Best Responses to “TGIF”: 39+ Unique Replies

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Sarah Koch


The best response to TGIF (thank God it’s Friday) is to meet their Friday enthusiasm with some of your own! Comments like “You know it!”, “Halleloo!”, or “About time!” affirm their TGIF sentiment while adding your own spice.

To take it up a notch, make weekend plans or crack a joke playing off the weekday grind.

Below are more examples of great responses when you see or hear “TGIF.”

Celebratory TGIF Replies

“Hooray, it’s Friday!”

This response captures the celebratory spirit of the day. It’s short, positive, and gets right to the point – we made it! Follow up this reply by asking what fun plans they might have for the weekend.

Similar celebratory replies could be:

  • “Wahoo! Happy Friday to you too!
  • “Woohoo, we survived another week!”
  • “About time Friday rolled around!”
  • “Can I get a hell yeah for Friday?”
  • “Let the weekend celebrations begin!”

Relatable TGIF Responses

“Tell me about it, so ready for the weekend!”

This reply relates directly back to that feeling of finally making it to Friday after a long work week. It shows you understand and empathize with that “TGIF” sentiment. Consider pairing it with a question about their weekend.

Other relatable responses:

  • “No doubt, this week felt so long!”
  • “I hear that, I’ve been watching the clock all afternoon!”
  • “You can say that again, ready to put this week behind me!”
  • “I feel that in my soul, this week was rough!”
  • “I couldn’t agree more. Any fun plans to celebrate?”

Lighthearted TGIF Quips

“Looks like someone’s got a bad case of the Fridays!”

Sometimes a playful quip can spice up a “TGIF” exchange while keeping things upbeat. This response aims to do just that by acknowledging Friday fever in a friendly way. Ask what relaxing or fun plans they might have this weekend.

More lighthearted responses:

  • “Ah yes, comes after Thirsty-Thursdays if I remember right!”
  • “Someone is itching to do some Friday night karaoke!”
  • “Seems like you’ve been bitten by the Friday bug too!”
  • “I know the feels! Got any weekend adventures planned?”
  • “About time we make it to Funday Friday!”

Encouraging Weekend TGIF Responses

“The weekend is finally here, woohoo! Hope you get some good rest.”

This supportive reply recognizes that it’s been a long week and everyone could use a break. It ends on an encouraging note about getting some well-deserved rest and relaxation over the next few days.

More weekend well-wishing responses:

  • “Heck yes, grab a drink and put your feet up this weekend!”
  • “Hooray for Friday! Here’s to a restful, restorative weekend.”
  • “Woohoo Friday! Relax and treat yourself this weekend.”
  • “Couldn’t come soon enough! Wishing you a wonderful weekend.”
  • “About time! Hope you do something fun and relaxing.

How to Reply to Girls

When responding to women or girls who say “TGIF,” it can be nice to throw in an extra friendly question or add a bit of cheer. Here are some examples:

  • “Happy Friday, girlfriend! Any fun plans with your besties this weekend?”
  • “Hooray for the weekend! Wishing you relaxing vibes all day.”
  • “TGIF indeed! Hope you treat yourself to something special, you deserve it!”

How to Reply to Guys

With guy friends, keep responses positive while also giving them space to share weekend plans if they want. Some good options:

  • “Happy Friday bro! Cold ones on tap for later?”
  • “Hells yes, Friday is here! You kicking back this weekend?”
  • “About time, right? Got anything rad planned or just chilling?”

Key Takeaways

  • Keep “TGIF” responses positive and celebratory
  • Relate to that feeling of finally making it to Friday
  • Consider asking a friendly question about their weekend plans
  • Add well wishes for a restful, fun weekend

Bidding Farewell to the Work Week

We all look forward to Friday for the promise of rest, relaxation, and fun weekend plans. When you see “TGIF” pop up in your notifications, take it as an opportunity to spread some positivity and good vibes as another work week wraps up. Respond with celebratory cheers, words of encouragement, or friendly questions about how they plan to enjoy the weekend. Most of all, keep things upbeat and understanding – because thank goodness it’s Friday!

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