Best Responses to “Compliments of the Season”

The holiday season brings joy and cheer along with greetings full of warm wishes. When someone says “Compliments of the season!” how should you respond? Read on for the top responses.

What is the best response to “Compliments of the season”?

The ideal response is to thank the person and return the nice wishes. For example, “Thank you, and a wonderful holiday season to you too!” Other options are “Same to you, enjoy the holidays!” or “I appreciate the kind words, happy holidays to you as well.” The key is to show gratitude and spread the holiday spirit.

Top 10 Best Responses

Thank you, I wish the same for you

A simple “Thank you” shows appreciation. Wishing it back expresses care and goodwill. This friendly response works for any holiday greeting.

Other good options:

  • That’s very kind of you, happy holidays
  • I really appreciate that, hope your season is great
  • Thanks so much, I hope you have a wonderful holiday

How thoughtful, happy holidays

Acknowledging the thoughtfulness touches the greeter. Returning a holiday wish completes the exchange.


  • How nice, I hope your holidays are happy
  • That was so thoughtful, best wishes to you
  • I’m grateful for your kindness, enjoy the holidays

What a wonderful sentiment, thanks and happy holidays

Highlighting the loveliness of the sentiment makes the greeter feel good. Expressing gratitude and sending back good wishes keeps the positivity flowing.

More choices:

  • That’s a beautiful thing to say, I wish you the same
  • What a heartwarming greeting, cheers to the season
  • Such kind words, I appreciate it – happy holidays to you too

You’ve made my day, seasons greetings to you as well

Letting them know they improved your mood is uplifting. Offering a holiday greeting maintains the convivial tone.

Additional options:

  • Your thoughtfulness means a lot, happy holidays
  • That put a smile on my face, best wishes for the holidays
  • Wow, you brightened my day – thanks and happy holidays

I’m touched by your thoughtfulness, happy holidays

Revealing that their consideration moved you is meaningful. Sending back warm wishes wraps it up affectionately.

Other responses:

  • I’m grateful for your kind words, cheer and good tidings
  • That warms my heart, I hope you have wonderful holidays
  • You made my day better, thanks and seasons greetings

How special, I appreciate your lovely words

Calling the nice gesture “special” gives it importance. Voicing appreciation reinforces it positively.

Additional good options:

  • How wonderful, thanks for the festive wishes
  • I’m honored by your thoughtfulness, happy holidays
  • That’s so sweet of you, best wishes for the season

I’m thankful for your festive greeting, happy holidays

Expressing thankfulness highlights your gratitude. Offering a cheerful greeting back continues the holiday merriment.

Other choices:

  • I value your kind words, seasons greetings
  • That means a lot to me, best wishes for the holidays
  • I’m grateful for the lovely sentiment, cheers to the season

What a delightful thing to say, happy holidays

Using “delightful” puts a smile on their face. Sending your own holiday wishes keeps things upbeat.

More responses:

  • How absolutely lovely, enjoy the holidays
  • Your words filled me with cheer, seasons greetings
  • That made me smile, I wish you happy holidays

How wonderful to spread such positivity, happy holidays

Highlighting the spreading of positivity makes them feel great. Adding your own holiday wishes continues the warmth.

Also good:

  • What a joyful sentiment, best wishes for the holidays
  • You lifted my spirits with your kind words, cheers!
  • I loved hearing your heartwarming wishes, happy holidays to you too

How to Reply to a Girl

When a girl says “Compliments of the season,” affirm her thoughtfulness and wish her well in return. For example, “Aww thank you! That’s so thoughtful. I hope you have wonderful holidays.” This shows appreciation while keeping things lighthearted.

Other nice options include:

“Your sweet wishes made me smile – happy holidays!”

“You brightened my day with your kind words, seasons greetings to you too!”

“I loved your festive greeting, enjoy the holidays and have fun!”

The key is responding in a gracious, friendly way that continues the holiday spirit. Share the joy!

How to Reply to a Guy

When a guy offers the greeting “Compliments of the season,” let him know you appreciate his words and wish him happy holidays too.

For instance: “Hey man, thanks for the nice wishes – happy holidays to you as well!” This gives props while returning the friendly vibes.

Some other good responses:

“I’m grateful for your warm holiday greeting dude, make the most of the season!”

“I appreciate you spreading the holiday cheer bud, have an awesome one!”

“That put me in the holiday mood bro, cheers and seasons greetings!”

Keep it casual yet thoughtful. Thank him for his niceness and send positive vibes and well wishes back. Spread the holiday joy in your own signature guy way!

Key Takeaways

  • Express gratitude for the warm wishes
  • Wish the person happy holidays in return
  • Keep it friendly, positive and thoughtful
  • Add your own flair based on your relationship

A Note of Thanks for the Season

The holidays offer a special time to connect with others. When someone takes a moment to offer heartfelt greetings and good tidings, it embodies the spirit of the season. The ideal response shows appreciation for their kind words while spreading more warmth and cheer in return. Add your own personal touch, but always maintain sincerity, gratitude and high holiday spirits!

By following the examples and tips here, you can craft the perfect response to “Compliments of the season” for any occasion. Share the joy, connect with loved ones, and make someone’s day brighter. ’Tis the season for giving after all – give more smiles!

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