How To Respond To A Liked Message On Instagram: 46 Unique Banger Lines

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Sarah Koch


I recently got a notification saying someone liked a message I had sent them on Instagram. At first, I didn’t think much of it and moved on with my day.

But after a few hours, I began over analyzing the meaning behind this seemingly simple interaction.

Should I respond back?

What does a liked message even mean?

Is the person expecting me to say something?

After spiraling into endless questioning, I decided enough was enough.

I needed to get to the bottom of how to respond (or not respond) when someone just likes your Instagram message.

So I asked around, did some research, and gathered a comprehensive list of responses, funny comebacks, flirty replies, and more for when you get a liked message on Instagram.

30 Ways To Respond To An Instagram Liked Message

Figuring out how to reply when someone just likes your DM without responding can be tricky.

Before jumping into the examples, here are a few quick tips:

  • Don’t overthink it. A liked message is pretty casual and likely not expecting a response.
  • Match their energy. If it’s someone you talk to a lot, feel free to respond. If it’s more of an acquaintance, you probably don’t need to say anything.
  • Use your best judgment. Consider your relationship and recent conversations to gauge if responding makes sense.

Okay, now onto the Instagram liked message responses!


Sounds good

Glad you agree

Haha yes



Got it

Good to know


Okay then

Whew, I was worried about that

Phew, that’s a relief

Well there you go



For sure

I know, right?


Tell me about it


You already know

As expected


Makes sense

No doubt

Thanks for letting me know

Appreciate you circling back

Good looking out

Glad we’re on the same page

Happy to hear it


Funny Instagram Responses For A Liked Message

If you want to take a more humorous route with your reply to an Instagram like, here are some silly, funny, and downright weird responses:

  • Did we just become best friends?!
  • Now we’re Instagram official. Should we announce it on Facebook?
  • Where should we register for our wedding?
  • I promise to like all your selfies if you like all my food pics. Deal?
  • Quick, you like my last 3 pics and I’ll like your last 3. GO!
    • sends virtual high five through the phone *
  • Imagine we just saw each other across a crowded room and waved politely.
  • Let’s throw a mini digital dance party:
  • If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it
  • Sorry, my mom said I’m not allowed to talk to strangers on the internet.
  • Do you come here often?

Savage Responses To An Instagram Liked Message

Feeling a little sassy? Go with one of these clever savage responses after you get an Instagram like:

  • Left me on read AND just liked my message? The audacity…
  • Like my message? How about you like my 40-pic thirst trap album while you’re at it.
  • A “like” and no response? Call the police, I’ve been robbed
  • A single like? After that paragraph I wrote you? I’ve never been more offended.
  • Next time just Venmo me $5 since my content is clearly so valuable.
  • Wow way to put in minimum effort there bud.
  • A like and no reply? And here I was thinking we really had something special.
  • Glad to see my heartfelt message meant so much to you.
  • You must be new here if you think a like counts as a response.

Flirty Instagram Comebacks For A Liked Message

Want to shoot your shot with a flirty comeback after getting an Instagram like? Try out one of these:

  • A like back? blushes 
  • Oooh a like! Don’t be getting too frisky now.
  • If you keep hitting like Imma have to take you out on a date.
    • sends virtual kiss through phone *
  • Aren’t you cute with your little like
  • Careful now, I might get blinded by that dazzling like button of yours
  • If I had a nickel for every time you liked my message, I’d have five cents. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.
  • Is this what modern romance looks like? Just two people, liking each other’s DMs?

10 Best Instagram Liked Message Comebacks

Out of all the ideas, which Instagram message like responses are the very best? After extensive scientific research (aka giggling at my phone screen), these are my top 10:

The “Classic Cool” Response

Many opt for the simple yet effortlessly cool thumbs up emoji when they get an Instagram like.

It’s chill, casual, and still acknowledges their tap on your message. Truly an icon of a response.

When to use: Use when wanting to play it safe with someone you don’t know super well.

When NOT to use: Avoid if you’re trying to have an actual conversation. This response pretty much ends things then and there.

The “Call Them Out” Response

For those feeling a bit spicier, this response playfully calls out the lame Instagram habit of just liking messages. It shows you have a sense of humor about online interactions.

When to use: Use when messing with friends who frequently just like messages.

When NOT to use: May come across as aggressive if used on strangers or acquaintances. Proceed with caution.

The “Let’s Take This Offline” Response

If you want to gently shift the conversation offline, suggest meeting up for coffee or drinks. It shows initiative and interest in getting to know them better IRL.

When to use: Use when you feel ready to meet up with a digital match.

When NOT to use: Avoid suggesting meeting up prematurely or it could seem desperate/overeager.

The “Heart Eyes” Emoji Response

Sometimes a single emoji is the clearest way to respond to an Instagram like, especially if words seem unnecessary. The heart eyes emoji conveys gratitude and affection at the tap of a finger.

When to use: Utilize when wanting to quickly yet sincerely thank someone special for showing they care, even in a small way like a like.

When NOT to use: Don’t use for professional contacts or individuals who may misinterpret flirtatious intent.

The “We Stan Growth” Response

This response playfully praises and encourages the other person’s effort in engaging. It’s great for shy friends or new connections still testing the waters.

When to use: Use when wanting to hype up those making an attempt to come out of their shell.

When NOT to use: Avoid if you think the recipient will take the message literally or seriously. Sarcastic tone is hard to convey through text.

The “Heartfelt Paragraph” Response

If a liked message comes from someone extra special, consider crafting a thoughtful, genuine paragraph. Tell them how much you appreciate their presence in your life.

When to use: Reserve for extremely close connections who you want to strengthen bonds with.

When NOT to use: Don’t bombard more casual relationships or it could weird them out. Read the room before pouring your heart out.

The “Call to Adventure” Response

Channel your inner wanderluster and suggest an epic adventure together, like hot air ballooning, sky diving, or swimming with sharks. It shows you think they’re daring and fun.

When to use: Use when you want to plan something wildly exciting with a fellow thrill-seeker.

When NOT to use: Avoid suggesting extra intense activities prematurely as it may be off-putting. Make sure you know the person reasonably well first.

The “Meme” Response

A hilarious meme often conveys messages better than plain text. Find one that matches the tone of your conversation and go for it.

When to use: Utilize when wanting to keep things chill and casual. Memes are great for new friends or groups

The “Inside Joke” Response

If you have an established rapport with someone, referencing an inside joke shows you remember little details about your friendship. It makes them feel special and bonded to you.

When to use: Use when conversing with old friends you want to reminisce with.

When NOT to use: Avoid with new matches or individuals who won’t understand the reference. You risk seeming exclusionary.

The “Future Plans” Response

One effective way to keep conversation flowing is suggesting a shared activity for the future, like binging the new season of a show or visiting an upcoming festival together.

When to use: Utilize when wanting to proactively make plans with someone you’re eager to bond with more.

When NOT to use: Be cautious not to overwhelm a casual connection with too many suggestions right off the bat before establishing mutual interest.

How To Respond To An Instagram Liked Message From A Guy

Wondering if there’s a strategic difference in how to respond when a crush vs friend vs random dude sends that fickle little like? Usually there is…

Here are my best tips for crafting a response when a guy leaves you on read with the good ol’ heart tap:

  • Play It Cool No need to stress if it’s a new match. Continue the convo normally and don’t accuse him of ghosting. He’s likely just shy.
  • Be Direct If it’s an established crush, consider asking directly whether he wants to meet up. Guys appreciate confidence and initiative.
  • Use Humor Responding to an awkward DM with a witty meme or joke relieves tension. Laughter is the fastest way into a man’s heart.
  • Try A Flirty Emoji If you wanna get spicy, a cute emoji like lets him know you’re interested in a charming way without being overly eager.
  • Focus On Common Interests Bond over shared hobbies and he’ll associate positive vibes with you.

How To Respond To An Instagram Liked Message From A Girl

Just as guys and gals often communicate differently, women may interpret DMs uniquely as well.

Here are some top tips for replying to a lady who pops a quick like on your message instead of responding:

  • Keep It Light Don’t take a liked message too seriously, especially with someone you barely know. Assume positive intent.
  • Relate To Her Interests Women deeply value emotional connection. Bond over something you both enjoy.
  • Give Her Time Avoid pressuring her to respond instantly. Provide space and she’ll likely message when ready.
  • Compliment Her Compassion Note how supportive she is for consistently liking your content if relevant. Acts of service is her love language.
  • Suggest A Girls Night If it feels right, propose meeting up for a fun girls night out together with some of her friends. Low pressure environment to connect IRL.

How To Respond To A Liked DM From Someone You Like

Few things are more agonizing than shooting your shot with a message to your crush…and having them simply like it.

You spill your guts. Wear your heart on your sleeve. Fully make the first move.

And they just…tap that little thumbs up icon. Ouch.

When someone you’re actually interested in pulls this digital dagger, it can be confusing.

Should you quadruple text them?

Play hard to get?

Pretend you don’t care?

Here’s the tea sis:

Relax. They wouldn’t have liked it if they hated what you said. The like is an encouraging sign!

Give Them Time. Don’t panic or chase them (yet). Let them make the next move when ready.

Put Your Best Self Out There. Continue posting your dazzling Insta stories. Don’t let the like deter you from being your fabulous self.

Soon enough, they won’t be able to resist sliding into your DMs for real – no vague likes! Just captivating conversation.

BONUS: Hilarious Liked Message Memes That Sum Things Up

When all else fails, you can always just send a perfectly petty reaction meme to convey your feels about the lame liked message.

Enjoy this meme dump for all your virtual shade throwing needs:

What can I say? We’ve all been there. The struggle becomes real when Insta baes leave you on seen.

But don’t let the annoying liked message get you down!

Brush it off with humor, give them a taste of their own medicine with a savage meme, or take charge by asking directly if they wanna chat.

You’ve got this queen. Go get your digital mans.

Conclusion: It’s Not That Serious!

At the end of the day, try not to obsess about the meaning behind a liked Instagram message. It’s truly not that deep!

They likely just wanted to quickly show appreciation without having mental bandwidth for a full conversation. And that’s okay!

As long as the vibe between you two feels good, don’t sweat the small things like reply delays and vague likes. Just focus on building genuine connection.

The right person for you will make effort and reciprocate interest clearly in their own time.

But on the flip side…if something feels off, trust your intuition! Don’t convince yourself to settle for mediocrity.

You deserve someone who can’t wait to talk to you and shower you in heart eye emojis.

Okay queen, go dazzle the world with your shining personality and magnetic charm. Your future bae’s incoming message awaits!

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