for Upsetting You”

Picking up on their emotions first can help open the dialogue. Say you’re sorry they feel this way and gently ask how you can make amends.

"I apologize for upsetting you. Help me understand so I can make it right."

2. “You’re Just Hangry”

Light humor can diffuse tension quickly. Try gently poking fun at the situation first.

"Are you just hangry or is there something serious we need to discuss?" 😋

3. A Little Flattery Goes a Long Way

Throwing in a dash of flattery reminds them why they liked you in the first place!

"I may annoy you sometimes, but hate seems a little over the top!"

4. “I Care About You and Our Relationship”

Reaffirm shared care and commitment to the bond you have.

"I'm sorry I upset you this much. I still care deeply for you and our relationship."

5. “I’m Here to Listen When You’re Ready”

Offer compassion by making it clear you want to understand their perspective once emotions settle.

"I'm here and ready to listen when you're ready to share your feelings." 

6. “I Don’t Like What You Said, But I’m Willing to Talk”

Set a boundary while also communicating openness to work things out.

"I don't like what you said, but I'm willing to talk it through."

7. Suggest Taking a Breather

Propose pressing pause and revisiting once tempers cool off.

"Let's take a breather and revisit this once emotions aren't running quite so high."

8. Crack an Empathetic Joke

If it suits your relationship, empathetic humor can break the ice.

“Uh oh, should I file a restraining order on this internet stalker?” 😱

9. Call Out That It Hurts

Honesty about your feelings sets the stage for deeper connection.

"Damn, that hurts! Have I done something specific to lose your affection?" 

10. Remind Them You Know It’s Not Serious

Playful pushback about the absurdity of the statement can hit just the right note.

"C'mon now, you know you still love me deep down!" 😘

How to Respond to “I Hate You” from a Girl

Uh oh, when feelings get hurt and “I hate you” starts flying from her mouth, panic might set in. But fear not – with the right finesse, you can smooth tensions and get back in her good graces. 😌

If She’s Your Girlfriend:

Humor, sincerity and some gentle sweet talk are your friends here. After giving her space to vent, try:

  • “Nothing hurts more than seeing I’ve upset such an angel.”
  • “You’re too wonderful for me to give up without a fight!”
  • “I adore you even when those fiery emotions come out.”
  • “But how will I get my hourly dose of cuteness in my life without you?”

If She’s Just a Friend:

The same principles apply here – be playful yet direct in reaffirming your bond. Once the sting wears off for both parties:

  • “When this hate crush passes, drinks are on me!”
  • “Nothing will diminish my care for you; soon this will just be water under the bridge.”

If It’s Your Sister:

Growing up together, tensions inevitably boil over from time to time. Give it space then say:

  • “I know you love me deep down sis! No haters allowed in this family.”
  • “Let’s call a truce – I miss my sister too much!”

No matter the circumstance with her, lead with compassion and an open heart. 💕

How to Respond to “I Hate You” from a Guy

When those three painful little words come from him, all the clever responses in the world won’t mask that it stings. But chin up! With care and wit, reconciliation awaits. 🤝

If He’s Your Guy:

First, ouch…! 💔 Once the dust settles, try sprinkling in humor amidst sincerity:

  • “I hate thinking I hurt someone I care so deeply for. Let’s rebuild what we have.”
  • “I can take the heat but would rather see that handsome smile again.”
  • “I admire your passion, but let’s channel this energy into peaceful resolution.”

Just a Good Friend:

Affirm the value of your history together. In time he’ll come around:

  • “I’m always in your corner even when you try to push me away.”
  • “I’ll be right here to hug this out when you’re done raging!” 🤗

A Brother:

Likelihood he’s just cranky, not genuinely that enraged! 😅 When tensions fade, try:

  • “Guess I touched a nerve, but no hard feelings bro!”
  • “Let’s reset and get back to sibling antics – life’s too short!”

Despite the differences, the fundamentals stay the same across guys – lead with patience and care. This too shall pass. ☮️

In Closing…

Having “I hate you” lobbed your way is never fun or easy. But with the right mindset and response strategy, conflict can give way to deeper understanding. 💡

Hopefully the clever, caring and disarming comebacks above provide a blueprint. Now you’re ready to turn painful situations into opportunities to strengthen bonds. 🥰

What are your go-to responses for when someone drops the H-bomb of saying “I hate you”? Share your wisdom in the comments below!

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