How to Respond to “Guess Who”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

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I just received a text saying “Guess who?” and I had no idea how to respond. Should I make a funny joke? Be sweet and flirty? Or go with something witty or even savage?

I looked online for the perfect comeback but couldn’t find many usable responses for real-life situations. So after my embarrassing reply, I decided to make this list of 30+ ways to respond when you get this text.

If you want flirty, savage, funny, and creative comebacks – keep reading below!

30 Ways To Respond To “Guess Who” Texts

Before jumping into the many kinds of responses, here is a quick idea for a basic reply…

Is it the person I’ve been thinking about all day? Or my favorite person to talk to? You’ll probably want to tailor your response based on who texted you.

Below I have compiled thirty usable ideas for responding to a “guess who” text. From sweet replies to make them smile, to savage responses if you want to tease them back.

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Funny Responses

We all love to make our friends and loved ones smile and laugh. When you get a “guess who” text, it’s the perfect opportunity to respond with something funny and witty.


Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Try out one of these 11 hilarious responses next time you get the mysterious text.

  1. Is it my long lost twin trying to find me? 👯
  2. Hmm is it the queen of England? 👸 No way!
  3. Oh I know! It’s the host of my favorite game show!
  4. Is it the lead singer of my favorite band?? 🎤🎸
  5. Please tell me it’s Channing Tatum! He still has my number right?
  6. This is Google Maps letting me know I took a wrong turn 3 years ago.
  7. Did I sign up for a digital dating service and forget about it? 😳
  8. Yoda, is that you? 👽
  9. Says in funny voice “Hiiiii, this is me, Spongebob!”
  10. Hold on, let me fetch my magical crystal ball real quick! 🔮
  11. Ice cream man? Did I order ice cream telepathically in my dreams again? 🍦

Savage Responses

Not everyone enjoys sweet and flirty responses. Some situations call for something a little more… savage.

Next time someone texts you “guess who” try one of these 10 wonderfully witty (and slightly rude) comebacks. Just remember to use them lightheartedly with people who will laugh it off!

  1. Is this my stalker again? Geez get a life pal.
  2. Umm…the creep who won’t stop texting me?
  3. I’m guessing the person I ghosted last year? Awkward.
  4. Please don’t say it’s my clingy ex trying to get back with me. 🙄
  5. Oh I know! It’s the person I gave a fake number to last night.
  6. Is this the IRS auditor assigned to investigate me? 😬
  7. Yay! Another telemarketer trying to scam me. 📞
  8. This better not be someone from work texting me on the weekend. 😑
  9. Ugh, let me guess – someone trying to sell me insurance? 📩
  10. I assume this is someone super annoying who I didn’t save in my contacts?

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Flirty Responses

If there’s a special someone in your life who texted you “guess who” then respond back with some extra sweet flirty replies.

Make them smile from ear to ear by responding with one of these 10 cute ideas.

  1. I’ll guess it’s my future boyfriend/girlfriend. When’s our first date? 😘
  2. Oooh, is it my crush thinking about me? ☺️ 💕
  3. Hmm, the person I was hoping would text me all day?
  4. Please let it be my darling who’s asking me out tonight! 🥰
  5. I bet it’s someone cute who wants to get dinner with me soon. 🍽️
  6. Could it be someone sweet planning a fun surprise for me on the weekend? 🎁
  7. Is it the lovely person I can’t stop thinking about? 💞
  8. I sure hope it’s my new bae ready to hang out! 👫
  9. Fingers crossed that it’s my new honey bunny! 🍯
  10. Maybe my dreamboat asking to meet for a drink? 🍸

Sarcastic Responses

When you receive a vaguely mysterious “guess who” text, it’s hard to resist responding with something sarcastic or sassy!

Try out these 10 wonderfully witty ideas next time you get the silly text.

  1. Wow, could it be the Queen of England texting me right now? So honored! 👸
  2. Yep, it’s definitely the Pope calling me up for advice. We chat all the time! 💬
  3. Of course! It’s my best friend I talk to five times a day. How could I forget? 🤪
  4. Silly me, it must be the President consulting me about national policy again. 🗣️
  5. Is it my fairy godmother coming to grant all my wishes? It’s about time! 🧚‍♀️
  6. I bet it’s my favorite celebrity begging me to let them take me on a fabulous vacation! ✈️
  7. No way – it couldn’t possibly be another telemarketer bothering me again could it? 🙄
  8. Surely this must be my rich long-lost uncle leaving me millions in his will! 💰
  9. My psychic hotline adviser ready to predict my future soulmate again, perhaps? 🔮
  10. Oh I’m sure it’s my new BFF calling to chat for the 100th time this week! 💖

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Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

If you want to make them laugh while creating some romantic tension, try responding with a silly cheesy pick up line!

No one can resist cracking a smile at these 10 amusing pick-up lines.

  1. Are you today’s date? Because you’re 10/10! 😍
  2. I’m not an electrician, but I sure can light up your day! ⚡️
  3. Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes. 🤪
  4. If you were a Transformer, you’d be ‘Optimus Fine’! 🤖
  5. Are you French toast? Cause you look sweet and I want to have you for breakfast! 😋
  6. Do you drink Pepsi? Because you sure look so-da-licious! 🥤
  7. Can I follow you where you’re going right now? Because my parents always told me to follow my dreams. 🛌
  8. You must be jelly, because jam doesn’t shake like that! 🍯
  9. Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears! 🎩 🕳️
  10. Can you take me to the doctor? Because I just broke my leg falling for you. 🩹

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After searching high and low for the very best “guess who” text responses, we are sharing our top 10 favorites. Try out these hilarious, clever, and witty replies next time you get the message.

1. Is it my crystal ball working its magic? 🔮

This funny response hints that you have psychic abilities allowing you to mysteriously know who is texting. It’s an amusing way to tease the texter for not properly introducing themselves.

When to use: Good for responding lightheartedly to friends or crushes.

When to avoid: May come across oddly from coworkers or bosses.

2. Please tell me it’s Channing Tatum! He still has my number right? 📱

If your friends know about a silly celebrity crush, this response is sure to make them crack up. Bonus laughs if you name someone totally incompatible.

When to use: With super close friends who share your weird sense of humor.

When to avoid: Probably not the best for responding to your boss or parents!

3. Yoda, is that you? 👽

A funny pop culture reference comparing the mystery texter to everyone’s favorite Jedi master. Fans of Star Wars will certainly get a kick out of this witty response.

When to use: With friends who appreciate geeky references.

When to avoid: Might confuse those not familiar with Star Wars lore.

4. Please let it be my darling asking me out tonight! 🥰

Add some romance to the mix by using this sweet response imagining your crush is the one texting. If they are the true texter, it may even lead to a date!

When to use: When you hope or suspect the person you like is reaching out

When to avoid: Not the best for platonic friends who may get uncomfortable.

5. Umm…the creep who won’t stop texting me? 😑

This sassy and savage response mocks overly-persistent texters not getting the hint. It calls out any annoying contacts texting too frequently.

When to use: Only with pesky texters you want to shame into leaving you alone!

When to avoid: Far too rude for almost anyone you want to remain friendly with.

6. Did I sign up for a digital dating service and forget about it? 😳

If you’re single, this clever response jokingly guesses the source is a dating app suitor. It’s a tongue-in-cheek way to fish for more info from them.

When to use: Humorously with crushes/suitors if you think online dating could be how they got your number.

When to avoid: Probably too awkward if sent to platonic friends or contacts.

7. Oh I know – it’s the host of my favorite game show! 🎤

Name the presenter of a well-known TV quiz program or talent competition when you send this entertaining reply. It adds fun by guessing a celebrity is reaching out.

When to use: When you want a clever, ironic response for pals with similar entertainment tastes.

When to avoid: Friends unfamiliar with pop culture references may find it confusing.

8. Please don’t say it’s my clingy ex trying to get back with me. 🙄

If you have an irritating former partner who won’t get the hint, this response playfully vents your frustration at their bothersome behavior. Hopefully, they finally catch on!

When to use: When an ex you want to avoid keeps pestering you even after the breakup.

When to avoid: Far too relationship-specific for mere friends/acquaintances to comprehend.

9. Ice cream man? Did I order ice cream telepathically in my dreams again? 🍦

Mentioning the desire for a cold treat in this amusing reply adds a delightfully random element sure to make pals laugh. It also hints you have a frequent hankering for all things sweet.

When to use: Lightheartedly with close, funny friends who get your wacky sense of humor.

When to avoid: Probably too silly and nonsensical for older, serious-minded contacts to appreciate.

10. Says in a funny voice “Hiii, this is me, Spongebob!” 🧽

Channel the cheerful underwater animated icon when you craft this playful response. Imitating the endearing sea sponge signals your fun, youthful spirit to pals.

When to use: Hilariously with super casual friends who share appreciation for iconic cartoons.

When to avoid: May puzzle serious older folks not familiar with the long-running kids’ show.

How to Reply to a Girl

When a female friend or crush texts you “guess who”, tailor your response based on your relationship.

If she’s just a friend, keep things lighthearted with funny reactions like imagining it’s a celebrity texting you. For a love interest, get flirty by guessing it’s your future soulmate reaching out.

And if it’s an annoying ex that won’t leave you alone – feel free to be a little sassy and tell her directly to stop pestering you already!

How to Reply to a Guy

Guessing games over text are common when guy friends or crushes try to reach out.

Use humor if you just want to keep it casual and friendly – maybe by asking if it’s the lead singer of your favorite band looking for your number.

If there’s a special someone you hope is messaging, draft a sweet romantic response like imagining he’s your dream guy taking you on a date.

But watch out – it could also be another telemarketer you’ll need to block instead!

When to Text Them Back After Your Reply

Don’t leave them hanging too long after firing back your “guess who” response! Give your creative answer some time to pique their interest, but try following up within 5-10 minutes maximum.

You want to keep the witty back-and-forth banter going strong. Use your reply as a chance to launch right into an engaging conversation once their identity is revealed.


Trying to figure out the mystery texter behind a “guess who” message can be confusing. But it also opens up fun opportunities for launching playful repartee!

Use the ideas suggested here to stir their interest and make them chuckle. Tailor your response to suit your unique relationship with the person reaching out.

Now that you’re armed with 30+ hilarious, witty and clever responses, you’ll be ready to impress whoever texts you this popular conversation starter next!

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