Comebacks When Someone Calls You Poor: 30+ Witty And Savage Responses

Being called poor can be hurtful. It makes you feel small and inadequate. If someone calls you poor, how should you respond? With a clever comeback, of course!

I still remember that day in high school when the rich kid mocked me for not having the latest iPhone. At the time, I had no good comeback and felt embarrassed. That’s why I decided to make this list of savage responses – so you’ll always be prepared if someone calls you poor.

Below I’ve shared over 30 witty and hilarious replies for any situation where someone insults you about money. Ranging from funny one-liners to snarky comebacks, these will put that jerk in their place!

30+ Comebacks for When Someone Calls You Poor

Before jumping in, here’s a quick tip:

  • The best responses playfully flip the insult back on them.
  • Point out how they’re the one obsessed with money and material things.
  • Remind them there’s more to life than being rich!

Now, let’s start:

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So next time some jerk calls you poor, flip the script and put them in their place with these savage responses! Remember, money doesn’t define your worth. You’ve got this!

Funny Comebacks


We all enjoy a good laugh. So when someone calls you poor, it helps to respond with some funny one-liners! Not only does it catch them off guard, but humor totally defuses tense situations.

Here are 10 hilarious comebacks that will leave them eating their words:

  • I may be poor, but your face is downright broke!
  • Thanks for the update. I’ll be sure to consult you next time I need info on my bank account balance.
  • Aw how cute, you memorized my account balance! Someone must be obsessed with little ol’ me.
  • If I had a dollar for every brain cell you’re missing, I wouldn’t be so poor now would I?
  • I’m not saying you’re dumb, but…wait, no, that’s exactly what I’m saying.
  • Awkward moment when a walking trust fund cliché tries to trash talk my financial situation.
  • Tell me, does butt kissing rich people count as cardio or just a hobby?
  • Shall I call you my rich sugar daddy now or do you prefer the term “privileged trust fund brat”?
  • If money could buy class, you’d still be scraping the bottom of the barrel sweetie.
  • For someone supposedly so wealthy, you’re lacking some serious riches in the personality department.

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As you can see, responding with some light-hearted sarcasm or self-deprecating humor can catch people off guard and take them down a peg.

Now let’s turn up the intensity a notch with…

Savage Comebacks

If subtle jabs don’t get your point across, go straight for the jugular with these biting replies! Fair warning though – the following savage responses pull NO punches.

Continue partying hard on that moral high ground and feel free to unleash these beasts at will:

  • Says the one born on third base bragging like they hit a triple. Sit down and check your privilege.
  • Must suck realizing money can’t buy basic human decency after all.
  • Just because daddy buys you toys doesn’t mean real adults have to respect you. Grow up.
  • I’d give you a nasty look right now but you’ve already got one permanently plastered on your ugly personality.
  • If I ever need financial advice from someone living off daddy’s money, I’ll be sure to look you up.
  • Oh I’m sorry, I can’t hear your bullshit over the deafening silence where your accomplishments should be.
  • Being called poor by an arrogant douchecanoe means nothing. Now run along back to your vapid hole.
  • Awww, was no one there to teach wittle baby manners growing up? Cute tantrum, now buzz off.
  • I know money is all you’ve got going for you in life, but the rest of us have actual personalities to fall back on.
  • Please keep talking and reminding me why people like you are just stomped-on dirt compared to the rest of humanity.

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Top 10 Editor’s Choice Comebacks

After combing through dozens of witty, biting, and hilarious responses, we picked our 10 absolute favorite comebacks for any situation where someone calls you poor. Drumroll please…

1. I May Be Poor, But You’re Worthless

This straight-to-the-point slam dunk says it all. Remind them that money has nothing to do with human decency or self-worth.

When to use: This ruthless one-liner is perfect for someone especially snooty who you want to take down a peg (or ten).

When NOT to use: If said sincerely, this could deeply hurt someone’s feelings or self-esteem. Only break out for the worst snobs.

2. At Least I’m Rich in Things That Matter

Ooof, talk about flipping the script! This clever comeback reminds them what actually matters in life.

When to use: For pretentious people flaunting wealth. This highlights their lack of what’s important.

When NOT to use: Go for a more light-hearted clap back if you think the person may be going through personal troubles.

3. I Pity Anyone Who Measures Self-Worth by Money

This savage response sheds light on the fact they must base everything on cash to insult you like that.

When to use: When you suspect underlying issues with the person’s self-image or happiness. This cuts deep fast.

When NOT to use: Maybe too harsh for a casual money insult from an otherwise good friend.

4. At Least I Have a Personality

Wrecked! This hilariously calls out how money can’t buy a winning personality.

When to use: For spoiled rich kids or cocky suits flaunting wealth to feel superior. Clap back hard!

When NOT to use: Go easy with self-deprecating humor for loved ones reluctantly making snide remarks.

5. I Guess Money Can’t Buy Manners

This is the perfect response to tactlessly rude behavior. It highlights the flaw in their priorities.

When to use: When attacked unprompted by a wealthy person. This is a clever yet cutting wake-up call.

When NOT to use: For folks making an innocent faux pas. This one cuts deep so wield carefully.

6. Says More About You Than Me

Ouch, talk about hitting close to home! This redirects the insult right back at them.

When to use: Great for subtle condescending remarks. This makes them reflect on their own issues.

When NOT to use: During heated arguments. Will likely ramp up fire instead of extinguishing it.

7. At Least I Know How to Treat People with Respect

Mic drop! This reminds them money is no substitute for class and values.

When to use: Perfect for folks thinking wealth permits rude or entitled behavior. Shut it down!

When NOT to use: On those sincerely trying to learn or grow. This assumes attack, not ignorance.

8. I’ll Pray for You

Ha! This response makes a dig at their attitude while taking the high road.

When to use: For folks making continuous petty comments about money/status. Says everything without needing to say more.

When NOT to use: When conversation is calm. Could be seen as passive aggressive instead of light-hearted.

9. Bless Your Heart

This subtle Southernism sarcastically sympathizes when no sympathy exists. Savage!

When to use: Condescending wealthy folks in need of a reality check pronto. This delivers that in spades.

When NOT to use: Northern friends unfamiliar with the phrase. Also avoid around genuinely distressed people.

10. I Prefer My Poverty to Your Company

Snarky, sassy, and savage! This comeback always leaves mouths agape.

When to use: Pretentious snobs constantly flaunting status and wealth. Delivers whiplash!

When NOT to use: Venomous exes trying to get a rise out of you post-breakup. Will escalate issues.

And there you have ’em – our top 10 editor-approved, battle-tested responses for when money-flaunting jerks start popping off about your bank account. Consider yourself prepared for any “poor” comment life throws your way!

How to Reply to a Girl

If a girl calls you poor, resist the urge to retaliate in anger. Female friends may tease about money from a place of compassion. If tensions seem high, gently remind her that your worth isn’t defined by wealth. Appeal to her kind heart – she may share great money-saving tips too!

However, react differently if a spoiled, entitled girl throws around privilege and wealth entitlement. In those cases:

  • Use self-deprecating humor. Say you can’t afford a private jet either or ask to borrow her credit card. Playful sarcasm calls out her privilege without cruelty.
  • Remind her of what matters. Note money can’t buy happiness, integrity, or real relationships. She may realize her mistake.
  • Set boundaries. Clearly tell her comments about your means make you uncomfortable. True friends will understand.

How to Reply to a Guy

When a guy picks on perceived poverty, it often ties to toxic masculinity and feeling powerful. Shut down cruel jokes by targeting that fragility.

  • Use snarky comebacks. “Let me write this down as I clearly need financial guidance from such a mature and intelligent person” drips condescension.
  • Highlight what you DO have. Talk about loving friends/family, fulfilling hobbies, acts of service, or talents he lacks.
  • Remind him money ≠ manliness. Note that compassion and emotional intelligence make “real” men. His insult shows immaturity.

When Friends Comment

Close friends occasionally joke around too. Before reacting, consider whether their intent seems malicious.

For good-natured ribbing, laugh it off too or return the sass. Say you’ll grab drinks “once my welfare check clears.”

But pull real friends aside if comments consistently bother you. Calmly communicating feelings strengthens true connections.

For “frenemies” making backhanded compliments about money – kill ‘em with kindness! It drives them crazy.

When Family Members Make Remarks

Families have complex emotional ties, so think before reacting to relatives. Are they lashing out during a tough financial season or voicing harmless ignorance?

If Aunt Betty means no ill will saying, “Must be nice not to pay taxes!”, just smile and switch topics. But do correct her privately later.

For intentionally hurtful comments, don’t retaliate immediately. Wait until tensions fade, then explain your perspective. If efforts fail, limit time with consistently toxic relatives.

The high road prevents burning key bridges. But remember – just because someone’s family doesn’t permit verbal abuse.

In Conclusion

As demonstrated above, the perfect comeback depends greatly on context – who insulted you and their intent.

While our witty responses can definitely come in handy for shutting down sincere poverty-shaming, the high road may better nurture existing relationships in some cases too.

But regardless of how you choose to respond, never let others diminish your self-worth over financial standing. We all offer unique gifts making us worthy of dignity and respect.

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