How to Reply When Someone Says “I’m Proud of You”: Flirty And Witty Responses

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Sarah Koch


When someone tells you they’re proud of you, it can make you feel good, flattered, and appreciated. But coming up with a perfect response can be tricky.

Here are some witty and flirty replies for when someone says“I’m proud of you.”

I decided to write this article after my boss recently congratulated me on a successful project and I froze up, unable to think of how to respond.

If you want more ideas for clever and charming responses, read on below for 30 great options!

30 Ways to Reply When Someone Says They’re Proud of You

Coming up with the perfect response when someone expresses pride in your accomplishments isn’t always easy. Before sharing specific examples of flirty and funny replies, here’s why clever responses matter.

A clever response shows you appreciate the compliment and reinforces your positive relationship.

An amusing or flirtatious reply lightens the mood and makes the interaction memorable.

By having some witty comebacks ready, you’ll feel more confident and charming in future conversations.

Now, here are 30 great ideas for replies when someone congratulates you or says they’re proud:

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Hilarious Responses When Someone Says They’re Proud

Got a silly sense of humor? The reactions below are sure to get a laugh:

Dropping a witty and humorous reply when someone expresses pride shows you don’t take yourself too seriously. It lightens the mood and brings playfulness into your relationships.

Not to mention, making someone crack up feels fantastic! So here are some funny comebacks for when people congratulate your accomplishments:

Sarcastic Ways to Say Thanks

“Wow, I didn’t realize I was so impressive. Please, tell me more about my greatness!”

“About time someone noticed! I was starting to think all my talent was going to waste here.”

“I know, I know, I’m practically perfect in every way. No need to remind me!”

Hair flip Obviously! It’s about time you caught on.”

“Well duh, of COURSE I killed it! Was there ever any doubt??”

“Pfft, of course I did awesome – I’m me after all!!”

“Yeah, yeah, bow down to my superior skills why don’t you.”

“I mean naturally! It would’ve been more weird if I DIDN’T kick butt!”

“Uh yeah scoffs Tell me something I DON’T know for once.”

“I’m blushing! Oh wait no, that’s just my natural glow from being so amazing.”

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Playful & Flirty

“Careful I don’t get a big head with all this fuss about little old me!”

“I know right? It’s tough being this talented AND gorgeous!”

“Aww shucks, you charmer! Tell me more…”

“If you keep sweet talking me like that I might just have to kiss you!”

“Wow keep going, my ego is loving this!”

“Oh darling, sweet little old me? You must have me confused with someone else!”

“Excuse me my dear, but have you SEEN this perfect specimen you’re speaking to?”

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Over-the-Top Reactions

Squeals loudly “Oh my gosh, are you TALKING ABOUT MOI? Little old me??”

Fans face dramatically “Do say more darling, I’m simply tingling from all this positivity!”

Hugs self smugly “Yes that’s right, snuggle up with brilliance baby!”

Makes “gimme” gesture with hands “That’s right folks – show your praise to the almighty genius over here!”

Takes bows left and right to imaginary audience “No no, too kind all of you! But please…continue!”

Hopefully those funny reaction ideas inspired you to keep things light and lively next time someone congratulates you! Just remember to show you sincerely appreciate the kind words too.

What other hilarious replies could you envision blurting out when you’re feeling especially sassy?

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

Out of all the reactions in this article, these clever comebacks really stand out. Try using these winning replies when someone congratulates your accomplishments:

1. Charm Them with Kindness

Aww thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you cheering me on.

Why it works: Returns the compliment, reinforcing your positive relationship

When to use: Responding to friends, family, mentors

Avoid with: Bosses, superiors – too casual

2. Leave Them Wanting More

“Wow, I’m blushing over here! Thank you for the kind words.*”

Why it works: Shows appreciation while intrigued them

When to use: Crushes, potential partners, flirting

Avoid with: Elders, conservative acquaintances

3. Demonstrate Thoughtful Gratitude

Your support means the world to me. I couldn’t have done this without you by my side.

Why it works: Heartfelt without being over-the-top

When to use: Genuinely helpful people like mentors

Avoid with: Casual acquaintances, strangers

4. Short, Simple, Sweet

I really appreciate you saying that. It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Why it works: Gets the point across quickly but warmly

When to use: Busy people, in professional settings

Avoid with: Close friends/family – too impersonal

5. Play Hard to Get

“Oh stop it, you! But really…keep going!

Why it works: Flirtatious yet still grateful

When to use: Romantic interests, crushes

Avoid with: Non-romantic connections

6. Show Confident Modesty

I must admit, I AM pretty proud of myself too. Thanks for noticing!

Why it works: Still humble but owning your success

When to use: Friends, peers, mentors

Avoid with: Superior bosses/elders – comes off cocky

7. Break Out the Cutesy Charm

Aww shucks, you sure know how to make a guy/girl feel special!

Why it works: Sweet reply tailored to romantic interest

When to use: Flirting! Drop this line to make them melt

Avoid with: Non-love interests and conservative crowds

8. Compliment Them Back

Well I can’t take ALL the credit…I may have had a little help from a great mentor like you!

Why it works: Shows gratitude while returning the praise

When to use: Genuinely helpful teachers, bosses etc.

Avoid with: Underlings, strangers – comes off ass-kissy

9. Reinforce Shared Bonds

Thank you! I feel so lucky to have encouraging people like you in my life.

Why it works: Emphasizes meaningfulness of ongoing support system

When to use: Family, lifelong besties, mentors

Avoid with: Brief acquaintances – oversteps boundaries

10. Humblebrag Subtly

preens feathers in pride Why thank you darling, I DO try!

Why it works: Bit of comedic edge while still acting graceful

When to use: Friends, crushes – shows off playfully

Avoid with: Elders and superiors – mildly disrespectful

Hopefully these carefully selected responses inspire you the next time someone congratulates your accomplishments! Let us know if you have any other clever replies to add to this list.

How to Reply to Girls When They Say They’re Proud

So a girl just told you she’s proud of your latest success? Here’s tips for charming, flirty responses:

Girls love confidence, but not arrogance. Respond showing humble appreciation for her praise while subtly hinting at your impressive talents.

Flirt back a little! She’s complimenting you because she sees your potential – reward her interest without crossing lines.

Mix things up! Rotate cocky comebacks, sweet reactions, and funny retorts so your responses stay unpredictable.

Here’s examples of replies to try on girls:

Cocky (But Not Too Much)

Why thanks gorgeous! I knew a keen eye like yours would spot my skills from a mile away!

With support from someone as motivational as you, how could I NOT kick butt?

Playful Banter

If you keep talking like that you’ll give me a big head, you know!

Careful doll, any more compliments and I might start thinking you’re trying to ask me out!

Appreciative & Charming

Aww thanks beautiful! I just follow examples set by inspirations like yourself!

You have no idea how much that means to me coming from someone so driven and talented.

Replying to Guys Expressing Pride

Want to impress a guy who just congratulated your work? Take these tips:

Lead by showing sincere gratitude – he’ll appreciate you taking the compliment graciously.

Mirror his masculine energy – give confident responses showing passion and ambition.

Flirt back gently if interested – but avoid going over-the-top since guys dislike clinginess.

Confidence with Kindness

Why thanks! I couldn’t stop smiling all day just thinking about your encouragement.

Thanks for believing in me – I aspire to reach the impressive levels you set one day!

Subtle Flirtation

Careful darling, any more compliments and a girl might start falling for you!

With inspirational support from folks as driven as you are, the sky’s the limit for me!

So next time a girl or guy expresses how proud they are of you, try out some of those tailored responses above! Feel free to mix, match and get creative combining different elements too.

Just focus on showing humble confidence blended with appreciative charm – that irresistible combo never fails! Let us know if you have any other go-to reactions when someone congratulates your hard work.

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