Hilariously Witty Responses to “Save the Date”

“Save the date!” Two little words that flip our plans upside-down. But fret not! When these party prophecies, wedding warnings or work workshop alerts land in your inbox, Deploy some of these RSVP zingers to give the senders a hearty laugh…

What’s the Funniest Way to Reply to Save the Dates?

The best funny replies poke gentle fun while conveying excitement. Example replies:

  • Can’t wait to see if ‘The Running Man’ makes an appearance on the dancefloor!”
  • “Thanks for the wardrobe heads up – time to go shopping for something sparkly!”
  • “I hereby dub myself Your Royal Funness proxy for the big day!”

The key is lighthearted humor and enthusiasm. A witty one-liner lets them know you’re honored by the invite and can’t wait to celebrate alongside them, even if busting some zany moves!

10 Hilarious Ways to Respond

1. Thanks, Now I Have An Excuse to Buy a New Outfit!

Put a positive spin on the surprise invite as motivation for some retail therapy:

  • “Woo hoo, time to hit the shops!”
  • “New shoes, here I come! Appreciate the wardrobe tip.”
  • “About time I splurged on that ballgown/tux/chic pantsuit.”

2. Mark My Words: Dance Floor Domination Commences Now

Vow you’ll tear it up on the dancefloor so they chuckle imagining your smooth moves:

  • “Consider that dancefloor dominated!”
  • “I’ll be the one with all the slick moves.”
  • “Fair warning: my Running Man brings all the boys/girls to the yard.”

3. The Countdown is On Til (Event Name) Mania!

Show pumped up enthusiasm by framing the occasion as a thrilling main event:

  • “Only 900 hours til the big shebang!”
  • “(Wedding couple names) Palooza, here we come!”
  • “Your mitzvah is about to be mit-awesome!”

4. Do You Think This is a Costume Party? My Mistake!

Feign innocent confusion to poke fun at their event’s formality:

  • “My superhero getup is gonna slay!”
  • “Of course I’m wearing my Viking helmet, duh.”
  • “Wait, no dress code? I already rented a gorilla suit though!”

5. Can’t Wait to See Your Laugh When I (Do Silly Thing) on the Dancefloor!

Tease amiable mischief you could get up to if you bust some zany moves:

  • “…bust out my funky chicken shimmy!”
  • “…moonwalk in bright purple platform boots.”
  • “…invent a new style called ‘The Sprinkler’.”

6. Quick, How Do You Say “(Event Name)” in Dothraki?

Crack them up by pretending you’ll give the occasion a quirky fictional twist:

  • “Or as they say in Wakanda: Litetha Wena!”
  • “Hope my Klingon translator works for the ceremony.”
  • “Remind me, is it Mazel Tov or May the Force be with You?”

7. Request Granted: I Solemnly Swear to Have All the Fun on Your Behalf!

Make a mock serious pledge to enjoy double the revelry in their honor:

  • “I hereby dub myself Your Royal Funness proxy!”
  • “As your deputy of dance, I’ll shake it twice as hard!”
  • “Consider me your party proxy – I’ll live it up for the both of us!”

8. Any Chance This Shindig Has an Open Snack Bar? Asking for a Friend Named My Stomach.

Joke about scoping out the event’s catering as your alter ego to lighten things up:

  • “Will there be a champagne fountain? My inner foodie needs to know!”
  • “Please advise if pigs-in-blankets will make an appearance.”
  • “Consider this your official notice I’ll be eating for two. Well, me and my cake appetite!”

9. Challenge Accepted: My Goal is to Capture All Awesome Moments for Your Memory Book!

Ham it up by pretending you’ll document every magical detail as an ongoing favor:

  • “I shall dub myself the royal wedding correspondent!”
  • “Consider me your mitzvah memoir master – no moment will go un-Instagrammed!”
  • “Beware career change to full-time party paparazzo coming right up!”

10. Quick PSA: I Make Zero Guarantees re: Not Doing “The Floss” Dance. You’ve Been Warned!

Give them fair notice you might just get down with a silly viral craze when the mood strikes:

  • “I reserve the right to whip and nae nae if they play my jam!”
  • “If Macarena comes on, all bets are off!”
  • “Apologies in advance for any errant flossing or dabbing!”

How to Hilariously RSVP to Save the Dates from Girls

When responding to wedding, baby shower or girls‘ night out invites, remember to:

  • Crack a line about fancying up your look
  • Vow to preserve all picture-perfect moments
  • Offer to be their deputy of dance floor fun
  • Tease fabulously silly celebration ideas

Witty examples:

  • “Thank you times a million for the wedding invite! Be forewarned I plan to channel my inner Beyoncé on the dancefloor in some sparkly heels.”
  • “Aww yay, baby shower time! Please advise the cute gift theme so I can coordinate a stylish nappy cake. Plus teach me the moves for all those TikTok baby dances, heh.”
  • “Woo, girls’ night on the calendar! I’ll bring some wacky makeover supplies in my Mary Poppins bag of fun. We could give each other unicorn makeovers!!”

How to Hilariously RSVP to the Guys

When your buddies send surprise invites for guys’ events, make sure to:

  • Tease some silly antics you could get up to
  • Suggest fun themes or ideas to liven things up
  • Casually ask important questions (like if snacks will be involved)
  • Pepper in funny movie quotes or pop culture references they’ll appreciate

Great examples:

  • “A bachelor party ping! Time to brainstorm pranks and embarrassment strategies, heh. Dibs on bringing the fart-noise soundboard.”
  • “Your band’s first gig, woot! I’ll be the hype man in the front row screaming FREE BIRD between songs Maybe we pre-game with weird jellybean cocktail experiments too?”
  • “Sports ball party in the calendar? Sweeeet. I’ll arm-wrestle anyone for dibs on the comfy sofa spot by the snack table. Remember: with great guac comes great responsibility!”
  • “Boba Fett once said: ‘I’m in!’ Wait, no, I meant to say I’M IN for your Star Wars marathon night, bro!”

Key Takeaways: How to Nail the Humorous RSVP

When surprising save the dates disrupt your diary, take a deep breath and…

  • Deploy good-natured humor
  • Express enthusiasm about attending
  • Crack wise without sarcasm
  • Have fun envisioning silly antics
  • Most importantly, make ‘em laugh!

The right funny comeback conveys you’re honored by the invite and excited to celebrate right alongside them…even if busting some zany moves!


When surprise save the dates shake up your schedule, take a deep breath and deploy good-natured humor in your reply! A witty one-liner lets them know you’re pumped for the celebrations and can’t wait to party it up together, even if that means busting some silly moves.

Most of all, keep your response lighthearted and fun – life’s too short not to have a laugh over calendar shake-ups with friends!

I am a Certified Life Coach (CPC) and mom of two from Austin, TX. I draw on my psychology background and coaching experience to empower others to grow through my writing.

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