How to Respond to “I Guess So”: 30+ Flirty, Witty & Savage Responses

When someone says “I guess so” to you, it can be frustrating. You want a solid yes or no, not an uncertain maybe.

I’ve faced many “I guess so’s” in my life from friends, family, partners and more. After trial and error discovering the best responses, I decided to share my top approaches in this complete guide.

Whether you want a funny clapback, flirty banter, or to change their mind into an enthusiastic yes, I’ve got you covered with 30 initial responses below and specialized examples later.

30 Ways to Respond to “I Guess So”

Well that didn’t sound very convincing!

Wow, don’t get too excited now.

I can feel your enthusiasm through the phone.

I guess that counts as a yes?

Could you possibly put any less effort into your response?

I guess that will have to do.

Your certainty is so reassuring.

You filled me with confidence just now.

Might want to dial up the excitement a bit.

That was the most uninspiring yes I’ve ever heard.

I think my houseplant shows more enthusiasm than that.

Are you sure you don’t need more time to decide if you actually want to?

Maybe I’ll ask someone who actually wants to.

Well that killed the mood fast.

Care to try that again with a bit more gusto?

You could at least pretend to be excited.

Did you just slip into a coma for a second there?

Let’s hear it again, with feeling this time!

The excitement you’re exuding is just intoxicating.

Do I need to get some pom poms to cheer you on here?

Don’t get too crazy now with excitement.

I think watching paint dry just became more interesting.

Are parties and fun illegal where you live?

If it’s such an imposition I can always ask someone else.

Good thing we have so much chemistry to make up for your lack of enthusiasm.

Your energy right now is simply electric…not.

Wow, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed today.

You seem so incredibly stoked about this.

Well I simply can’t handle this level of enthusiasm from you.

Can you try answering again without the sarcastic undertone this time?

Comedic Responses

Before unleashing some hilarious comebacks, I want to note that funny responses work best with people you know well. Sprinkling comedy into tense or serious situations can backfire spectacularly otherwise.

With that huge disclaimer stated, here are 10 witty ways to respond:

  • Well I just did a backflip from being overwhelmed by your enthusiasm.
  • Let me grab my pom poms to cheer on your excitement.
  • I can literally hear crickets chirping after that response.
  • Did you just slip into a boredom-induced coma for a second there?
  • Careful, any more excitement and I may just faint over here!
  • Pretended to be looking at phone “Sorry, I got distracted waiting for you to respond.”
  • I think watching paint dry sounds more fun than your level of excitement here.
  • If being excited is illegal where you live just say so.
  • Wow, dial it down before you burst with enthusiasm why don’t you.
  • I can smell the enthusiasm…wait nope that’s just my garlic pasta, my bad.

Sarcastic Responses

Whipping out some sarcasm seems fitting when you get an apathetic “I guess so” right?

But tread carefully my friends, sarcasm with the wrong person or in the sensitive situation can sour things quickly.

Okay now that we got that out of the way, give these 10 snarky responses a try:

  • Well SOMEONE got up on the wrong side of the bed today.
  • Careful, any more excitement and I may just pass out over here!
  • Clearly someone hates fun and happiness today.
  • Well that certainly matched my level of interest perfectly.
  • Did excitement become illegal while I was sleeping last night or what?
  • Well this conversation is just overflowing with enthusiasm.
  • pretends to inspect phone Sorry, checking my texts was more interesting than your response there.
  • Well you’ve clearly been replaced by a boring clone, let’s fix that.
  • I am just intoxicated by your incredible energy right now.
  • My laundry getting folded is about as exciting as you seem right now.

10 Best Editor-Approved Responses

After years studying human psychology and behavior, our educated editors picked these 10 responses as the absolute best for turning “I guess so’s” into truly excited yeses:

Mirror Their Tone

Reflecting back someone’s own disengaged tone can make them realize how uninspiring they sound.

Use this to call out their lackluster response and spur them to try again with more gusto. Just don’t overdo it to the point of mockery.

Give an Upbeat Alternative

Table: Guide for using this response

When to UseWhen NOT to Use
The person seems bored by activity, not youIf they have anxiety or nervousness about activity

One enthusiastic response deserves another.

Hit them back with an upbeat, positive reply as an example of what you want to hear. This infectious energy can spur them to match your vibe.

Be Direct

Sometimes directly addressing the problem head-on works best.

Tell them flat out you were hoping for more excitement or passion and see if they rise to the challenge.

Offer a “No Pressure” Out

For shy or anxious personalities, no pressure to commit can coax out their true feelings.

Giving them an easy, judgement-free opportunity to decline often yields a solid yes…or a definite no so you can move on.

Question Their Response

There’s nothing like a blatant “really?” or “wait, did you even hear what I just asked you?” to spotlight someone’s lackluster reaction.

Putting them on the spot motivates them to self-reflect then perhaps try again with more sincerity.

Use Humor

Laughter has a way of instantly defusing tension or awkwardness.

Fire back with a witty, playful response to get them giggling THEN restate your original question or proposal with more specificity.

Flirt Back

When interest and attraction is evident, a flirty response can turn up the heat and transform a ho-hum reaction into am eager yes.

Just ensure romantic chemistry is already present before deploying this bold tactic.

Incentivize Them

Dangling a juicy carrot can motivate without pressure.

Framing your original invite in terms of irresistible perks and payoffs prompts excitement.

Repeat It Back Differently

Putting a fun, goofy or silly spin on their words throws things off balance. It catches their attention while subtly calling out their blasé reply.

Redirect the Conversation

If you receive persistent resistance, redirect things entirely. Change topics. Suggest a new activity.

Create momentum in a different direction then circle back later to see if they’ve reconsidered.

How to Respond to an Unenthused Girl

Gentlemen, let’s tackle the delicate art of dealing with unenthused females…

Sure, you can always opt for humor, but also consider:

Getting Vulnerable: Revealing more about why this matters can inspire her investment.

Using “I” Statements: Share your feelings and what you really want to convey interest.

Flipping the Script: Call out her disinterest playfully then keep courting her.

Trying Again Later: She may just need time to warm up and trust you.

How to Respond to an Unenthused Guy

Now ladies, men require a lighter approach typically…

Tease Him: Give a sly poke at his manhood if he acts non-committal.

Reframe Positively: Put a confident spin on it that highlights the upside rather than critiquing him.

Be Direct: We state things more plainly. Say exactly what reaction you want from him.

Use Humor: Get him chuckling then restate your original ask with clarity.

Walk Away Confidently: Strut off and make him wonder, then he’ll chase you.

Other Question-Style Responses

  • Should I give you some time to consider whether you actually want to commit to this or not?
  • Are you always this difficult when someone asks you to do something?
  • Is it illegal to show enthusiasm where you live or what?
  • Are you physically incapable of giving a more definite and excited yes?
  • Do you need me to ask someone else who might actually want to do this?
  • Is it just me specifically that is the issue here or are you always this unenthused about everything?
  • Did you hear the question right? I’m asking about [main activity], not something painful like a root canal.
  • Out of curiosity, has anyone ever told you that you come across as extremely indifferent/apathetic/bored?
  • Do I need to bribe you with (food/money/a gift) just to get an ounce of enthusiasm here?


When you get an uncaring “I guess so” rather than an definitive, energized yes it’s frustrating. But have no fear, armed with this complete guide of creative responses, you can handle even the most unenthused person.

Whether it’s your partner, friend, coworker or stranger, try out my 30 initial reactions, specialized comedic and sarcastic comebacks, flirty lines, and psychology-based tactics.

Or utilize my examples for transforming a girl’s or guy’s disinterest into sincere enthusiasm.

With this many diverse options at your fingertips, that lackluster “I guess so” will soon be just a distant memory!

So next time, give one of these fun or candid reactions a whirl. And let me know which become your go-to responses!

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