Hilarious Comebacks for “Great Minds Think Alike” 19+ Prefect Responses

What do you say when someone trots out the cliché “great minds think alike”? This tired phrase comes up whenever you share the same idea. But it gets old fast.

Luckily, we have some savvy responses when that platitude strikes again! In this post, we’ll explore funny comebacks to revive a stale conversation.

What’s the Best Reply for “Great Minds Think Alike”?

The best response depends on the situation. With friends joking around, a clever quip like “Jinx – you owe me a soda!” or “Shh! Don’t reveal my secret genius!” can get some laughs.

In professional settings, it’s safer to politely agree with “So true” or “Yes, indeed.” This avoids risk of offense with a zinger. Read the room first before cracking wise.

10 Snappy Comebacks for “Great Minds Think Alike”

1. Quick, say something new before we get stuck in a loop!

Humorously implies your brains risk getting stuck repeating the same thoughts if you continue “thinking alike.” Some follow-up lines:

  • “Let’s shake things up in here!”
  • “I’m breaking us out of this mental rut!”

2. Please, save the sweet talk for someone else Romeo!

Playfully brushes off their platitude as over-the-top flattery. Works well for guy friends. Follow up with:

  • “I might swoon over here, you charmer!”
  • “Buy me dinner first Casanova!”

3. Hey now, no need to butter me up!

Faux-accuses them of using flattery to soften you up and get their way somehow. Continue with:

  • “I’m already helping you move next weekend!”
  • “You had me at ‘hello’ – no excessive praise needed!”

4. Such originality!

This dripping sarcasm calls out the lack of originality in trotting out this tired saying yet again. Then zing them more with:

  • “Gold star for most cliché phrase ever!”
  • “Et tu, Brute? So disappointing!”

5. Aww, we’re like mental twinsies!

An over-the-top, playful way to point out you strangely had the same thought. Good for a laugh. Follow up with:

  • Quick – say ‘jinx’ so you owe me a soda!
  • “We could start a psychic hotline together!”

6. Yikes, too much mind-melding today!

Humorously accuses them of somehow manufacturing this mental similarity. Then tease more:

  • “Are you hijacking my brain waves right now?”
  • “Have you bugged my house and stolen this idea?”

7. Eh, I wouldn’t call that a great idea…

Throwing a little shade back by downplaying the quality of the shared idea itself. Then continue ribbing with:

  • “It’s decent, I guess?”
  • “My cat might’ve thought of that first!”

8. Nice! High-five for basic brains!

Diminishes the “great minds” phrase by suggesting you both just have average mental capacity in this instance. Extra zingers:

  • “We’d need way smarter thoughts for ‘great minds’ status!”
  • “My 3rd grader makes deeper connections than that!”

9. Aw, you noticed! Where were you when I was failing algebra?

Humorously self-deprecating reply implying you’ve never had a “great mind.” Follow up with:

  • “Seriously, I could’ve used the ego boost back in 10th grade math!”
  • “Heartwarming, but my chess game says otherwise!”

10. Omg, let’s write a sitcom about our mental hijinks!

Wildly suggests you turn this moment of shared thinking into a cheesy buddy comedy TV show concept. Extra lines:

  • “Hilarity ensues when we team up to fight crime psychically!”
  • “By day we share thoughts, by night we bring crooks to justice!”

Comebacks When Girls Say It

Girls tend to appreciate light ribbing between friends rather than humiliating takedowns.

Friendly comebacks for her:

  • “You stole that from my brain didn’t you!”
  • “Oh wow, a psychic too? My other powers aren’t safe now…”

Getting bold:

  • “First the Wonder Twins, now we need cheesy buddy cop names!”
  • “Please, such excessive flattery! fans self

Funny Responses When Guys Say It

Guys generally welcome more mocking and edgy banter among buddies. But steer clear of cutting personal jokes here.

Zingers to try on him:

  • “Easy Romeo! Buy me dinner first before the sweet talk!”
  • “Look who became a charmer all of a sudden!”

Going further for guy friends:

  • “Working hard to butter me up today huh?”
  • “Down boy, that mushy flattery might work on your girlfriend!”

Key Comeback Takeaways

1. Assess their tone first

Are they joking too or just making a platitude? Don’t get too cheeky with strangers.

2. Watch response impact

Facial expressions and laughs make it clear you’re just bantering, not actually offended.

3. Poke fun playfully

Tease lightly without insulting their intellect or putting them down.

Last Laugh on “Great Minds Think Alike”

Having some irreverent comebacks ready can revive tired “great minds think alike” comments. Just remember to keep it friendly!

The right playful quip or zinger shows quick wit at this cliché’s expense. Our list arms you with ways to get the last laugh when that overused phrase comes out yet again!

So put these snappy retorts in your back pocket for the next time someone trots out this mindless saying. The surprise and chuckle in response will be priceless!

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