How to Reply to One-Word Texts From Guys: 30 Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

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Sarah Koch


Getting a one-word text from a guy can be frustrating. You took the time to send him a thoughtful message, only to get a short, low-effort response in return. Should you call him out or let it go?

Here’s the truth: Guys don’t always realize they’re giving off rude “I don’t care” vibes with their one-word texts. They may genuinely be busy or distracted.

So before you react, consider giving them the benefit of the doubt first. If it becomes a pattern, then you can address it.

So without further ado, here are 30 amazing responses to one-word texts from guys that will either get him to step up his texting game, or make you laugh while you plan your slow fade…

30 Savage, Flirty And Witty Responses To One-Word Texts From Guys

It’s frustrating when you take the time to send a thoughtful message, only to get a one-word response back.

Here are 30 different ways to respond – some playful, some that call him out, and others that put the ball back in his court:

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As you can see, you have lots of options for handling lame one-word texts from guys!

Some are gentle call-outs, some blast him for his lack of effort, and others flirt back while still requesting more input from him.

Choose whichever suits your situation – just try not to ghost him altogether without an explanation. Always give someone a chance to redeem themselves unless they’ve outright harassed you or something.

Hilarious Responses To One-Word Texts

Getting yet another one-word reply when you took the time to send a thoughtful message can be annoying. While you don’t want to overreact, a playful call-out never hurts!

Here are some hilarious ways to respond that gently let him know you expect more effort:

Sarcastic Comebacks

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Playful Teasing

Humorous Exaggerations

As you can see, funny responses can force a guy to reflect on his crappy texting habits without being overly confrontational.

So next time you get another eyeroll-inducing one-word reply even though you took the time to text him a thoughtful question or story, refer to this list!

These exaggerated, sarcastic and teasing responses should inspire him to step up his texting game…or at least make you laugh!

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Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

While all of the previous responses can work wonders, I wanted to highlight our 10 absolute favorite ways to handle one-word texts from guys:

Look I’m going to need sentences, not just lone words!

This playfully but directly calls out his lame one-word response while still keeping things light. It gets right to the point without being overly confrontational.

When To Use: When he consistently responds with one-word answers and you want to gently highlight that it’s an issue without attacking him.

When NOT To Use: If it’s the first time he’s done a one-word response or you actually want to start drama.

“So should I take this 1-word response as disinterest or…?”

This response puts the ball back in his court without directly accusing him of not caring. It may inspire him to step up if he actually IS interested in you.

When To Use: When you suspect he might not be that interested based on his low effort responses.

When NOT To Use: If you know he’s definitely interested but just sucks at texting.

“WOW, don’t wear yourself out responding in novel-length texts now!”

A little exaggerated sarcasm can inject humor into the situation and highlight the ridiculousness of his one-word response compared to your longer message.

When To Use: When you want to call out his low effort while keeping things playful.

When NOT To Use: If sarcasm tends to create drama or confusion with this particular guy.

“Your messaging skills could use some work.”

Short, direct but non-confrontational. Hints that you expect more effort without attacking him.

When To Use: When you want to provide constructive feedback that he needs to improve his texting habits.

When NOT To Use: If you know he is really sensitive to criticism or calling out.

“I think my great aunt types faster than you and she’s 92.”

Poking fun at the speed vs. thoughtfulness ratio can highlight the low effort without being directly confrontational.

When To Use: When you want a humorous response that still hints you expect more effort from him.

When NOT To Use: If making fun of slow responders genuinely hurts his feelings.

“Clearly someone is feeling wordy today!”

Good-natured teasing gently presses him to realize you expect more than a one-word throwaway response.

When To Use: When you want to voice expectations while keeping things fun and positive.

When NOT To Use: If he is overly sensitive to teasing or criticism about his communication skills.

“Wanna try that response again with a little more effort?”

Politely and directly asking for more effort without anger or confrontation.

When To Use: When you think a gentle nudge in the right direction will work better than calling out his low effort.

When NOT To Use: If he responds badly to even polite requests or criticism.

“Let’s play a little game called use more words, shall we?”

Gently forces him to realize one-word responses won’t suffice without being overtly pushy. Has a playful, lighthearted tone while still pressing for more effort.

When To Use: When you want to directly address the low effort without aggressive confrontation or accusations.

When NOT To Use: When ultimatums of ANY kind tend to backfire with this person.

“Good talk!”

Snarky but subtle. Sarcastically “compliments” the quality of your one-sided chat. Makes the point without long call-outs.

When To Use: When you want a sarcastic but concise response. Gets your frustration across in just 2 words.

When NOT To Use: If he completely misses sarcasm/satire and might take it as a genuine compliment.

“Quick, someone check this guy’s pulse based on that response!”

Exaggerated humor comparing his response to something from a bored, disengaged or possibly dead person. Hilarious slight if he can take a joke.

When To Use: When an over-the-top sarcastic response feels right.

When NOT To Use: He’ll think you actually believe he’s uninterested instead of just making a joke.

Wrapping Up One-Word Conversations

At the end of the day, you can’t force someone else to text you with thought, effort and care. The ball is in their court. But by responding strategically, you can highlight when more initiative on their part is needed in a relationship.

Hopefully these ideas, ranging from playful to gently assertive, help prevent lackluster one-word responses from killing conversational chemistry. Just try not to obsess over every less-than-stellar text either!

At a certain point, it’s up to the other person to take the hint and offer responses more worthy of your mental energy and time. Good luck!

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