How to Reply When Someone Calls You A “Copycat”: 30+ Witty & Savage Comebacks

Being called a copycat can be frustrating. You feel misunderstood and want to defend yourself. But what’s the best way to respond? Taking the high road is key. Don’t react emotionally or make accusations. Instead, stay calm and clarify the situation respectfully. If that doesn’t work, just walk away.

I learned this lesson the hard way in high school when a girl I considered a friend accused me of copying her style. At first, her comment stung. But eventually I realized our common interests didn’t mean I was mimicking her. We just happened to like similar things. Once I explained that to her calmly, she understood. Ever since, I’ve handled “copycat” accusations better by following the 30 tips below.

30 Ways to Reply to Being Called a Copycat

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but I’m just being myself.

Great minds think alike, I guess.

I’m not copying you intentionally. We just have similar interests.

I appreciate you thinking I have good taste like you, but I make my own choices.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I don’t mean to copy anyone.

There are only so many styles/ideas out there. Some overlap is bound to happen.

I genuinely like this/came up with this on my own. I’m not copying.

Can you explain more about why you think I’m copying? I want to understand.

Did you invent this style/idea? If not, anyone can use it.

I express myself through my choices, not copy others.

If having the same interests means I’m a copycat, I’ll take that as a compliment!

I may be inspired by you, but I’m still being me.

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to steal your thunder by making similar choices.

Great minds think alike! This just means we share awesome taste.

Imitation may be flattering, but I make decisions for myself.

I admire aspects of your style, but I’m not copying everything.

I’m secure enough in myself not to copy others.

Can you be more specific about what I’m copying? I don’t see it.

If I’m a copycat for liking what you like, aren’t you one too?

I appreciate the artists/brands/ideas you introduced me to, but liking them doesn’t mean I’m copying you.

If you feel I’m encroaching on “your thing,” I apologize. I don’t mean to overstep.

I’m inspired by aspects of your taste, but still developing my own style.

Great minds think alike, but my choices express my individuality.

Imitation may be flattering, but I make decisions based on my preferences.

I admire your unique style. But liking similar things doesn’t mean I’m a copycat.

Can you explain more about why you feel I’m copying you? I want to understand where you’re coming from.

I’m sorry if you feel I’m encroaching on your interests or style. That isn’t my intention.

If liking what you like makes me a copycat, aren’t you one too for liking what I do?

I’m inspired by you but make choices based on self-expression, not copying others.

Having similar interests is fun! But it doesn’t mean I don’t think for myself.

More Funny, Witty, and Savage Ways to Respond

Being called a copycat is annoying. Defend yourself by rebutting the accusation with humor and wit. Throw the copycat shade back at them! Or be blunt in calling out their baseless claim. Just don’t get too worked up. Kill ’em with comedy…and the truth.

10 Funny Comebacks for Being Called a Copycat

  1. Takes one to know one!
  2. Aww, you pay that much attention to what I do? I’m flattered!
  3. I’m not a copycat, but I might Photocopycat your outfit. 
  4. Hold on while I search for who asked if I was a copycat…
  5. I’m sorry for stealing your whole identity by liking a band you showed me. 
  6. OMG we both have eyebrows?! Copycat!
  7. I’m not a copycat but that sounds like something a copycat would say, copycat!
  8. Uno reverse card! You copied ME.
  9. I’m not a copycat but you did inspire me to buy that green dress. Oh wait, I didn’t.
  10. Since when did you trademark crop tops and culottes?

More Funny Comebacks to Copycat.

10 Savage Clapbacks for Being Called a Copycat

  1. Pot meet Kettle…
  2. That’s rich coming from someone wearing a style I’ve had for years.
  3. Imitation may be flattering but delusion isn’t.
  4. I take style inspiration from Originality, not you.
  5. I think for myself, unlike some people…
  6. It’s giving obsessed fan behavior. 
  7. Last I checked, basic outfits weren’t intellectual property.
  8. Accusing people won’t make you more interesting.
  9. You’re not that original for me to copy.
  10. I wasn’t copying you, but now I’m definitely NOT going to!

10 Snappy Comebacks When Falsely Accused of Copying

  1. Get over yourself! I liked this style before knowing you.
  2. Don’t flatter yourself. We just happen to have similar tastes.
  3. You wish I paid that much attention to copy YOU. 
  4. Ooh, am I encroaching on your super original crew neck and jeans outfit? So sorry!
  5. If having ANYTHING in common with you makes me a copycat, I’ll take that as a compliment! 
  6. I admire aspects of your style but definitely still think for myself.
  7. Chill, you didn’t invent bracelets and band tees! I can like them too.
  8. Who appointed you the originality police? 
  9. I follow my own style muse, sweetie.
  10. If simply liking what you like means I “copied” you, by that logic you copied me first! 

Well there are other ways to respond when someone calls you copycat, one of them is throwing some Flirty Replies for that we have made a collection of flirty comebacks to being called copycat.

10 Best Editor’s Choice Responses

Cleverly turn the tables on copycat accusations while asserting your originality. Our experts picked the 10 wittiest “mic drop” responses below for shutting down claims you’re uncreative.

#1: “Takes One to Know One!”

Flip the copycat criticism back on them by suggesting it takes an unoriginal person to spot one. A funny, biting retort perfect for ridiculous accusations.

When to use: When someone frequently borrows YOUR style then claims you copy THEM. Fight fire with fire!

When NOT to use: If said sincerely without malice. Discuss respectfully instead of escalating tension.

#2: “I Wasn’t Aware Owning a Style Was Possible”

Droll response highlighting the absurdity of “owning” fashion. Styling isn’t proprietary. Mock their entitlement that you “stole” their look.

When to use: When falsely accused of copying basic trends ANYONE can wear.

When NOT to use: With friends feeling protective of signature styles they created. Tread carefully.

#3: “I Think For Myself But Thanks For The Concern!”

Peppy retort calling out accusation while firmly asserting your autonomy. The smiley drives home your cheeky self-confidence.

When to use: For baseless claims from friends or frenemies. Doubles as a subtle burn!

When NOT to use: When genuinely worried copying impacts the relationship. Discuss respectfully.

#4: “OMG We Both Have Noses?! COPYCAT!”

Mocking response satirizing the copycat call-out by pretending to accuse THEM of copying extremely common things you share. Hilarious way to highlight the absurdity of their allegation.

When to use: For over-the-top accusations about normal similarities.

When NOT to use: If they feel insecure about style overlaps with friends. Tone down the snark.

#5: “Imitation May Be Flattering But Delusion Isn’t”

Ooh, the shade! This hilarious yet biting retort calls out their unfounded accusation while slyly suggesting emotional issues motivate the call-out. Throwing their “imitation is flattery” motto back cleverly highlights the irony.

When to use: Only for blatantly false claims from friends crossing boundaries.

When NOT to use: On sensitive people prone to hurt feelings. The sass could backfire. Tone it down!

#6: “So Liking This Band Makes Me Unoriginal But You Liking Them Doesn’t?”

Great skeptical comeback questioning their contradictory logic. Liking something THEY do doesn’t make THEM a copycat but somehow makes YOU one? Their hypocrisy is exposed.

When to use: When accused of copying interests friends actively share too.

When NOT to use: If the similarity feels like an intrusion on “their thing.” Discuss boundaries politely.

#7: “I’m Not Copying You, But Hope This Attention Makes You Feel Special!”

Oozing fake sweetness, this response calls out their cry for attention while reaffirming you aren’t copying. The kiss emoji adds cheeky insult to injury!

When to use: When the call-out seems like a desperate ploy for validation.

When NOT to use: With shy friends truly feeling overshadowed. The fake affection could worsen their discomfort.

#8: “Wait,YOU Have Hair Too?! I Need A New ‘Do ASAP!”

Ridiculous exaggeration highlighting flaws in the copycat claim by pretending sheer existence of hair means you both copied each other’s styles. Laughably exposes their lack of logic.

When to use: Any time you share innocuous similarities that don’t constitute copying.

When NOT to use: Situations involving touchy friends already joining cloning accusations. Sarcasm could damage the friendship here.

#9: “I Was Myself Before Meeting You But Thanks For Noticing!”

Cheeky response reaffirming your secure identity while slyly calling out their over-inflated view of their influence. The sweet tone makes this extra shady.

When to use: When old friends who know your long history accuse you of copying THEM. Subtly suggests only recent friends would believe that lie.

When NOT to use: With sensitive souls needing gentle compassion about feeling overlooked.

#10: “Imitation Isn’t My Thing…Must Be Yours Since You Clearly Know So Much About It!”

Hilarious rebuttal stating you don’t actually imitate while passive aggressively suggesting THEY possess that quality specifically. The awkward smiley really sells this sweet yet savage reaction!

When to use: After multiple copycat accusations from the same person obliviously describing themselves. Fight fire with fire!

When NOT to use: If said in genuine anger and without humor. Inflames tension instead of defusing drama.

How to Reply to Copycat Allegations from Girls

When responding to female friends or girls you’re interested in romantically, tread carefully with accusations of copying their style or personality. Many girls put deep self-expression into their fashion and interests. Copying feels like identity theft! Reassure them of your originality kindly but firmly.

5 Ways to Respond to Girls

  1. Apologize genuinely if any similarity feels like overstepping. Make amends without self-blame.
  2. Politely clarify assumptions while acknowledging their viewpoint. Misunderstandings happen.
  3. If humorously accused, reciprocate the playful teasing then reaffirm mutual interests.
  4. Avoid accusatory defenses. “You copied me first!” will escalate tensions.
  5. Stand your ground against false allegations but don’t get defensive. Calm confidence defuses overreactions.

Example reply:

“Jenna, I totally understand feeling protective of something stylistic that feels uniquely ‘you.’ I’d be upset too if I inspired someone close to me to copy everything I do! But I swear that isn’t what’s happening here. We just share some favorite brands and trends. You actually have WAY more daring style than me! I seriously admire your ability to pull off the edgiest looks. Maybe we could go shopping together sometime and help inspire each other?”

How to Reply to Copycat Allegations from Guys

For false accusations from male friends or rivals, good-natured bragging can mask the sting of being called unoriginal. Exude confidence that imitation is inevitable with trendsetters like you! Just don’t get overly competitive and turn it into a macho feud over who did what first. Keep it chill with casual rebuttals followed by casual subject changes.

5 Savvy Ways to Respond to Guys

  1. Laugh off the accusation and jokingly take it as a compliment on your trendsetting taste!
  2. Don’t take the bait if it seems like competitive trash talk. Shake it off with witty one-liners instead of defensiveness.
  3. If you suspect jealousy motivated the attack, subtly allude to that with humorous sympathy for their insecurity.
  4. Avoid turning it into a bigger confrontation over who influenced who. That backfires.
  5. Preempt future allegations by owning YOUR daring style and how it attracts imitation from lame copycats trying to be you! Exude confidence.

Example reply:

“Dude, I’m flattered you pay so much attention to my slick style that you think anyone rocking similar fits must be copying me! But nah, great minds just think alike. Plus there are only so many sick streetwear brands out there, overlaps happen. Anyway, enough about my legendary fashion influence! Did you catch the game last night?”

More Clever Responses

Stunned speechless when called a copycat? Use these creative comebacks to defend your honor while making accusers eat their words!

When Frenemies Accuse You

  1. Thanks for proudly announcing how closely you cyberstalk my life!
  2. Aww, feeling neglected? Accusing me of copying won’t make YOU more interesting.
  3. Ooh, projecting much? Don’t drag me into your identity crisis!
  4. I’d say imitation is flattery but delusions of grandeur aren’t cute.
  5. You ok sis? I suggest looking inward since this scream “I’m insecure!”

When Romantic Interests Accuse You

  1. Wow, comparing exes already? We just had our first date!
  2. Relax babe, having a type doesn’t make me a copycat!
  3. I dig you for YOU, not because you remind me of other girls!
  4. I’m inspired by you, not your predecessor. Give me some credit!
  5. I may have a type, but I still think for myself when choosing partners!

When Rivals Accuse You

  1. Don’t blame me cause your style’s so basic everyone copying it looks identical!
  2. Aww, feeling threatened? Don’t worry, you still look nothing like me!
  3. I set trends, not follow them. But keep obsessing over my originality!
  4. LOL thinks that uninspired outfit makes you qualified to assess MY creativity!
  5. You clearly crave the limelight. But accusing me won’t make people notice YOU more.


Unfair “copycat” allegations happen to free thinkers with admirable taste who unintentionally ruffle feathers. But deflecting the insult back on unselfaware accusers often brings the quickest clarity. For false claims, that is! When genuinely worried you mirrored someone too closely, apologize and discuss respectfully. Cultivating self-awareness helps navigate those conversations smoothly. But when baselessly called out, don’t tolerate others projecting their identity insecurities onto you!

Remember—cases of “great minds thinking alike” should be viewed as compliments, not crimes. Shared interests connect us. And overlapping styles are inevitable with limited trend options available.

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