How to Respond to “Guess What”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

You just received a text saying “Guess what?” Not sure how to respond? Here’s a quick list of 30 flirty, witty and savage responses to help craft the perfect reply.

I decided to make this list after getting tired of trying to come up with clever responses on the spot. If you want more ideas, keep reading for additional examples categorized by type of response.

The 30 responses to “Guess what?”:

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Funny Responses


We all love to laugh! When you get a “Guess what?” text, try one of these 10 funny responses to lighten the mood:

  • You got abducted by aliens and they named you their king?
  • You won the Guinness World Record for most pizza eaten in an hour?
  • You discovered Atlantis in your backyard swimming pool?
  • You taught your dog to sing opera?
  • You got chased by an angry squirrel on your walk today?

Savage Responses

Feeling a little sassy? Try out one of these savage “Guess what?” responses:

  • You finally moved out of your parents’ basement?
  • You won first place in the worst dancer competition?
  • You learned how to read a book?
  • You successfully tied your own shoes today?
  • You only tripped 3 times while walking down the street?

Flirty Responses

Add some romance with these flirty responses:

  • You were daydreaming about me all day?
  • You wrote me a love poem?
  • You bought ingredients to cook me a romantic dinner tonight?
  • You got us a hotel room for the weekend?
  • You made a list of all the reasons you love me?

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Celebratory Responses

If you think they have good news, try a celebratory response:

  • You got accepted into your top choice university?
  • You landed your dream job?
  • You hit 1 million followers on TikTok?
  • You won an Oscar for Best Actor?
  • You found the cure for hiccups?

Dramatic Responses

Go full telenovela mode with these dramatic responses:

  • You adopted your long-lost triplet separated at birth?
  • You discovered you are the heir to the throne of a small European country called Genovia?
  • You traveled back in time and accidentally changed the future?
  • You got bit by a radioactive spider and now have superpowers?
  • You survived a sharknado?

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10 Editor’s Choice Responses

1. You planned a surprise party for me?

This response is excited yet guessing something realistic they might have actually planned. It comes across as sweet and thoughtful.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Responding to a close friend or significant otherResponding to an acquaintance or someone you just met

2. Is it something embarrassing?

This response lets them know you are intrigued but gets straight to the point. It’s direct but not overly harsh.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Responding to friends who like to playfully tease youResponding to your boss or parent

3. Does this involve cake?

Who doesn’t love cake? This response is silly but lighthearted.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Responding to friendsStrangers or serious situations

4. Did you finally ask out your crush?

This response shows you care about what’s happening in their life in a friendly, supportive way.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Close friends and family membersBoss, coworkers, acquaintances

5. Please tell me you didn’t get another detention.

This response is casually concerned, perfect for dealing with a troublemaking sibling or friend.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Friend or younger sibling who gets into mischiefTeacher or boss

6. Ooh, sounds exciting!

A response overflowing with enthusiastic curiosity. Excellent for lively friends who have interesting lives.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Outgoing friendsShy or reserved individuals

7. You do realize I hate guessing games, right?

For those annoying friends who love to drag things out, this response requests they get right to the point.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Friends who play guessing gamesBosses, parents, new love interest

8. Please tell me this doesn’t involve spiders.

A funny response for friends who know about your fear of spiders. Shows familiarity.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Close friends aware of your phobiaStrangers or coworkers

9. Wait, let me grab some popcorn first.

Humorous response that conveys your anticipation and excitement for their news.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Friends and those with big personalitiesShy or reserved people

10. If I guess right, what do I win?

Flirty response hinting you expect a reward if you guess correctly.

When to UseWhen Not to Use
Crush, date, or significant otherCoworkers, parents, strangers

How to Reply to a Girl

When a girl texts you “Guess what?”, you want your response to come across as charming. Here are some ideas:

  • You dreamed about me last night?
  • You bought cute matching couples outfits for us?
  • You made reservations at the hottest new restaurant in town for Friday night?
  • You got us front row tickets to the sold out Harry Styles concert?!

Flirty, romantic responses show her you’re interested in getting to know her better!

How to Reply to a Guy

With guys, you typically want more playful responses when they ask “Guess what?”:

  • You finally beat the next level of Call of Duty you were stuck on?
  • You won $100 on a scratch ticket today?
  • You did 20 pull ups at the gym when your record is 10?
  • You ate an entire extra large pizza by yourself?

Respond to his interests and accomplishments to form a deeper bond!

How to Respond to Your Little Sister

When chatting with your young sister, keep things light and fun:

  • You got a sticker on your spelling test?
  • You made a new friend at school?
  • Mom is letting you get your ears pierced?
  • You finally got the hang of riding a bike without training wheels?

She’ll be eager to share her news with her big sister!

How to Respond to Your Teacher

With teachers, be politely curious about less personal topics:

  • We’re getting a surprise quiz today?
  • School is closed next week for a holiday I forgot about?
  • You brought cupcakes to celebrate the end of the semester?


Trying to craft the perfect response to “Guess what?” can be tricky when messaging someone.

Hopefully this article has provided plenty of witty, funny, flirty and savage responses for all situations! Feel free to mix and match ideas to suit your unique personality and relationship with the messenger.

Now that you’ve got some inspiration, you’ll no longer be left speechless the next time someone mysteriously asks “Guess what?”.

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