How to Respond to “Don’t Be A Stranger”: 35+ Savage, Witty & Flirty Responses

I still remember the first time someone told me “don’t be a stranger.” I was saying goodbye to a new friend after we’d spent an afternoon chatting in the park. As we parted ways, she smiled warmly and said, “Don’t be a stranger, okay?”

At first, I didn’t know how to respond. Her words touched me – I could tell she genuinely enjoyed our conversation and wanted to stay in touch. But I felt awkward and shy, unsure what to say.

If you’ve been in that situation, you’ll know it can be confusing to know the right way to respond when someone bids you farewell with “don’t be a stranger.” But no more awkwardness – here are 30 great comebacks when someone tells you not to disappear from their life!

30 Great Ways to Respond to “Don’t Be a Stranger”

I had fun talking! Let’s exchange numbers so we can meet up again

For sure, maybe we can grab coffee next week?

I’d love to keep chatting – want to connect on social media?

I really enjoyed our conversation too. Definitely want to stay in touch!

No way, you’re too interesting to disappear on!

Aw thanks, I loved chatting too. I’ll text you!

Same to you – want to meet up next weekend?

Not a chance! Here, let me get your number so we can meet up soon.

I won’t! Want to hang out again next Friday?

You’ll be seeing this friendly face around again soon!

I had a great time too – let’s do this again sometime!

Not if I see you first! Let’s exchange details.

I’d love that! When are you free to catch up next?

For sure – maybe we could check out that new cafe together?

Don’t you worry, we’ll chat again soon!

I wouldn’t dream of disappearing – want to swap Instagram handles?

It was so nice meeting you! We’ll definitely catch up again soon.

Aw, thanks for the invite – I really enjoyed our chat too!

You got it, new friend! Want to meet at the park next weekend?

I’ll be around – give me your number and I’ll text you!

Yes, let’s stay in touch! Here’s my number so you can text me.

Not a chance – want to meet again next week?

You can definitely expect to hear from me again soon!

I had so much fun getting to know you – let’s hang out again!

Of course, I want to keep learning your life story! Here – let’s exchange numbers.

After our amazing convo? You’ll be seeing me again soon, count on it!

Lovely to meet you too! Let’s hang out again next Friday?

Aw thanks! Here, let me give you my number so we can meet up again.

No way will I disappear – text me and let’s set up another coffee date!

Savage Responses

Sometimes people tell you “don’t be a stranger” when they don’t actually mean it. They say it to be polite without intending to put effort into the relationship.

So if someone seems insincere when they tell you not to disappear, here are some sarcastic or savage responses you can try:

  • Don’t worry, I won’t! Proceeds to never contact them again
  • I’ll be sure to avoid you at all costs. Said jokingly
  • Oh was that meant for me? My bad, I thought you were talking to yourself!
  • I make no promises I can’t keep. Said lightheartedly
  • Aw thanks – I’ll be sure to not remember this interaction at all! Joking tone
  • You don’t have to pretend you want to see me again, it’s okay! Laughing
  • I’ll be sure to not text you my name so you know who I am when I reach out. Sarcastic tone
  • Don’t worry, I’m great at never speaking to people again after one conversation!
  • Oh sorry, I thought we were just making polite small talk this whole time! Jokingly
  • Thanks but no thanks – I prefer quality conversations over quantity. Unimpressed tone
  • I mean, I wasn’t planning on it but sure, I’ll avoid you if I must! Teasing

Funny Responses

Adding some humor when someone tells you “don’t be a stranger” helps to keep things fun and lighthearted. Here are examples of amusing responses to try:

  • I couldn’t even if I tried – you’re stuck with me now!
  • Pssh, as if I’d let our beautiful friendship die out!
  • Don’t you worry, I’ll be back like a boomerang, you can’t get rid of me that easy!
  • Are you kidding? And pass up more of this amazing conversation?! Gestures between you both dramatically
  • I’ll be sure to regularly remind you of my existence with surprise selfies and texts at 3am! Joking tone
  • Oh don’t you even fret – I’ll be popping up when you least expect it!
  • Expect random drunken late night “HEYYY BUDDY MISS YA” calls from yours truly! Laughing
  • I’ll be sure to spam you cute dog memes daily so you don’t forget me!
  • Consider yourself haunted by my friendly ghost from now on! Wooooo! Waves arms around pretending to be a ghost
  • I couldn’t stay away even if I wanted to – you’re stuck on my mind now!
  • Don’t you worry, I have a reminder set on my phone to text you every hour from now on! Exaggerated serious expression

10 Editor’s Choice “Don’t Be a Stranger” Comebacks

#1 Make Concrete Plans

“I loved chatting too! Are you free next Thursday afternoon to meet for coffee?”

This response makes it clear you enjoyed the interaction and gives a solid plan to reconnect.

Use when: You genuinely want to see them again soon.
Avoid if: You don’t actually want to commit to future plans right now.

#2 Suggest Keeping in Touch

“It was so nice meeting you! Want to exchange phone numbers so we can text?”

Exchanging contact info allows you to continue the relationship on your own terms.

Use when: You’d like to casually stay in touch.

Avoid if: You prefer a clean break with no further contact.

#3 Turn the Tables

“I really enjoyed our chat too! You better not disappear on me now!”

Flips the request playfully back onto them with a touch of humor.

Use when: You want a lighthearted response.
Avoid if: You want a serious reply.

#4 Suggest a Repeat Meetup

“Want to meet back here again next weekend?”

Offering to reconnect in the same spot makes future plans feel natural.

Use when: You’d like to recreate the pleasant memory.
Avoid if: That location has negative connections for you.

#5 Set a Timeframe

“Expect to hear from me again in the next couple weeks!”

Gives a clear timeframe so they know when to anticipate contact.

Use when: You want to manage expectations.
Avoid if: You might not follow through on contacting them.

#6 Make a Joke

“I’ll be sure to haunt your dreams with my friendly ghost!”

Humorous responses add some fun and show you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Use when: You want a amusing, lighthearted reaction.

Avoid if: The situation calls for seriousness.

#7 Set Up a Reminder

“I’ll put a reminder in my calendar to text you next month!”

Lets them know you intend to reach out when time has passed.

Use when: You genuinely want to reconnect down the road.
Avoid if: You likely won’t follow through on contacting them later.

#8 Make a Joke Threat

“I’m going to spam you cute animal memes every day so you can’t forget me!”

Playfully threatening to bombard them creates humor.

Use when: You want a funny reaction.
Avoid if: They might take the “threat” badly.

#9 Suggest Social Media

“Here – let’s add each other on Instagram to stay in the loop!”

Keeping updated via social media is an easy way to maintain contact.

Use when: You want to casually keep tabs on each other.
Avoid if: You or they aren’t on social media.

#10 Set Up Next Steps

“I’ll text you next week to figure out a day to meet up again soon!”

Gives clear next actions while leaving flexibility on timing.

Use when: You want light future commitment without details yet.

Avoid if: You know you can’t deliver on meeting up again.

How to Respond to a Girl

When a girl affectionately tells you “don’t be a stranger,” tailor your reply to the feminine vibe. Here’s how:

  • Suggest linking up on social media to nurture the new connection
  • Emphasize how much you enjoyed the conversation to appreciate her effort
  • Turn the request around playfully so she knows it’s reciprocal
  • Make concrete suggestions for activities you could do together soon

Flirtatious energy is okay, but avoid being too assertive or intense which could overwhelm her. Keep things light and friendly instead.

How to Respond to a Guy

If a guy bids you farewell with “don’t be a stranger,” adapt your response to the masculine energy:

  • Make a solid plan to hang out again soon if you’re interested
  • Gentle teasing back that he better not disappear either
  • Being direct that you’d like to continue the conversation
  • Exchanging phone numbers for texting shows clear investment

You can get away with more brazen humor with a male. But don’t be overly complicated – keep things simple and clear.

In Conclusion

The next time someone sweetly tells you “don’t be stranger” as you’re parting ways, you’ll know exactly how to respond! With this diverse list of comebacks, you can tailor your reply to perfectly fit the situation and relationship dynamic.

So go out there and strengthen those new connections with the right response when they affectionately nudge you to not disappear from their life! Either make concrete plans to reconnect, suggest keeping in touch via text/social media, or jokingly threaten to inundate them with a reminder of your friendship.

With the right comeback, you’ll build meaningful relationships every time someone sees you off with “don’t be a stranger!”

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