How to Respond to ‘How Did You Sleep’: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

I couldn’t sleep at all last night after getting a text from my crush asking “How did you sleep?” I had no idea how to respond. Should I be flirty? Funny? Or just honest? After tossing and turning all night, I decided I needed to figure out the perfect responses to this loaded question.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 30+ flirty, witty and savage comebacks for when someone asks you “How did you sleep?” Whether it’s your partner, crush, friend or colleague, these responses will make them smile and keep the conversation going.

30+ Responses to “How Did You Sleep”

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As you can see, there are so many clever, funny and cheeky ways to respond when someone asks you “How did you sleep?”. Whether you want to be flirty, aloof or make them laugh, these comebacks will inspire your next conversation.

Now whenever my crush texts me this in the morning, I’ll be locked and loaded with the perfect response to make their day!

So next time someone checks in on your sleep, try out one of these witty replies to keep your chat interesting and playful. Sleep tight, and get ready to unleash these savvy responses in the AM!

Funny Responses


We all enjoy a good laugh, so why not take the conversation into humorous territory when someone checks in on your sleep? These 10 hilarious comebacks will get your chat started on a lighthearted note.

10 Amusing Ways to Answer “How Did You Sleep”

  • I slept like a log! Now I have the circles under my eyes to prove it
  • I slept so deeply I’m pretty sure I was clinically dead for 8 hours
  • I slept on my hand weird and woke up engaged to myself
  • I slept walk to the fridge and woofed down all the leftovers like a golden retriever
  • I slept like a baby – I woke up every 10 minutes screaming and crying about nothing
  • I slept upside down like a bat and now all the blood is in my head
  • I slept curled up like a potato bug and now I can’t uncurl my body
  • I slept so deeply I woke up speaking fluent French even though I only know English
  • I slept through 4 alarms which explains why I look like I just crawled out of a dumpster right now
  • I slept on the floor because I confused it with my bed – just another Monday morning!

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Savage Responses

If you want to clap back at their question with some attitude, these 10 snarky comebacks will unleash your inner sass queen.

10 Snappy Ways to Reply to “How Did You Sleep”

  • I slept terribly – unlike you, I actually have a conscience to keep me up at night
  • I hardly slept thanks to the herd of elephants upstairs into the wee hours – so inconsiderate
  • I slept awfully because SOMEONE was snoring like a chainsaw all night next to me
  • I slept restlessly on the couch since you took up the whole bed starfishing again
  • I slept with my ex and it was amazing – is that what you wanted to hear when you asked?
  • I slept like a baby even though your toxic energy kept me up half the night
  • I slept perfectly – nothing like blocking someone to get a peaceful night’s sleep
  • I slept nude since I knew you wouldn’t be next to me hogging the blankets all night
  • I slept so well I dreamt I took half your assets in our divorce settlement
  • I slept ok but last night with your sister was WAY better – is that TMI for you?

Flirty Responses

If some playful flirting is what you have in mind, these 10 cheeky replies will break the ice and get those butterflies going.

10 Frisky Ways to Respond to “How Did You Sleep”

  • I hardly slept because I was up all night thinking about how hot you looked yesterday
  • I slept terribly – I think I need someone to tuck me in bed every night
  • I slept naked in case you wanted to sneak into bed with me to cuddle
  • I slept awfully because YOUR side of the bed was empty and I missed your body next to mine
  • I slept like a baby and dreamt you kissed me passionately when I woke up this morning
  • I slept wonderfully – especially after our steamy late night rendezvous kept replaying in my dreams
  • I slept decently but kept reaching across the bed to spoon you…then realized you weren’t there
  • I slept walk right to your place but sadly your door was locked when I tried to crawl into bed with you
  • I slept in your t-shirt so I could fall asleep smelling your cologne all night long
  • I hardly slept because I was up all night thinking about how badly I wanted to rip your clothes off

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3 Best Editor’s Choice Responses

I Slept Like a Rock After Our Date Last Night

This response implies you were very comfortable and slept deeply after a great date together. Use it the morning after a fantastic first date when you really hit it off. Let them know they relaxed you enough for an amazing night’s sleep.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
After a wonderful first dateIf you did not go on a date recently
Morning after a romantic evening togetherIf your last date went poorly

I Slept Terribly Because You’re Not Next to Me

This flirty and longing response indicates you wish they had spent the night together. Use it when you want to take a casual friendship or fling to the next level of intimacy.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
When you want more physical closenessIf you want to avoid leading them on
If you feel a strong connection after a few datesIf you just started talking or went on one date

I Slept In Your Hoodie and Had Amazing Dreams About Us

A cheeky way to say you were dreaming about them all night by stealing an item of their clothing. Perfect for established couples when you want to be adorable.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
In an exclusive relationshipIf you are not officially dating
To be cute with your boyfriend/girlfriendWith someone who friendzoned you

How to Reply to a Girl

When responding to a woman checking on your sleep, keep things playful yet sincere to show her you care.

10 Sweet Responses for Her

  • I slept great beautiful, especially after our phone call last night
  • I hardly slept because I couldn’t stop thinking about when I can see your pretty face again
  • I slept wonderfully angel, I had the sweetest dreams about you all night long
  • I slept ok darling, but I think I’d sleep even better with you curled up next to me

How to Reply to a Guy

When a male friend or partner asks, take the opportunity to bond and inside jokes to strengthen your connection.

10 Fun Responses for Him

  • I slept decently bro, but partying with you last night was way more fun than sleeping
  • I slept like a log dude! Still recovering from beating you at basketball yesterday
  • I hardly slept – too pumped thinking about our camping trip this weekend!
  • I slept walk to the bar we went to last night! Clearly you got me too turnt up bro!

Wrapping Up

No matter who hits you with the “how did you sleep” text, having some savvy responses lined up puts you in control of the conversation. With this huge arsenal of flirty, funny and sassy comebacks, you’ll be ready to repay those sleep check-ins with a clever quip guaranteed to get a smile.

So next time you get that morning message, breeze through with your wittiest banter and make their day. Sleep tight, and get ready to unleash these entertaining replies as soon as your alarm goes off!

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