Best Responses to ‘Keep Dreaming’

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Sarah Koch


Alright, You know that feeling when someone sarcastically says, “Keep Dreaming,” and it stings a little? No shame in admitting it’s happened to the best of us.

You’ve set your sights on a big goal—maybe you want to start your own llama farm (because why not?), or maybe you aim to become the next Billie Eilish—and someone, with all the tact of a wrecking ball, tells you to “keep dreaming.” Ouch.

So, what do you say when someone throws that dagger at your aspirations? How can you turn the tables, leave them speechless, or even get them thinking? Buckle up because we’re going on an exciting ride through some of the best responses to this dreaded phrase. And trust me, by the end of this, you’ll have a comeback ready for every sass-master out there.

Clever Responses to ‘Keep Dreaming’

“Well, someone has to!”

Nothing can be more disarming than a quick, witty comeback.

Imagine this: You’re chatting about your dream of becoming a world-class Sushi chef. Suddenly, Captain Buzzkill says, “Yeah, right. Keep dreaming.”

“Well, someone has to!” you reply, with a sly smile. This response does a couple of things. First, it asserts that dreams are valuable, and second, it places you as the bold dreamer who isn’t afraid of ambition.

Example Replies

  • “If everyone stopped dreaming, we’d still be living in caves, my friend.”
  • “Dreaming is the first step to doing.”
  • “Better a dreamer than a dampener, wouldn’t you say?”

“I Will, Thanks!”

Kill ’em with kindness, but add a little twist.

When someone tells you to “keep dreaming,” offer a gracious yet assertive acknowledgment like, “I will, thanks!”

It’s simple yet powerful. It shows gratitude, flips the negativity, and keeps your confidence intact.

Example Replies

  • “Absolutely! Thanks for the encouragement.”
  • “I plan on it—you should try it too!”
  • “Always! Dreams lead to reality, don’t forget.”

“And look fabulous while doing it!”

A bit of humor goes a long way, especially when it places you in a positive spotlight.

Picture this: You’re at a family gathering, and Aunt Mildred, who thinks dreaming is for “those Hollywood types,” says, “Keep dreaming.”

You hit back with, “And look fabulous while doing it!” There’s nothing like a glamorous touch to shut down the naysayers.

Example Replies

  • “I might as well look fabulous while dreaming, right?”
  • “Watch me dream and dazzle.”
  • “Hey, can’t blame me for being fabulous and ambitious!”

Responses with Humor

“It’s more fun than your reality.”

You can throw in some tasteful sarcasm to lighten the situation.

You’re talking about launching your own tech startup, and someone says, “Keep dreaming.” You counter with, “It’s more fun than your reality.”

This is a bold one. It hits hard but leaves a lighthearted implication that dreaming can be more exciting than mundane realities.

Example Replies
  • “Dreams are way cooler than your spreadsheet, buddy.”
  • “Better dreaming than daydreaming in meetings.”
  • “Hey, it’s free entertainment.”

“Dreamers built this world.”

When faced with skeptics, using solid ground truth can work wonders. You’re painting a picture of your dreams when your co-worker chimes in with, “Keep dreaming.”

You respond confidently, “Dreamers built this world.” It’s a reminder that the world we live in was built on dreams and aspirations.

Example Replies

  • “And dreamers will build the future.”
  • “Remember, we fly today because someone dreamed of it.”
  • “Every great achievement started as a dream.”

“Only big enough dreams matter.”

They scoff at your ambitions, but you’re undeterred. Your classmate says, “Keep dreaming.”

With a smile, you say, “Only big enough dreams matter.” This makes it clear that aiming high is the only way to go.

Example Replies

  • “The bigger the dream, the better the journey.”
  • “I don’t do small dreams.”
  • “Shoot for the moon, right?”

Earnest Responses to ‘Keep Dreaming’

“I plan to make it a reality.”

When someone tells you to keep dreaming, why not respond with earnest determination?

Your neighbor, Doug, thinks your dream of opening a cat café is far-fetched: “Keep dreaming.”

And you, with a knowing smile, say “I plan to make it a reality.”

This shows your resolve and turns the put-down into an affirmation.

Example Replies

  • “It’s the first step to reality.”
  • “I envision it every day.”
  • “Watch me turn dreams into reality.”

“Everything starts with a dream.”

You’re chatting with a colleague about your aspiration to write a bestseller, and she laughs, “Keep dreaming.”

You look her in the eye and say, “Everything starts with a dream.”

Gently reminding her (and yourself) that all great things start this way.

Example Replies

  • “Dreams are the seeds of future.”
  • “Every accomplishment started as a dream.”
  • “That’s where innovation comes from.”

“Dream and do—my mantra.”

How about countering negativity with your personal motto?

Your old friend says, “Keep dreaming,” right after you share your goal of running a marathon.

You stand tall and reply, “Dream and do—my mantra.” This shuts down any dismissiveness and showcases your proactive mindset.

Example Replies

  • “Dream. Do. Repeat.”
  • “Dreaming is step one; doing is step two.”
  • “I’m a dreamer and a doer.”

Sarcastic Responses to ‘Keep Dreaming’

“Thanks for the motivational speech.”

When someone sarcastically says, “keep dreaming,” what better way to respond than with a bit of dry humor?

Your colleague hears about your ambition to become a TED speaker and snorts, “Keep dreaming.”

You respond with, “Thanks for the motivational speech.” This flips the script, making your sarcasm clear.

Example Replies

  • “Wow, I’ll treasure your inspiring words.”
  • “Such unrivaled encouragement, thanks.”
  • “Who knew you were a motivational speaker?”

“I was planning to, thanks.”

You can acknowledge their dismissal with a touch of your own sass.

An old friend downplays your goal of a cross-country road trip: “Keep dreaming.”

You reply with, “I was planning to, thanks.”

It’s cheeky and points out they haven’t deterred you one bit.

Example Replies

  • “Oh, I fully intend to!”
  • “Dreaming and scheming, actually.”
  • “Your blessing means everything.”

“You’ll see me living it soon.”

When your ambition is mocked, respond with fortitude.

They scoff at your dream of opening a bakery: “Keep dreaming.”

You, undeterred, assert “You’ll see me living it soon.” This shows your determination and foreshadows your success.

Example Replies

  • “Just wait; it’s happening.”
  • “Catch me there in the near future.”
  • “You’ll be my first customer.”

Conclusive Responses to ‘Keep Dreaming’

“Dreamers achieve; doubters belittle.”

Closing conversations with a succinct, impactful statement can claim your final word.

Your coworker mocks your plan to travel the world post-retirement: “Keep dreaming.”

You firmly state, “Dreamers achieve; doubters belittle.” It’s a script-flip and shows where you stand.

Example Replies

  • “Dreams are the first step towards milestones.”
  • “Great things start with great dreams.”
  • “I’ll cherish my dreams, not doubts.”

“Always. It’s what drives innovation.”

Remind them and yourself that dreams drive progress.

They laugh at your goal of starting an eco-friendly brand: “Keep dreaming.”

You say, “Always. It’s what drives innovation.”

Example Replies

  • “Without dreams, there’s no progress.”
  • “Innovation thrives on big dreams.”
  • “Every breakthrough began as a dream.”

“Watch me turn my dreams into reality.”

When they discount your vision, lay down your determination.

A close friend downplays your vision of becoming a successful blogger: “Keep dreaming.”

You assert, “Watch me turn my dreams into reality.”

This is powerful, determined, and self-affirming.

Example Replies

  • “Just wait and see.”
  • “It’s happening sooner than you think.”
  • “Reality is just a dream away.”

How to Reply to a Girl

Balancing confidence and charm is key when addressing someone with the intent of impressing or relating on a personal level.

When she says, “Keep dreaming,” here are a few replies to consider:

  1. “Only if you promise to be part of those dreams.”
  2. “Plans for reality are brewing daily.”
  3. “Dreams fuel my action; watch me in motion.”
  4. “Every achievement began with a dream.”
  5. “I’ll be dreaming only if you’re there.”
  6. “You’ll see those dreams manifest soon.”
  7. “You’re part of my dream journey.”
  8. “Dreams are where success stories start.”
  9. “A dream today, a plan tomorrow.”
  10. “Dreamers get things done.”

How to Reply to a Guy

Use confidence, sauce, and a dash of humor to leave him reconsidering his jab.

When he says, “Keep dreaming,” shoot back one of these playful yet sharp responses:

  1. “Why stop at dreaming?”
  2. “Dreams are step one; action is next.”
  3. “Every big thing started as a dream, mate.”
  4. “Dreams today; reality soon.”
  5. “Keep dreaming? More like making it happen.”
  6. “Dreamers are the real movers.”
  7. “Wait and you’ll see it lived.”
  8. “Dreams are an action plan.”
  9. “Watch my dreams turn concrete.”
  10. “More dreams, more action.”

The Importance of Following Through

We’ve all had those moments where bold statements like “Keep dreaming” can shake our confidence. But here’s the secret sauce: not just turning their sarcastic jabs into quips, but ensuring those dreams move a step closer to reality.

Cultivating Resilience

Resilience isn’t just a fancy word; it’s a way of life. Life will keep throwing curveballs—thanks to your dream-crushing buddy or not. Embrace resilience like your favorite hoodie: warm, comfy, and always reliable.

  • Consistency: Keep working at your dreams every day, even when it’s tough.
  • Vision: Have a clear picture of what you want. Visualize your dreams like they’re already here.
  • Persistence: Sometimes it’s about who can hold on long enough. Don’t give up even when the finish line seems miles away.

Practical Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

Dreams without action are like ice cream without toppings—good, but missing the real flavor. Here’s how to turn your dreams into your reality.

  1. Set Mini-Goals: Break down your dreams into smaller, actionable steps.
  2. Create Milestones: Track your progress. Celebrate small wins—they lead to big victories.
  3. Seek Support: Find a tribe that believes in you, like-minded individuals who encourage, inspire, and uplift.
  4. Stay Focused: Avoid distractions that detract from your vision. Set your eyes on the prize and don’t waver.
  5. Be Personable: Network, share your dreams, connect with those who could help pave your path.

Embrace the Dream Journey

Dreams are your north star, guiding you towards something bigger than the mundane. Embrace the journey with all its highs and lows.

  • Enjoy Smaller Successes: Each step forward is a step closer.
  • Learn from Failures: Every hiccup is a lesson in disguise.
  • Stay Optimistic: Positivity fuels perseverance. Keep your thoughts focused and hopeful.

Concluding Thoughts: Dream On, Dream Big

Dreams are your secret weapon, your invisible cape, propelling you toward the impossible. They are what turn mundane into magic.

So, next time someone hits you with a smarmy “Keep dreaming,” you’ll know just what to say and how to say it. Whether it’s with humor, sincerity, or a little bit of sass, let it remind you that dreams are where all greatness begins. And that’s precisely where you’re headed.

Dream big, dream always, because the best wild stories start with the best dreams. And who knows? Maybe one day, the doubters will be asking for your autograph, the touring tickets to your keynote speech, or an invite to the opening of your fancy llama farm. Dream on, my friend. Dream on.