Best Responses to ‘You’re Too Good to Be True’

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Sarah Koch


So, imagine this: You’re on a date, a conversation is flowing smoothly, and then, boom! Out of nowhere, your date looks at you with sparkly eyes and drops the classic line: “You’re too good to be true.”

Whoa. Immediate brain freeze.

You start wondering, “Is this a compliment, a hidden agenda, or are they about to sign me up for a reality TV show?”

Kidding, kidding… but seriously, what do you say to that?

Before you dive headfirst into a Shakespearean soliloquy about your virtues and flaws, let’s break down some witty, heartfelt, and downright cheeky ways to respond to this overused swoon-inducing statement. Stick with me and you’ll master the art of not just surviving but thriving in these situations!

Humorous Responses

“Well, I do moonlight as a superhero.”

Okay, maybe not literally, but this approach injects humor and shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s perfect for lightening the mood.

Example Replies

  • “Clearly, you haven’t seen me try to cook!”
  • “Trust me, I have secret flaws—like an addiction to late-night infomercials.”
  • “Only on Tuesdays under a full moon.”

Sincere Responses

“Thank you, that’s really sweet of you.”

Sometimes, simple and sincere is the way to go. Just say thank you and accept the compliment.

Example Replies

  • “That’s probably the nicest thing someone has said to me.”
  • “You just made my day, honestly.”
  • “That means a lot coming from you.”

Self-Deprecating Responses

“Haha, you should see me before coffee!”

Making fun of yourself in a light-hearted manner can make you more relatable and approachable.

Example Replies

  • “I’m also really good at leaving socks all over the house.”
  • “Don’t let first impressions fool you!”
  • “Catch me before my Monday meeting; you’ll rethink that.’

Playfully Mysterious Responses

“Oh, you have no idea!”

A bit of mystery never hurt anyone. This reply keeps them guessing and adds a touch of playful intrigue.

Example Replies

  • “Stick around, you might regret it!”
  • “I have my moments, trust me.”
  • “I’m a master of surprises.”

Romantic Responses

“And here I thought I was just lucky to find someone who thinks that.”

If you’re feeling the vibes and want to turn up the romance, this reply can deepen the emotional connection.

Example Replies

  • “Guess we both hit the jackpot.”
  • “Maybe we’re both too good to be true.”
  • “I’m just glad I found someone who sees me like that.”

Fun And Sarcastic Responses

“You’re right; my clones are out there somewhere!”

This snarky yet funny reply can leave an impression and make the conversation more entertaining.

Example Replies

  • “One of my five identical twins told you that, didn’t they?”
  • “I know, right? What are the odds!”
  • “Thank goodness you haven’t met my evil twin.”

Confident Responses

“Well, I think I’ve finally met my match.”

If you want to mirror the compliment and show confidence, this is your go-to reply.

Example Replies

  • “Just two too-good-to-be-trues in one room!”
  • “Glad to know we’re both special.”
  • “I believe it’s called serendipity.”

Witty and Sensitive Responses

“I promise I’m real. Want to pinch me and find out?”

A fantastic mix of wit and sensitivity, this shows you can joke around without being dismissive.

Example Replies

  • “And I promise I come with real feelings, too.”
  • “Guess you’re the lucky one who found the real deal.”
  • “Just call me the unicorn.”

Practical Responses

“Nope, just perfectly imperfect.”

Acknowledging your imperfections humbly allows for a grounded, authentic reply.

Example Replies

  • I have my bad days just like everyone else.
  • “Trust me, I’m as real as they come.”
  • “There’s a balance to everything.”

Honest Responses

“I’m just being me.”

Sometimes honesty is the most effective approach. It lets the other person know that you’re genuine and authentic.

Example Replies

  • “No pretense here, just being myself.”
  • “What you see is what you get.”
  • “I like to keep it real.”

How to Reply to a Girl

Alright, gents, listen up! When a girl says you’re too good to be true, it’s usually a major compliment. She’s into you (yay!) but also a tad skeptical (uh-oh…).

So, your response has to strike a balance between humility and charm.

You want to reassure her without sounding egotistical. Think of it as walking a tightrope made of spaghetti—tricky, but doable!

Here’s how you navigate it:

Example Replies

  1. “I assure you, I’m very real, and very glad to be here with you.”
  2. “Are you saying I’m like a unicorn? Because I can work with that.”
  3. “Well, I guess you’ve just discovered one of life’s rare gems.”
  4. “I’m flattered! Hope I live up to your expectations.”
  5. “Thank you! But I’m just an ordinary guy working hard to deserve that kind of compliment.”
  6. “Wait till you see my dance moves, then you’ll know I’m human.”
  7. “Guess that makes two of us ‘too-good-to-be-trues,’ huh?”
  8. “Thanks! Stick around; I might surprise you.”
  9. “I’m definitely real; maybe the world isn’t used to seeing people like me.”
  10. “I like to think of myself as authentically unique.”

How to Reply to a Guy

Ladies, when a guy says you’re too good to be true, he’s probably both smitten and a tad intimidated. And if you want to keep him on his toes, your response needs to be both endearing and assuring.

Think Mary Poppins meets Iron Man—practically perfect with a hint of invincible charm. Show him that you’re real, but with a dash of magic too.

Example Replies

  1. “Flattery will get you everywhere, you know.”
  2. “Well, I promise I’m not a hologram.”
  3. “You’re sweet. Shall I show you my more ‘human’ side?”
  4. “Trust me; I’ve got my quirks!”
  5. “Thanks! Guess we both scored high in this game.”
  6. “Perfect? Only on Instagram!”
  7. “Is it because I haven’t tripped yet? Because that’s coming.”
  8. “Aww, you make me feel so special.”
  9. “And here I thought you were the one who’s too good to be true.”
  10. “You’re just saying that to win brownie points!”

Dealing with Skepticism

So, let’s address the elephant in the room. When someone says you’re too good to be true, they might also be hinting at a bit of skepticism. Maybe they’ve been burned before, or they’re just naturally cautious.

How to Address It?

Acknowledge their sentiment without taking it as an offense. Use reassurance and honesty to bridge the doubt.


  1. “I get it. Sometimes things do seem unreal, but I’m genuinely here for you.”
  2. “It’s okay to be skeptical. Time will show you I’m for real.”
  3. “I understand. Let’s take it step by step.”
  4. “Real things often start with a bit of disbelief.”
  5. “I promise, no tricks up my sleeve.”

Playing It Cool

What if you’re just not ready to dive into the deeper emotional waters that a comment like this might hint at? Keeping it light is a good strategy too.

How to Play It Cool?

Deflect without dismissing.


  1. “Well, don’t jinx it!”
  2. “Actually, I’m just regular with a cool coating.”
  3. “Let’s keep the mystery alive, shall we?”
  4. “Who knew being myself would get me this compliment?”
  5. “Too good? Wait till I show my karaoke skills.”

The Subtle Deflection

Sometimes, you want to acknowledge the compliment without dwelling on it. A subtle deflection keeps the conversation going smoothly.

How to Deflect Politely?

Acknowledge, then pivot.


  1. “Thanks! So, what’s your superpower?”
  2. “You’re kind. So what’s your next adventure?”
  3. “I appreciate it! Any interesting plans for the weekend?”
  4. “Compliments will get you everywhere. So, tell me more about that day job of yours.”
  5. “Well, that’s lovely to hear. What’s your take on pizza toppings?”

Highlighting Mutuality

Want to turn the tables and share the glory? Highlight mutual awesomeness. It’s all about spreading the feel-good vibes.

How to Highlight Mutuality?

Share the love without overshadowing the compliment.


  1. “Wow, thank you! But I think we’re both winning.”
  2. “I feel the same about you!”
  3. “I guess great minds do think alike.”
  4. “Looks like we’re both in for a pleasant surprise.”
  5. “Guess we make a great team.”

Things to Keep In Mind

Sure, coming up with the perfect response to “You’re too good to be true” can be a bit of a gymnast act, but it’s essential to keep things natural. Here are some final thoughts to guide you.

  1. Be Authentic: Authenticity always wins. People appreciate it when you’re genuinely you.
  2. Stay Relaxed: Don’t overthink your reply. Keep it light and relaxed.
  3. Sense the Vibe: Match your response to the vibe of the conversation. Humor for light chats, sincerity for deeper talks.
  4. Be Humble: Hey, modesty never hurt anyone. A modest reply shows you’re grounded.
  5. Enjoy the Moment: And most importantly, enjoy that someone thinks the world of you. Moments like these are precious.

In conclusion, Responding to “You’re too good to be true” can be a breeze if you mix in a bit of humor, a dash of wit, and a sprinkle of sincerity. Whether you want to keep it light, go deep, or add a bit of mystery, remember to enjoy the moment and be yourself.

Because, seriously, you are amazing—too good to be true even! Now go out there and charm the world!