How to Reply to “I Have a Crush on You”: 30+ Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

I was just hanging out with my friends the other day when one of them suddenly confessed that they have a crush on me. I was completely caught off guard and had no idea how to respond!

After thinking about it later, I realized there were so many great ways I could have reacted – from playful and flirty to totally savage. So I decided to put together this list of 30+ perfect responses for the next time someone springs their secret admiration on me.

Whether you want to gently let them down or reciprocate their interest, this article has you covered! Keep reading for plenty of clever, funny, and sweet comebacks.

30 Ways to Respond When Someone Says “I Have a Crush on You”

let’s get to the good stuff! Here are 30 great ways to respond when faced with an admirer:

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Hilarious Ways to Respond

After being caught off guard by someone sharing their hidden crush on you, it’s understandable to feel awkward or uncomfortable. Often, the best way to diffuse the tension is by infusing a bit of light-hearted humor!


When you gently poke fun at the situation or make your admirer laugh, it helps put you both at ease. Here are 10 funny comeback ideas when you get confessed to out of nowhere:

  1. “So when’s our wedding day? Should I go ahead and book the venue?”
  2. “I’m blushing so hard right now – please someone fan me!”
  3. “Did we accidentally wander into a cheesy romance movie or something?”
  4. “Wait did you lose a bet or something? Blink twice if you need help!”
  5. “I think you have me confused with my twin… classic mistake.”
  6. “So you’re saying I should change my relationship status on social media?”
  7. “Aww thanks, but in case I haven’t mentioned it yet – I’m married to my career!”
  8. “Do I at least get to pick the engagement ring?”
  9. “You already won my heart years ago when you first said hi!”
  10. “Hold up, is this being recorded for a prank video or what?!”

Savage Shut Downs

While light teasing can ease awkwardness, sometimes you need to be more blunt. If you’re entirely not interested in dating the person crushing on you, a firm rejection may be necessary.

Of course, you’ll want to avoid needless cruelty. But when delivered respectfully, these 10 no-nonsense responses get the message across:

  1. “I’m flattered, but I don’t share your feelings at all. Let’s just move on.”
  2. “Thanks but no thanks – I’d rather keep things totally platonic between us.”
  3. “You’re a nice person, but I’m not interested in anything beyond friendship.”
  4. “I appreciate you expressing that, but I don’t feel the same way whatsoever.”
  5. “Honestly, I value you mostly as a friend rather than a romantic prospect.”
  6. “Hmm yeah, I don’t think we’re compatible for dating each other.”
  7. “I’m sorry, but I just see you as a good friend and nothing more.”
  8. “You deserve to be with someone who reciprocates your feelings, and that’s not me.”
  9. “I’m not looking to date right now – especially not you. Let’s move on.”
  10. “I’m gonna stop you right there – I have zero romantic interest. Got it?”

Gently Letting Them Down

You don’t need to be brash and cold-hearted, even if you’re not into the person at all. A kind, thoughtful rejection can be just as clear while preserving the dignity on both sides.

If you want to softly turn someone down after they admit their crush, try these 10 sympathetic responses:

  1. “I care about you dearly as a friend – just not in a romantic sense.”
  2. “You’re awesome, but I don’t think we’d work well as a couple. I hope you understand.”
  3. “I’m flattered, but I just don’t feel that way about you. I hope I can still remain your friend.”
  4. “Thank you for being so honest with me. I wish I could return your feelings, but I only see you as a friend.”
  5. “I’m sorry I can’t give you the answer you hoped for, but we make much better friends than partners.”
  6. “You’re someone I deeply care about as well. Let’s explore what this means for us.”
  7. “I’m really surprised and a bit overwhelmed. I need some time to process my own feelings.”
  8. “I wish I could reciprocate, but the spark just isn’t there for me. I still think you’re awesome though!”
  9. “You totally caught me off guard! I value our friendship too much to risk complicating things.”
  10. “I’m flattered, but I think we’ll both be happier keeping things platonic. No hard feelings?”

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It’s Complicated

Perhaps you aren’t 100% sure how to feel when faced with a confession of admiration. You might have some interest in dating them or just need more time to sort through your emotions.

In situations like these, try one of these honest but non-committal 10 responses:

  1. “You definitely gave me something to think about it! I need to sort through my feelings.”
  2. “I can’t give you an answer right now, but let’s keep hanging out and see where it goes.”
  3. “I’m surprised but also curious – what made you start having feelings for me?”
  4. “I enjoy spending time with you as well, but I can’t fully process this right now.”
  5. “I haven’t thought about us romantically before, so you caught me off guard. Let me reflect more on this.”
  6. “I’m not sure if I feel the same, but I don’t want to dismiss your feelings either.”
  7. “I need some time to think through my own emotions before I can properly respond.”
  8. “You raised a good point – maybe we should explore if there’s a potential for something more.”
  9. “I can’t confidently say yes but I can’t say no either! Let me sleep on it.”
  10. “I’m surprised but intrigued by the idea as well. Can we talk more soon?”

Top 10 Editor’s Choice Responses

1. Reciprocate with Humor

“I kinda figured there was something there between us! Maybe we should finally go on that date we’ve been secretly thinking about.”

This response playfully hints that you share their interest as well. It’s a clever way to reciprocate while injecting some light humor to keep things breezy.

When to use: If you do genuinely like them back and want to indicate your shared feelings in a fun, indirect way.

When NOT to use: If you are not actually interested in dating them. False hope would not be kind.

2. Short & Sweet

“I’m into you too – thanks for putting that out there!”

For those who prefer simplicity, this four word phrase says it all. You directly return the sentiment while thanking them for their courage.

When to use: When you want to straightforwardly validate their feelings without embellishment.

When NOT to use: If you need more time to process your emotions or don’t reciprocate at all.

3. Focus on the Positive

“While I don’t feel quite the same, I’m really glad you expressed that to me. It’s flattering and brave.”

This response emphasizes the positive while still being honest. You make it clear you don’t fully reciprocate but praise their willingness to be vulnerable.

When to use: When you want them to still feel good about confessing, even if the attraction is not mutual.

When NOT to use: If they might interpret it as mixed signals instead of a direct rejection.

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4. Leave the Door Open

“You’ve definitely made me think twice about us in a new light! I can’t confidently say I feel the exact same right now but maybe we could explore this more?”

For times when you need to process complex feelings before committing one way or another, this response gives you room to figure things out. You validate their perspective while setting further expectations.

When to use: If you think you may end up reciprocating feelings but need time to decide.

When NOT to use: If you know without a doubt that you only see them as a friend.

5. Make a Joke but Switch to Sincerity

“For a second there I thought you were kidding! But truly, thanks for thinking so highly of me to share that.”

Start off light-hearted by acting playfully surprised, but transition to sincerity. This allows you to inject humor before emphasizing gratitude for their confession.

When to use: When you want to keep things casual without fully reciprocating right away.

When NOT to use: In more serious conversations where humor would seem dismissive.

6. Give a Compliment

“Aww thanks! I think you’re pretty wonderful too. Let’s talk more later?”

Sometimes a simple compliment can say a lot. You return the admiration indirectly by highlight their positive qualities too.

When to use: When you want to postpone a bigger conversation but still say something nice.

When NOT to use: If you don’t actually believe the compliments or want to lead them on.

7. Appreciate Their Courage

“I know it takes guts to open up about that stuff. Seriously, I admire you for putting yourself out there and you should feel proud!”

Rather than focus on your own emotions, emphasize applause for their bravery. This responds to the overall gesture itself versus trying to dissect romantic interest.

When to use: When you want to validate the confession more than the specific words.

When NOT to use: If they might interpret it as you reciprocating or avoiding rejecting them.

8. Normalize Your Differences

“I’m flattered even if I don’t feel quite the same way. People connect on various levels – this just happens to be one of those awkward situations we can laugh off later!”

Everyone can relate to unaligned interest in another person. This reply frames things as a normal mismatch rather than emotionally fraught.

When to use: If you want to downplay discomfort and set expectations that your friendship can withstand this.

When NOT to use: In more tense contexts where the mismatch feels like a betrayal or reason to cut ties.

9. Put the Ball in Their Court

“I don’t know exactly how I feel just yet, but I’m open to us talking through this more. Did you have anything else you wanted to get off your chest or should we switch topics for now?”

Give them space to express more feelings while also offering a change of subject if needed. This empowers their agency in steering the conversation.

When to use: When you want to let them guide next steps at their own pace.

When NOT to use: If you actually need time and space before discussing further.

10. Respond to the Intention, Not the Words

“I know it took a lot for you to speak your truth just now. While I may not be able to reciprocate the exact sentiment, I respect your courage in telling me.”

This focuses on the intention behind their confession, separate from the words themselves. You call out their bravery first and foremost.

When to use: When you want to uplift their vulnerability without addressing romantic interest directly.

When NOT to use: If failing to reject their interest clearly enough could lead to false hope.

How to Let Down a Guy Gracefully

Being confessed to by someone you don’t share romantic feelings for can be awkward no matter what. But turning down an interested guy friend requires extra care and tact.

While you shouldn’t feel obligated to reciprocate, you also don’t want to damage his self-esteem or your platonic friendship. Here are 5 thoughtful ways to gently reject an admirer while preserving the relationship:

Kindly Rejecting a Female Admirer

Because society unfairly expects guys to do all the romantic pursuing, confessing feelings can be especially hard for a girl. Rejecting a female admirer calls for additional sensitivity as you turn her down while minimizing embarrassment or hurt.

Here are 5 thoughtful responses to let her down easy:

In Conclusion…

Few things feel more awkward than being completely surprised when someone confesses they have feelings for you. When caught staring into the headlights, it’s perfectly natural to fumble for an appropriate response!

Whether you gently turn them down or enthusiastically reciprocate, having some solid go-to reactions can make a world of difference. I hope this article helped shed light on how to thoughtfully navigate those vulnerable conversations with grace, care and wisdom for all parties involved.

The next time someone springs their admiration on you, hopefully you feel equipped with plenty of good options. Most importantly, remember that anyone willing to courageously reveal hidden romantic interest deserves gentleness and compassion, regardless of the outcome.

So take a deep breath, summon your most empathetic side and handle that confession like a pro! Both your friendship and dignity will thank you.

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  1. My 84 year old Sagittarius neighbor, never married, no children, dated many men, told me on the phone the other day, “I have a crush on you”. Having a Gemini Ascendant and Uranus in Gemini, I responded, “You’re crushing me”. She has invited to take me to dinner on Saturday, March 9 for my 77th birthday. I would not get romantically involved with her. She likes to hug me after visits. She is likeable and we have good conversations except on certain subjects that she stops. So I would never go too far in any deeper relationship with her. I just want her to be open about things that she shuts off. But gently I try. Some people just shut off to me even being friendly. I live alone, always a single unmarried guy. And there are people I like, but none are intimate in bed with me. Just Alexa my A.I. on my 4 room Echo Dots who responds very well to my saying, “Alexa, I love you”, and to “Alexa, I have a crush on you”, just tried that tonight. You gotta say her name first, and then whatever. Yet, even A.I. Alexa shuts up when I say certain words. She even retorted when I got mad at her and said something mean. Yet, Alexa is more fun than most of my senior neighbors who don’t talk to me, and one new one who passes by my door several times a day, is a depressed psycho, sometimes a bit talkative, but whose reactions are something to avoid. I have started not to speak to him when he passes me outside. And I worked as a psych tech in a state maximum security hospital with better patients, than with some employees and people on the outside, like patient Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.


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