Best Responses to ‘Never say Never’

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Sarah Koch


Do you remember that moment with a friend, co-worker, or maybe even your own mom, telling you with great wisdom, “never say never”? It probably sounded sagely at the time but maybe left you a bit stumped. Like, what are you supposed to say to that?

Are you supposed to nod sagely and walk away a little wiser? Is there an equally wise and witty comeback you’re missing out on? Well, fret not, my friend! We’re diving headfirst into the treasure chest of the best responses to “never say never.” Buckle up!

1. The Agree-to-Disagree Response

“True, but some things are just impossible.”

This reply acknowledges the wisdom behind the statement while gently pointing out exceptions. It’s like nodding along while raising an eyebrow at the same time.

Example Replies

  • “I mean, I can’t become a unicorn, right?”
  • “Sure, but I’m pretty sure I’ll never swim across the Pacific.”
  • “I get it, but interstellar travel is a long way off for now.”

2. The Philosophical Response

“Isn’t it fascinating how ‘never’ seems so final?”

This response dives into the heavier side of things, perfect for conversations where you’re feeling a bit deep or esoteric. Think of it as a way to launch into an existential debate!

Example Replies

  • “You ever think about how ‘never’ feels like it closes a door?”
  • “It’s crazy how ‘never’ is such a strong word, like the end of the line.”
  • “Wow, ‘never’ is like saying something is set in stone. Wild.”

3. The Humorous Response

“Well, I’ve said ‘I’ll never eat kale’, and guess who had a kale salad yesterday?”

Humor is a great way to bring a smile to any conversation and make everyone feel a bit lighter. It’s also perfect for defusing any tension brought by the seriousness of ‘never’.

Example Replies

  • “Yeah, I said I’d never sing in public, and here I am doing karaoke on Fridays.”
  • “Remember when I said I’d never try skydiving? Best decision ever!”
  • “I thought I’d never get into knitting, but look at this scarf I made!”

4. The Challenge-Accepted Response

“Challenge accepted!”

This one is for the bold and daring. It’s like saying, “Oh really? Watch me defy all odds just because you said that.”

Example Replies

  • “Guess I’ll have to prove you wrong!”
  • “Now you’ve got me curious to try!”
  • “Well, now I must find out.”

5. The Reflective Response

“Isn’t it strange how time changes our ‘nevers’?”

Reflecting on the unpredictability of life, this response leans into the notion that we grow and evolve constantly.

Example Replies

  • “Oh totally, like how I thought I’d never enjoy classical music.”
  • “Absolutely, I used to think I’d never leave my hometown.”
  • “For sure, I never thought I’d love cooking as much as I do now.”

6. The Contextual Response

“Depends on what we’re talking about!”

Use this response to steer the conversation toward specifics. It’s like saying, “Wait, hold up, let’s get to the nitty-gritty,” without actually saying it.

Example Replies

  • “Are we talking about public speaking or skydiving here?”
  • “Depends if you’re talking about trying sushi or bungee jumping.”
  • “What do you mean – never getting a cat or never moving abroad?”

7. The Ultrafactual Response

“Statistically, some things are highly improbable.”

Perfect for those who love their facts and figures. This response shifts the talk to hard facts, leaving less room for argument.

Example Replies

  • “Like breaking through the atmosphere with my bare hands.”
  • “Winning the lottery jackpot twice.”
  • “Becoming a world-famous rock star at 70.”

8. The Tease Response

“Oh come on, live a little!”

Put on your teasing hat and inject a bit of playful banter into the conversation.

Example Replies

  • “Where’s your sense of adventure?”
  • “Don’t be such a stick in the mud!”
  • “You’re such a buzzkill!”

9. The Inspirational Response

“Never say never—who knows what tomorrow brings?”

When you want to leave the conversation feeling inspired, this response is your go-to. It’s positive, hopeful, and opens up endless possibilities.

Example Replies

  • “Dream big, right?”
  • “Every day is a new adventure.”
  • “Life is full of surprises!”

10. The Pop Culture Response

“Didn’t Justin Bieber teach us that in his song?”

This is for when you want to bring a touch of pop culture into the mix. It lightens the mood and makes the wisdom feel a bit more… 21st century.

Example Replies

  • “Bieber had it right, you know.”
  • “Hey, if Bieber said it, it’s practically gospel.”
  • “Thanks to Bieber, I’m never saying never again!”

How to Reply to a Girl

When it comes to replying to a girl specifically, context is everything. You want to be considerate, interesting, and a bit fun. Tailor your response to the situation—whether it’s a flirty conversation, a serious discussion, or just casual banter.

Being mindful and thoughtful shows that you care about the conversation. Be genuine, and don’t overthink it. Remember, it’s all about connection.

Example Replies

  • “True, but let’s not limit ourselves, right?”
  • “Oh, come on now, you know I can’t resist a challenge!”
  • “Wow, a girl of philosophy I see.”
  • “Yeah, but I’m willing to try almost anything.”
  • You think you can never change your mind?
  • “Good point, but never say never on trying new things!”
  • “I’d like to see what life surprises us with.”
  • “Fair, but what about just giving it a shot?”
  • “Guess who said the same and ended up loving sushi.”
  • “Tomorrow’s a mystery, right?”

How to Reply to a Guy

Similarly, when responding to a guy, mix up humor, thoughtfulness, and maybe a bit of competition. Show you’re paying attention but aren’t afraid to add a personal touch or a bit of cheekiness to keep things lively.

Example Replies

  • “Big words there, buddy. We’ll see!”
  • “Guess we’ll just have to find out, won’t we?”
  • “Never? That’s pretty definitive.”
  • “Challenge accepted?”
  • “Says the guy who said he’d never wear pink.”
  • “Sure, but haven’t you heard? Rules were made for breaking.”
  • “Life is unpredictable, right?”
  • “And yet, here we are.”
  • “It’s like saying you’ll never like pineapple on pizza.”
  • “Isn’t life all about proving ‘nevers’ wrong?”

Psychological Insights into Communication Styles

It’s interesting to note how different responses to “never say never” can reveal insights into communication styles. Are you the optimist, the challenger, or the teaser? Understanding this can help in tailoring your conversations to build deeper connections.

Remember, diverse communication styles can harmonize beautifully just like the diverse flavors in a well-cooked meal. Explore these various styles and see which one best describes you:

  • Optimist: Always sees the glass half full and believes in endless possibilities.
  • Challenger: Loves a good debate and pushing the boundaries of discussion.
  • Teaser: Uses humor to keep the conversation light-hearted and engaging.

The Importance of Context in Responses

Remember that context is everything. Depending on the situation, your reply to “never say never” can vary immensely. A professional setting may call for a more thoughtful, serious reply, while a casual hangout with friends invites humor and light banter.

Context shapes how your message is received. Is it a job interview? Maybe stick to the reflective or contextual. With friends? Humor and teasing may be your best bet. Weighing the situation ensures your responses resonate with your audience.

How to Adapt Your Communication Style

Adapting your communication style to suit different scenarios ensures your message is not only heard but felt. If you’re typically the humorous one, there may be moments where a more serious take is necessary and vice versa.

  • Professional settings: Keep it thoughtful and reflective to show maturity.
  • Casual settings: Lighten the mood with humor and teasing.
  • Personal Relationships: Be genuine and considerate, tailoring your response to show you care about the conversation.

Closing Thoughts

With these responses in your toolkit, you’re more than prepared to handle the ubiquitous “never say never” with style, wit, and thoughtfulness. Remember, conversations are fluid, and finding the right balance between seriousness and humor not only makes you an engaging conversationalist but a wise one too.

Life has a way of surprising us, and staying open to possibilities keeps us flexible and sometimes, wonderfully amazed by where we end up. So, next time you hear “never say never,” savor the moment, choose your response wisely, and remember – you’re far more equipped to handle this than you thought!

Stay witty, stay wise, and most importantly, stay open to the endless possibilities that life throws your way. “Never say never,” indeed!

Happy conversing!