How to Respond to “Do You Miss Me”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

I decided to write this article after a friend recently asked if I missed them. I stumbled over my words, not sure how to respond. That made me realize I needed some good preset responses for next time someone asks me this loaded question.

If you also struggle with answering “Do you miss me?” then this article is for you. Below I have compiled over 30 responses you can use. Keep reading for funny, witty, and savage comebacks. I’ve included examples of when to use each one.

30 Responses to “Do You Miss Me”

Before jumping into the examples, when someone asks if you miss them it often means they want validation. Make sure your response aligns with how you truly feel about the person.

With that said, here are 30 ways to respond:

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Funny Responses

We all need some humor when responding to a loaded question like “Do you miss me?”. Here are 10 funny ways to answer:


Before jumping in, a word of caution – make sure you read the room before using comedy. You want the other person to laugh with you, not at you.

Now for some laughter:

  1. Only on Tuesdays when I’m wearing blue.
  2. I mostly miss your leftovers in my fridge.
  3. So far my aim has stayed true. pretend to throw something
  4. As much as I miss getting dental work done.
  5. Does missing the chocolate you bought me count?
  6. I’ve thought about you 0.7 times so far this week.
  7. Only every leap year.
  8. I miss having a good grammar editor. playfully tease their communication skills
  9. I miss having someone to help me move heavy things.
  10. As much as I miss all the crises you created. playful sarcasm about drama

Savage Responses

If you want to get a bit spicy and savage with your reply, stir things up with one of these 10 zingers:

Savage responses definitely depend most on your past relationship, so choose wisely. You generally want to take the high road if possible. But if some sass is justified, try:

  1. I miss you like a front tooth – extremely glad you’re gone!
  2. Does your spouse know you’re texting me asking if I miss you? call out inappropriate behavior
  3. I miss you about as much as COVID misses hand sanitizer.
  4. I miss you less than I miss papercuts and migraines.
  5. I thought I did for a minute, but it turned out to just be gas.
  6. I miss you like Boston misses blizzards in July.
  7. The only thing I miss is the money I wasted on you. Harsh if gifts were involved.
  8. I miss the memory of you more than the reality. Ouch!
  9. I miss you like a bee sting. Things are less painful with you gone.
  10. I miss you like a toothache. I’m so glad that pain is gone!

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Flirty Responses

If there are still sparks between you, ignite them with some flirty responses like these 10 examples:

The key to flirty responses is subtle suggestiveness. You want just enough spice to intrigue them, without going overboard.

  1. Maybe we should hang out soon so I can give you a proper answer? suggest a date
  2. I do have a vacancy for a certain someone to miss… Know anyone interested in applying? be intentionally vague
  3. Perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder? We’d have to test that theory. *propose an experiment *
  4. I’ve mostly just missed those cute faces you used to make. call out something specific you find attractive
  5. Oh I’ve missed several things, but don’t worry – it’s nothing a nice dinner together couldn’t cure. casually ask them out
  6. I’ve missed a few things…but it’s probably better if I whisper them privately in your ear. get flirty
  7. A lady never kisses and tells…But between us, maybe I’ve missed you a bit. playful and borderline suggestive
  8. I’ll admit I’ve missed a couple things about our time together. leave them wanting more details
  9. All work and no play made me miss you A LOT. be intentionally vague about what you mean
  10. Perhaps we should discuss this topic more privately? I may have missed one or two things…hint that you’ll share more in person

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10 Editor’s Choice Responses

1. I’ve Missed You, But I’m Focusing on Me

This response acknowledges you’ve missed them, but also asserts your needs and priorities. It’s ideal if you want to be honest while still setting boundaries.

When To Use:

  • The relationship ended for a valid reason, but you still care for them as a person
  • You want to focus on your personal growth and goals
  • You don’t want to get back together, but want to remain friends

When Not To Use:

  • You want to reconcile the relationship

2. Our Shared Memories Pop Into My Mind Sometimes

This response focuses on the nostalgia, not the actual person. It’s a warm, yet still detached, way to say you miss elements of your time together.

When To Use:

  • The relationship was mostly happy and healthy
  • You want to seem polite and thoughtful
  • You don’t want them to feel totally forgotten

When Not To Use:

  • Your time together was largely unhappy or traumatic
  • You want a clean break with no friendly ties

3. I Get Random Urges to Text or Call You

If you do find yourself missing their companionship, this response conveys that sentiment. It’s an honest answer if you still care about them as a person.

When To Use:

  • You valued the friendship aspect of the relationship
  • You wouldn’t mind staying in touch platonically
  • You want them to know you still think of them fondly

When Not To Use:

  • Your relationship was unhealthy or toxic
  • You have no interest in any further communication

4. The Occasional Twinge of Nostalgia Finds Me

This poetic response acknowledges you felt their absence at times. But it still keeps that sentiment at a distance with its abstract language.

When To Use:

  • You think fondly of them sometimes but have moved on
  • You want a friendly, yet detached, tone
  • Poetic expression suits your style

When Not To Use:

  • Plain and straightforward communication is more your style

5. I Prefer to Cherish Our Past Fondly From Afar

This conjures pleasant memories from a healthy distance. It’s a respectful approach if you’ve moved on but still wish them well.

When To Use:

  • You had a strong emotional connection you now want distance from
  • You still appreciate the meaning they brought to your life
  • You want to preserve happy memories without reopening wounds

When Not To Use:

  • Your time together brought more pain than joy
  • You prefer direct and simple communication

6. I Miss Having Someone, But Not Just Any Someone

This response longs more for love and connection in general – not necessarily them specifically. It’s ideal if you want something vague yet still flattering.

When To Use:

  • You genuinely miss affection and intimacy after the breakup
  • You don’t want to seem cold, but also don’t want to mislead them into thinking reconciliation is likely

When Not To Use:

  • You have no interest in softening things or inflating their ego

7. I Miss You, But I Don’t Think We Should Go Backwards

This honest reply states plainly you feel their absence but don’t think reopening the relationship is wise. It’s direct yet still thoughtful.

When To Use:

  • You genuinely miss their presence but know resuming the relationship would be unwise
  • You want to be fully transparent about your feelings and boundaries

When Not To Use:

  • You’re hoping to rekindle things and want to leave that door open

8. I Miss Parts of Us, But I’m At Peace With What Is

This wistful response reveals you feel echoes of their absence, but conveys ultimate acceptance. It’s gently yet firmly closing the door on reconciliation.

When To Use:

  • You’re feeling reflective but have no interest in revisiting a closed chapter
  • You want to validate fond memories while still asserting that things have run their course

When Not To Use:

  • You’re actively hoping to restart the relationship

9. Our Paths Diverged, But the Journey Was Sweet

This poetic answer implies the relationship reached its natural conclusion, like two diverging trails. It conjures bittersweet nostalgia for the good times.

When To Use:

  • You feel positively about your time together, despite the split
  • You prefer expanded metaphors and figurative language

When Not To Use:

  • You did not part on good terms or have many happy memories

10. What We Had Was Special – I Cherish the Memories

This warmly pays homage to pleasant memories without directly addressing whether you miss them. It focuses on past fondness rather than current longing.

When To Use:

  • Your time together was meaningful and primarily positive
  • You want to end things on a gracious note
  • Closure gives you peace rather than pain

When Not To Use:

  • Significant pain, resentment or unresolved issues linger

How to Reply to a Girl

When a girl asks if you miss her, she often wants validation. Make sure your response aligns with your true feelings. Here are 5 thoughtful examples for replying to a girl:

  1. I miss our lively conversations and having someone so fun to be around. But I don’t think we should get back together since we both need space to focus on our goals right now.
  2. You brought sunlight to my life in a lot of ways. I’ll always cherish our special connection and memories together. I’m thankful fate brought us together for that important chapter.
  3. I’ve missed that sparkle in your eyes a few times. But as much as parts of me will always care about you, too much distance and unresolved hurts remain between us now.
  4. I miss the funny memes you used to send me and the sweet notes you’d leave on my car. My days just don’t feel as bright without your smiles and laughter anymore. But I know you need to prioritize your art career right now. Maybe someday our paths will realign, but for now I wish you the very best.
  5. I’ve missed our adventures sometimes. But I don’t want either of us to pine for a lost past. I hope we both keep growing. Please know I’ll always speak fondly of you as someone very meaningful from my past.

How to Reply to a Guy

When responding to a guy, tailor your reply to your unique history and current goals. Here are 5 examples:

  1. I’ve missed grabbing beers with you and watching the games for sure. We always cheered loudest together! I’m happy to meet up for a brew as friends whenever you’re free. But I think romance between us has run its course for now since we both need space to focus on our careers at the moment.
  2. Our camping trips up the coast were epic. Sometimes when I smell a campfire or see a tent, memories with you flood my mind. But too much distance grew between us this past year emotionally. I wish you the very best moving forward, and I hope we can both keep cherishing the positive memories.
  3. You were my first love – that will always mean something to me. When our song plays on the radio, it takes me back to the butterflies of our first kiss. But we tried twice before and things went downhill. As much as parts of me will always care about and miss you, too much pain remains to try for a third time. I need a relationship I can depend on. I hope you find what you truly need too.
  4. Hey stranger! I can’t pretend I never think back fondly on our adventures together. But I’ve done a lot of soul-searching this past year. As much as I’ve missed you, my path feels destined in a different direction now. I wish you the absolute best though! Let’s catch up as friends sometime soon if you’d like. First round of pool is on me!
  5. Our late night talks always flowed perfectly. Sometimes life feels duller without having your unique perspectives to hash things out with until sunrise. They say breaking up is hard to do though, and third time is often not the charm they say. I feel our season has passed even though bits of me will stay stuck on you. But my goals now need my full focus. I sincerely wish you every happiness moving forward! You deserve it.


Having preset responses for loaded questions like “Do you miss me?” saves time and awkward fumbling. Just be sure to tailor your reply to your unique situation. Factors like who’s asking, your history, and current goals and priorities heavily sway which response fits best.

Hopefully the wide variety of examples above left you feeling prepared next time you’re asked this tricky question! Know that whatever you feel is valid – even if it’s humor, sass, wistfulness for the past, or eagerness for a new chapter. Just communicate in alignment with your truth.

I am a Certified Life Coach (CPC) and mom of two from Austin, TX. I draw on my psychology background and coaching experience to empower others to grow through my writing.

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