How to Respond to ‘Have a Great Weekend’: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

“Have a nice weekend.” Those five casual words can mean so much more when texted to you by someone special.

Maybe you have a crush on a friend or colleague and they end a conversation with this seemingly innocuous phrase.

Perhaps an ex reaches out wishing you well for the next couple days. Or even a partner hoping to hint at potential weekend plans together.

In any case, how you respond provides an opening to take things to the next level or simply keep things friendly. With the right response, you can show your interest, make them laugh, or land a date.

Ready to wow them with the perfect reaction? Here are over 30 flirty, witty, and savage responses to make any conversation memorable when someone says “have a great weekend.”

30+ Responses to “Have a Great Weekend”

Before jumping into the examples, know your relationship and rapport will dictate the appropriate reaction. A first date may warrant a flirty quip while a close friend could handle something more ridiculous. Of course, sarcasm and sass can be suitable wherever it aligns with your humor.

With that in mind, tailor these ideas to your specific situation or simply take inspiration to craft your own clever reply.

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In the responses above, you’ll find a mixture of flirty, friendly, and funny reactions covering different relationship scenarios. Now let’s explore more specific types of replies to take your response game to the next level.

Savage Responses


When you want to clap back with some sass and attitude, try one of these snarky comebacks. But use discretion – make sure your relationship can handle the spice!

  • Thanks hun but I’ve got bigger plans than sitting around bored.
  • Wow I’m honored you took time out of your busy schedule to acknowledge me.
  • I’ll pencil in some excitement between my nap and Netflix.
  • Sorry, I’ll be fake smiling through brunch with my mother-in-law.
  • Is that the best idea you could come up with? My cat has better ones.
  • I was going to clean out my fridge, but your text inspired me to aim higher.
  • I’ll be sure to not invite you over during it!
  • Don’t pretend like you know how to have fun.
  • Oh good, generic well wishes from someone I barely tolerate.
  • If only pleasantries paid the rent, you’d finally be useful!
  • Thanks! I’ll be sure to post pics living an amazing life without you in it!

Sarcastic Responses

For a dash of playful sarcasm without being totally savage, try one of these responses.

  • Gee, don’t get too crazy with the well wishes!
  • Wow, I might just frame this totally ordinary text from you.
  • You must have spent ALL day thinking up such a basic weekend wish!
  • Ha! As if my weekend plans involve anything lame enough to invite you to.
  • Oh I’m SO looking forward to sitting home bored out of my mind!
  • Well I DON’T wish you an awesome weekend too!
  • Oh I’ll have a GREAT weekend overanalyzing what your text could imply.
  • I can always count on you for underwhelming conversation.
  • Wow, I SO believe you care about my weekend being great.
  • You really took a risk with such a basic weekend wish huh.
  • Oh yeah, my weekend will be FULL of only fun things, thanks to you! /s

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Funny Responses

Lighten the mood with some harmless humor if the timing’s right.

  • What if I sat home and stared at my phone waiting for your texts all weekend? Asking for a friend…
  • Do crystals and burning sage count as big weekend plans? I’m spiritually wild y’all!
  • Depends, are you supplying the jello shots and karaoke machine? If not I make no promises.
  • Do you know a good alibi for getting out of family game night? I’m desperate here…
  • Only if “great weekend” involves doughnuts and pajama pants!
  • Might steal the neighbor’s Roomba for fun. Those things are hilarious after a few drinks!
  • I’ll do my best but woke up on the sassy side of the bed so no guarantees!
  • Fun fact: I’m allergic to having a bad time so looks like a great weekend it is!
  • Ugh I have the WORST weekend planned slaving away on chores…SIKE! Party time!
  • Does binge-watching crime shows with my cat count as great weekend plans? Asking for a friend!

10 Editor’s Choice Responses

Smooth and Flirty

“I’ll have sweet dreams about you all weekend long. Maybe we can get together and make them a reality next week?”

Use When: You want to subtly flirt while keeping things open-ended. Leaves the door open for them to suggest meeting up.

Avoid When: You or they are not interested in dating.

Friendly and Funny

“Have an awesome one! Let the weekend shenanigans commence!”

Use When: Replying platonically to a friend. Keeps things lighthearted.

Avoid When: You want to clearly communicate romantic intention. Could send the wrong message.

Confident and Direct

“Drinks later so I can tell you all about my big plans? ;)”

Use When: You feel ready to directly ask them out. Makes your intentions clear.

Avoid When: You prefer a more subtle approach to gauge their interest first.

Playful and Teasing

“If I don’t have an amazing weekend, I’m blaming you! No pressure though lol”

Use When: Banter and humor already exists in your conversations. A fun callback.

Avoid When: You haven’t established enough rapport for teasing. Could come off rude otherwise.

Sincere and Thoughtful

“I appreciate you thinking of me. Means more than you know.”

Use When: You want to communicate genuine gratitude for their effort.

Avoid When: The vibe is more casual fun than emotional intimacy. Too heavy.

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Friendly and Noncommittal

“Thanks! I’ll let you know how it goes.”

Use When: You want to politely respond without making weekend plans. Leaves things open.

Avoid When: You’re interested in asking them out or furthering the conversation. Could seem dismissive.

Playful and Challenging

“Oooh, that sounds like a dare! Challenge accepted ;)”

Use When: You get the sense they may be hinting at spending time together. Invites them to clarify.

Avoid When: You prefer more direct communication. Could come off passive aggressive.

Enthusiastic and Thankful

“Yay, now I’m even more excited for the weekend! Appreciate you.”

Use When: You want to cheerfully express gratitude for their nicety. Safe for most scenarios.

Avoid When: The context calls for flirting or making weekend plans. Doesn’t further conversation.

Sweet and Affectionate

“I’ll miss your face but will be sending good vibes your way all weekend!”

Use When: Replying affectionately to a romantic partner. Strengthens your bond through absence.

Avoid When: It’s not someone you share intimacy and affection with. Could make things awkward.

Witty and Charming

“You’re my favorite person to talk to, so if this weekend keeps me from messages like this I’ll just have to suffer through somehow…”

Use When: Replying in a vibrant, engaging way to show your interest with humor mixed in. Leaves them wanting more.

Avoid When: You prefer a simple or very direct response. Could come off overly flashy.

How to Reply to a Girl

When responding to flirty weekend wishes from a girl you like, you want to reciprocate interest while remaining respectful.

  • “Have an amazing weekend beautiful! Looking forward to chatting more soon ;)”
  • “Thanks gorgeous, you have a wonderful weekend too! Drinks when you’re free?”
  • “I’ll have a great one dreaming of you! Let me know if you want to meet up later…”

Mix confidence with genuine compliments. Show you respect her while suggesting spending time together.

How to Reply to a Guy

If a guy messages you a nice weekend wish, respond clearly while encouraging further conversation.

  • “You’re so sweet, thanks! Any fun plans for yourself?”
  • “I appreciate that, hope you have an awesome weekend too! Let’s catch up next week”
  • “That means a lot coming from you 🙂 Drinks later to toast to the weekend?”

Thank him for the kind wishes while asking questions to keep dialogue open. Reciprocate interest by proposing getting together.

Replying to Your Partner

For a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, use the weekend wish to strengthen intimacy.

  • “I’ll miss you babe! Text me if you want to meet up at some point…”
  • “Love you! Wish we could be snuggling right now instead though…”
  • “Can’t wait to call you later and say good night 😘 Have the best weekend!”

Express affection clearly. Share that you’ll miss them and suggest potential couple time.

Responding to a Crush

If your crush sparks the weekend well wishes, hint at your interest while keeping things friendly.

  • “You too! Maybe we could grab coffee later and catch up more?”
  • “I’ll have sweet dreams about you! Enjoy your weekend :)”
  • “Thanks cutie! Tell me all about your adventures when you can!”

Compliment them while indicating you want to chat more outside work/school by proposing casual meet-ups.

When You’re Not Interested

If you don’t share the same interest, politely decline while letting them down easy.

  • “Appreciate the kindness, hope you enjoy your weekend as well!”
  • “Thanks for the nice wishes! I’ll talk to you next week.”
  • “You’re sweet but I’ll be busy with family things. Have a good one!”

A friendly yet neutral response avoids misleading them or hurting their feelings.


The next time your conversation partner drops the casual “have a great weekend” line, use it as a chance to take your relationship to the next level with a well-crafted response.

Match your reply to fit the current dynamic – a new crush may need more subtle hints while an established flirtation invites direct plans. Just follow our tips to instantly stand out from the boring “thanks, you too!” crowd.

Soon that simple weekend wish could spark an exciting first date, steamy sleepover, or even long-term love story!

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