Best Responses to ‘How Is Your Training Going’

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Sarah Koch



We’ve all faced that moment when someone asks us, “How is your training going?” Maybe it’s a friend who’s genuinely curious, maybe it’s a gym buddy who’s checking in, or perhaps it’s just an overly chatty neighbor. Regardless of who’s asking, finding the perfect response can be a little tricky, right?

Let’s face it, answering this question is not as simple as saying ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Oh no, the stakes are higher! You want to convey your progress without sounding braggy, share your struggles without sounding whiny, and maybe—just maybe—throw in a witty remark to keep things lively.

So how do you navigate this minefield? Well, lucky for you, I’m here to help you master the art of the perfect response.

Genuine Enthusiasm

“Honestly, it’s going great! I’m feeling stronger every day.”

Ever wondered how to express genuine enthusiasm without sounding like a motivational poster? Here’s your golden ticket. This response works wonders because it radiates positivity. It’s short, sweet, and leaves no room for the listener to doubt your commitment.

Example Replies:
– “Wonderful! I’m hitting new PRs and feeling fabulous.”
– “I’m totally nailing it! Making solid gains day-by-day.”
– “Every session feels like I’m leveling up. It’s awesome!”

Playful Sarcasm

“Oh, you mean my new full-time job? It’s slowly killing me.”

Whenever you want to keep things light and humorous, playful sarcasm is your best friend. This approach adds a pinch of spice and can make the convo more entertaining!

Example Replies:
– “Let’s just say my muscles are writing a formal letter of complaint.”
– “Training? More like a never-ending episode of Survivor.”
– “My gym membership should come with free therapy sessions.”

Balanced Realism

“It’s been a mix! Some days are killer, others… not so much.”

Life isn’t a bed of roses all the time, and everyone knows it. This response shows that you’re genuinely committed but also human. It’s open and relatable, making people feel more connected to your journey.

Example Replies:
– “It’s like a roller coaster—up one day, down the next.”
– “We’re talking peaks and valleys here; keeps things interesting.”
– “Some sessions feel like I’m Rocky, others like I’m… not.”

Fun and Lighthearted

“Well, I’m not training for the Olympics, but hey, I’m hanging in there.”

Sometimes, a lighthearted comment is all you need to keep the conversation breezy. It’s disarming and shows you have a fun outlook on life and training.

Example Replies:
– “Slow and steady wins the race, right?”
– “I’m more of a ‘trying not to trip over dumbbells’ kind of guy.”
– “If only effort bought me pizza!”

Honest Vulnerability

“It’s a challenge, but I feel like I’m making progress—even if it’s slow.”

Vulnerability can be incredibly powerful. It shows you’re earnest about your efforts and acknowledges the hardships without wallowing in them.

Example Replies:
– “It’s been tough, but every bit counts towards the goal.”
– “Honestly, I struggle sometimes, but I’m getting there.”
– “Some days I question my sanity, but it’s all part of the journey.”

Tactical Dodge

“Can we talk about that dessert we had last week instead?”

Maybe you’re not in the mood to discuss your latest gym exploits. That’s fine too. A tactical dodge can redirect the conversation while still keeping things engaging and fun.

Example Replies:
– “Training? Meh. Did you catch that new movie?”
– “More importantly, when are we grabbing that coffee?”
– “Let’s pivot to something more interesting, like your vacation!”

Punchline Driven

“You mean my latest comedy routine? It’s going painfully hilarious.”

Adding a punchline can elevate the conversation. This response type offers a humorous twist, indicating that while training can be grueling, it also provides some laugh-out-loud moments.

Example Replies:
– “I’m training for Tough Mudder, but it feels more like Food Network Challenge.”
– “Let’s just say my abs are hiding under several layers of jelly.”
– “Every squat lunge feels like I’m auditioning for a slapstick comedy.”


“So far I’ve lost 5 pounds, and my stamina’s up by 20%! Not bad, huh?”

If you love numbers and milestones, metrics-oriented responses can provide a quick snapshot of your achievements. They display concrete progress, which can be very motivating for both you and the listener.

Example Replies:
– “Down 3 pounds and can run an extra mile!”
– “Gained 2 pounds of muscle; the grind’s paying off!”
– “Crushed my last 5k time by two whole minutes.”

Philosophical Insight

“Training is as much about mental strength as physical; it’s truly enlightening.”

Sometimes, you feel wise and want to impart the deeper truth about your experiences. Philosophical insights can turn a mundane chat into something more meaningful and thought-provoking.

Example Replies:
– “It’s teaching me so much about discipline and resilience.”
– “Every struggle in the gym shapes character.”
– “The mental gains are just as rewarding as the physical ones.”

The Humble Brag

“Pretty well! I managed to hit all my targets last month.”

If you’ve genuinely been smashing your training goals, why not share it? The humble brag is about celebrating your victories without coming off as arrogant.

Example Replies:
– “Yep, even surprised myself with the progress!”
– “Exceeded my expectations, if I’m being honest.”
– “On track with all my goals, feeling fantastic.”

How to Reply to a Girl

Aha, the delicate terrain of replying to a girl. Here’s what you do: keep it light, genuine, and a little playful.

Example Replies:
– “Working hard but nowhere near superhero status yet. You?”
– “Making progress one day at a time. Let’s chat over coffee sometime?”
– “It’s going great! Maybe you can give me some tips?”
– “Well, I’ve yet to see any magical transformations, but fingers crossed!”
– “Staying committed, so far so good. How about you? Any fun hobbies?”
– “I’m a work in progress. How about we compare notes?”
– “I’m one sweat session away from collapsing daily. Wanna join me next time?”
– “Let’s see—working on my Hulk impression, still Bruce Banner. You?”
– “It’s going alright! Any advice for a fellow fitness enthusiast?”
– “Not too shabby! Have you been keeping up with your fitness goals?”

How to Reply to a Guy

With guys, things can be more straightforward, maybe even competitive. But it still pays to be engaging and a bit hearty in your response.

Example Replies:
– “Killing it, how about you?”
– “Man, it’s brutal but worth every drop of sweat. You hitting those PBs?”
– “Going great, bro! We should hit the gym together.”
– “Grinding hard. You up for the challenge?”
– “Making gains, slowly but surely. How’s your training going?”
– “Bro, just smashed my last session. How’s your lift today?”
– “Focused and committed. Ever tried out X workout? It’s amazing.”
– “Feel the burn, baby! How’s your routine?”
– “No pain, no gain, right? How’s it been for you?”
– “Pushing through and loving it. Up for a weekend workout?”

The Importance of Genuine Responses

Here’s the deal—being honest in your responses fosters genuine connections. When you gloss over your real experiences, you may miss out on deeper, meaningful conversations.

Imagine your buddy sharing their struggles with a particular workout, and you being truthful about yours—it creates camaraderie. Being real about your journey, including the ups and downs, lets people see the authentic you. And that’s way more valuable than any scripted, glossy answer.

The Power of Humor

Why is humor so powerful, you ask? It’s because humor does more than just make people laugh—it also breaks down walls. When you make a witty remark about your training, it makes you likable. Not only does it lighten the mood, but it can also make challenging topics seem a little less daunting.

Conveying Vulnerability

Let’s chat vulnerability for a moment. Embracing vulnerability can strengthen your relationships by fostering trust and empathy. When you’re open about the challenges you face, it can make others feel more comfortable sharing their own experiences. It builds a bridge of mutual understanding and can be the start of a really supportive dialogue.

Things to Keep in Mind

Answering “How is your training going?” may seem trivial, but it’s an opportunity—a chance to connect, share, and maybe even inspire. Whether you choose to be humorous, vulnerable, realistic, or a mix of everything, just remember:

Be real and genuinely you. And don’t forget to K.I.S.S: Keep It Short and Simple.

Your responses don’t have to be rehearsed, just as long as they’re true to your journey and reflect your unique personality. With these handy responses up your sleeve, you’ll never be caught off guard again—cross my heart and hope to (safely) deadlift.

So there you have it! Go out and conquer that question with confidence and flair. And remember, even if your training is going slower than a sloth on a lazy Sunday, you can always make it sound epic. Until next time, keep crushing those goals and owning those convos!