How to Respond to ‘Chill’: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

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When someone messages you “Chill” it can be confusing on how to respond. Should you say something flirty back? Crack a silly joke to lighten the mood or clap back with a slick comeback?

I struggled with this after a guy I was interested in messaged me “Chill” out of the blue. I didn’t know whether he was telling me to relax, asking to hang out or just making small talk.

After awkwardly fumbling a response, I decided to be prepared next time. Here are 30 amazing ideas for responding when you get the “Chill” message or comment:

30 Ways To Respond To “Chill”

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I’ve used many of these responses myself after getting a “Chill” message and they work perfectly! Some are playful, some sassy and others might lead to an actual chill session if you hit it off.

But that’s not all – keep reading for 10 more categories with flirty, funny and savage chill responses to use on guys or girls sliding into your DMs. Soon you’ll be a pro at reacting to this tricky little word.

Funny Ways To Respond To “Chill”


Got a silly sense of humor? Try out one of these 10 funny comebacks next time you get the “chill” text:

  1. Chilling is against my religion
  2. I’m all out of chill pills
  3. My mom said I can’t chill with strangers
  4. Do I look cold to you?
  5. Sorry, I’m allergic to chilling
  6. I left my chill at home today
  7. I lost my chill in the war of 1972
  8. I got grounded from chilling last week
  9. My horoscope says no chilling today
  10. I’m more of a adrenaline junkie than a chiller

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Crack them up with a witty response and take the chill vibe up a notch! But be warned – these are for the bold. Use them with friends and crushes who will appreciate the humor.

Savage Ways To Respond

If you wanna throw some shade, these 10 snarky comebacks should do the trick:

  1. New chill, who dis?
  2. Chill out yourself
  3. Tell someone who cares
  4. Get lost, creep
  5. Ew, hard pass
  6. I think the fuck not
  7. In your dreams
  8. I’d rather die
  9. Over my dead body
  10. I don’t think so, move along

Pull out the claws and unleash your inner savage! But use sparingly – you might bruise some egos.

Flirty Responses

Feeling some chemistry? Flirt things up with these sly responses:

  1. Chill with me and find out
  2. Only if there’s cuddling involved
  3. You. Me. Drinks. My place after. Chill?
  4. We can do more than just chill…
  5. Oh it’ll be steamy with me around
  6. Is that what the cool kids are calling it nowadays?
  7. How about we turn up the heat instead?
  8. We could steam up the windows
  9. Only if chill means making out
  10. Let’s forget chilling and get straight to mating

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Turn up the temperature and get your crush blushing hard! But avoid sending overly sexual replies to someone you just met – get to know them first.

There are even more ways to react to someone asking to chill…

Top 10 Editor’s Choice “Chill” Responses

1. Down To Clown

This playful response shows you have a fun side. Use when chatting with a new match or friend who seems quirky.

When To Use: New matches who seem fun and casual.

When Not To Use: Overly serious romantic interests or conservative acquaintances.

2. Netflix & Chill? Nah, More Like Puzzles & Friendship Bracelets

A cheeky way to jokingly friendzone someone. Whip this out if you want to banter without leading them on.

When To Use: When you want to gently curve unwanted advances.

When Not To Use: With someone you actually have interest in dating.

3. Chill Out, We Just Met! Buy Me A Drink First

A flirty but firm response to set boundaries with a bold stranger. Lets them know you won’t be getting intimate too fast.

When To Use: Early conversations with people you just met.

When Not To Use: Long term romantic partners – they deserve more tact.

4. I’d Rather Turn Up The Heat

A suggestive reply for subtly hinting at steamier possibilities later on. Say this to crushes you feel a spark with.

When To Use: Flirting with dates and building sexual tension.

When Not To Use: Platonically chatting with friends or mentors.

5. Sounds Hot, Hope The AC Is Working!

Humorous way to banter back when receiving a flirty “Chill” message. Allows you to redirect the tone.

When To Use: When you want to flirt but avoid seeming too eager.

When Not To Use: With conservative people lacking a bold sense of humor.

6. Maybe After We Get Married

Snarky curve for unwanted flirty advances. Polite enough not to offend but gets the “no way” message across.

When To Use: Shutting down overly bold creeps and pick up artists.

When Not To Use: Joking with a long-term partner – don’t give them the wrong idea!

7. You Seem Pretty Desperate To Chill With Me

Sassy one-liner for shutting down thirsty DMs dead in their tracks.

When To Use: When someone you’re uninterested in wont take a hint.

When Not To Use: Close friends or potential love matches.

8. I Don’t Think So, Move Along

Short and direct curve for when someone steps over the line with an overly sexual “Chill” offer.

When To Use: Making boundaries firm with a disrespectful advance.

When Not To Use: Long term partners – too harsh.

9. I’m Down, Bestie! Paint Our Nails After?

Funny way to friendzone an unwanted suitor. Lightens the blow by promising platonic hangouts instead.

When To Use: Redirecting interest from dates you just want as friends.

When Not To Use: With romantic prospects you hope to get intimate with later.

10. Chill Out Yourself

Snappy comeback to knock cocky guys down a peg. Shows you can banter and won’t be pushed around.

When To Use: Shutting down arrogant men hitting your DMs.

When Not To Use: Academic or professional contacts where more decorum is needed.

There you have it – 10 sassy editor approved responses for every scenario. Save these to your phone and have the perfect chill reaction ready for any conversation.

Want even more ways to respond smoothly? Read on for how to message guys or girls back with flair.

How To Reply To A Guy

When a guy messages you chill, how do you respond? Here are 5 tips:

  • Be direct – Let him know if you are interested in hanging out or not. Don’t lead him on.
  • Add humor – Inject some playful banter to keep things breezy and friendly if you want to politely decline.
  • Flirt back – If you do want to hang out, reciprocate light flirting to show him you’re intrigued.
  • Set boundaries – If he gets too sexual too fast, reel it back in to match your comfort zone.
  • Curve firmly – Have a few go-to “no way” lines ready for shutting down creeps.

Replying To Girls

What about when a girl offers to chill? Follow these guidelines:

  • Keep it friendly – Don’t assume she means anything romantic by it. Take a platonic hang out at face value.
  • Watch your tone – Avoid sounding too eager or making advances unless she initiates. Let her set the pace.
  • Flirt lightly – Mirror her flirtatious energy if you notice hints she’s interested in you.
  • Make her laugh – Bust out a silly joke or meme to get on her good side if she has a quirky sense of humor.
  • Respect boundaries – If she doesn’t seem interested, back off and look for friendship instead.

Last Words

At the end of the day, responding smoothly to “Chill” messages is all about adapting your reply to the unique situation while enforcing your own boundaries. Now that you’re armed with 80+ comeback ideas for any scenario, you’ll breeze through these tricky conversations with charisma and confidence.

Next time you get a “Chill” message, resist the urge to panic and fumble a response. Take a breath, smile and fire one of these creative responses faster than you can say Netflix and chill. The clever flirtation will be sure to catch their attention – and maybe even lead to actual chilling if you play your cards right!

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and start dishing out these savage, witty and bold chill reactions like a pro. Consider this fun little word conquered and mastered for good! Your dating app matches and DM slides won’t know what hit ’em.

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