How to Respond to ‘Are You Single?’: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

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Sarah Koch


When someone asks if you’re single, how do you respond? With a bland “yes” or “no“? Or do you seize the moment and come back with a flirty, witty or savage reply?

I decided to write this article after a recent experience where a guy asked if I was single and I fumbled over my words, feeling unprepared and caught off guard. I realized having some solid comebacks up your sleeve can turn an awkward moment into a fun, flirty exchange.

So below I’ve put together a list of over 30 responses for when you’re asked the “are you single” question. From playful quips to bold statements, review them below and commit some to memory so you’ll be ready next time it comes up!

30 Responses to “Are You Single?”

Before jumping into the list, here are a few quick tips:

  • Gauge the situation and relationship you have with the person before responding. Is it a stranger? Long-time crush? Friendly acquaintance? Pick a reply fitting for them.
  • Have fun and be confident delivering your response! A awkward, shy comeback won’t have the same effect.
  • Don’t feel pressured to give out too much personal information if you’re uncomfortable. A quick quip can often work better.

OK, now onto the list! Try out some of these responses next time someone asks if you’re single:

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Funny Responses

When getting asked if you’re single, spinning a funny reply can totally change the tone from serious to lighthearted. And who doesn’t love a good laugh?


If you’re bold and want to show off your witty side, try out some of these 11 funny comebacks:

Savage Responses

If you really want to stand up for yourself or cut the person asking down, unleash one of these 10 savage replies when they ask your relationship status:

  1. Yes, and you asking isn’t going to change that. 💅
  2. Yep, and even if I wasn’t I still wouldn’t give you a chance.
  3. Maybe, but it’s really none of your business.
  4. Available? Yes. Interested in you? Not at all.
  5. Taken! By not wasting time on f***boys like you. 😊
  6. Single and LOVING it. You should try it!
  7. Yes, but I have standards…something you clearly lack.
  8. Available? Possibly. Desperate? Nope!
  9. Yes, and you just reminded me why I should stay far away from dating! 👋
  10. Yes, but I don’t just jump into things with strangers. I have self-respect!

Direct Responses

When you want to cut right to the chase, throw out one of these 10 direct replies:

  1. Bold of you to assume you have a chance!
  2. Yep, wanna change that?
  3. Yes, but I know your game and I don’t play.
  4. That’s an odd question from someone I just met…
  5. Maybe, but I’m talking to someone else right now that I really like.
  6. Why are you so interested anyways?
  7. Straightforward answer: yes I am currently single.
  8. I am, but I’m not looking to mingle at the moment.
  9. Yes, and I intend to stay that way for awhile.
  10. Are you asking me out? Just want to be clear…

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Playful Comebacks

If you want to be a little coy and play hard to get, tease them back with one of these flirty responses:

  1. Possibly, but I won’t reveal secrets until date #3. 😜
  2. Hmm I never kiss and tell! You’ll have to work harder than that.
  3. Yes, but I might already have my eye on someone…
  4. I plead the fifth until I know your intentions! 😉
  5. A lady never tells. But hypothetically, maybe…
  6. That’s classified information until we know each other better.
  7. Ooo sneaky question! But yes, currently I happen to be…
  8. Now that would be telling! Where’s your sense of mystery? 😏
  9. I don’t reveal my cards too quickly, but there’s a chance…
  10. Well, well, you sure don’t beat around the bush! But my lips are sealed…

Mysterious Answers

If you want to intrigue them even more, try one of these cryptic replies to maintain an air of mystery:

  1. That depends…on the next words out of your mouth. 😏
  2. Hmm, I have a few prospects that could change that status soon…
  3. Yes, but for the right person I’d be open to no longer being single. 😉
  4. My status seems to change frequently these days. You’ll have to check back.
  5. I have an admirer who might convince me to change my status soon…
  6. I float in and out of relationships. Come back next week and maybe things will be different!
  7. My relationship status is often in flux. I keep my options open being the independent woman I am! 😊
  8. That’s not information I can disclose currently. Things are…complicated.
  9. For now I’m single, but I believe everything changes in due time if it’s meant to. 😌
  10. I tend to live life unattached. But perhaps for the right person I would settle down…

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Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After reviewing dozens of potential comebacks, these 10 emerged as the best “are you single” responses by our editing team. Add them to your repertoire for anytime that question pops up!

1. Why? You wanna change that?

Flirty, playful, and puts the ball back in their court – this quick comeback tops our list! Deliver it with a wink and smile to really hit the mark.

When to Use: Ideal for potential love interests or someone you want to subtly express interest in.

When NOT to Use: Probably too forward for strangers, acquaintances, co-workers, etc.

2. Yes, but I’m trouble so watch out! 😈

Fun and intriguing, this response shows your sassy side. Lets them know you’re single and available, but not easily tamed.

When to Use: Great for those you want to pursue romantically. Shows confidence and intrigue.

When NOT to Use: May come across overly sexually aggressive with conservative acquaintances.

3. I’m married to my career right now.

Polite way to share you’re single while underscoring your ambitions and focus. Great for networking contacts.

When to Use: Professional contacts, new acquaintances, distant relatives catching up.

When NOT to Use: Romantic prospects – gives impression you’re too busy for dating.

4. Yes, but I’m not looking to mingle at the moment.

Honest answer stating you’re single, but not open to anything romantic right now. Clear boundary setter.

When to Use: Friends, co-workers, or community members interested in setting you up. Lets them know kindly you’re not ready to date again yet.

When NOT to Use: Crushes or potential suitors – they may lose interest without encouragement.

5. Maybe yes, maybe no. Depends who’s asking. 😉

Playful and intriguing response. Hints you might say yes to them without fully committing as single or taken.

When to Use: Those you may be interested in dating someday. Leaves door open.

When NOT to Use: Serious relationship prospects – could be seen as too noncommittal.

6. No, but I’d be down to co-parent a plant with you.

Funny and creative way to share you’re single and imply potential interest without being too overt.

When to Use: New crushes and dates where you want to express possibilities but not scare them off.

When NOT to Use: Long-term boyfriend/girlfriend who may want a more serious commitment. Use sparingly.

7. Yes, but I have standards…something you clearly lack.

Scathing reply announcing your single status while insulting the rude question asker.

When to Use: Judgmental people who have no business asking about your dating life.

When NOT to Use: Prospective dates, friendly acquaintances, family members – too aggressive.

8. That depends…on the next words out of your mouth.

Intriguing statement letting them know the ball is in their court to impress you or reveal their intentions.

When to Use: Those you may be open to dating if they woo you next. Creates mystery and excitement.

When NOT to Use: Shy guys that may get stage fright put on the spot. Won’t work on introverts.

9. I plead the fifth until I know your intentions! 😉

Playful way to neither confirm or deny single status. Hints you might share more if they open up first.

When to Use: New romantic prospects you want to slowly get to know better before revealing too much.

When NOT to Use: Potential partners who want a direct answer about your availability – could be seen as too coy.

10. Yes, but for the right person I’d be open to no longer being single. 😉

Honest answer confirming you are single, but bridging to potential interest in them as the “right person.” Big bold hint!

When to Use: Ideal for new crushes you want to convey positive interest in while announcing single status.

When NOT to Use: Those you want to friendzone – gives impression you’re open to dating possibilities.

How to Reply to a Girl

When a girl asks if you’re single, tailor your response to your relationship and intentions with her. Here are 5 failproof replies:

  1. I am, why do you ask? Trying to change that? Flirty challenge great for potential crushes
  2. Yes, but I’m talking to someone else right now that I really like. Polite shutdown if not interested
  3. No, I have a crush I’ve been meaning to ask out though. Hint at intentions for her
  4. Yes, but I won’t stay single for long looking as good as I do! Playful arrogance
  5. I’m married to my career right now, but for the right girl I may settle down. Honest but leaves door open

How to Reply to a Guy

When asked by a guy, tailor your response to let him know if you’re open to more or shutting things down. 5 great options:

  1. Why do you ask? Trying to change that? Flirty challenge
  2. Yes, but I have a big crush I’m trying to get over. Polite shutdown
  3. No, but I’d be down to co-parent a plant with you. Playful interest
  4. Yes, but I recently ended a long relationship so I’m moving slowly. Honest hesitance
  5. No, there’s someone special but it’s unofficial right now. Possibility but not him

When Family/Friends Ask

Nosy relatives and friends often ask about relationship status to rudely pry or try setting you up. Deter further questions with:

  1. I’m focusing on my career goals right now, no time for romance!
  2. I’m happy being single, but sure I’ll meet someone someday.
  3. No one special yet, but I’m not in a rush and just seeing what happens.
  4. I date here and there but nothing serious has stuck so far. Still hopeful though!
  5. No steady partner at the moment, but I lead a very full life and am not lonely.

What Not to Say

While the above responses are great options, here are 5 replies you’ll want to avoid:

  1. Telling too much of your dating history or baggage
  2. Making up an unrealistic fictional relationship
  3. Oversharing details on your love life
  4. Coming across overly aggressive or defensive
  5. Making self-deprecating remarks about being forever alone


There you have it – over 70 responses for handling that tricky “are you single” question! With flirty, funny, mysterious and savage replies to choose from, you’ll be ready to handle it with confidence and style next time.

Remember to assess who’s asking and what you want the outcome to be before crafting your answer. A response appropriate for a new crush may not work so well on nosy relatives.

But most importantly, have fun with it! View that question as a compliment and opportunity to show off your vibrant, witty personality – whether single or not!

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