Best Replies to “Hope You Had A Great Weekend”

Weekends are a time for us to take a break from our daily routines and responsibilities. Whether it’s catching up on sleep, seeing friends and family, pursuing hobbies, or just relaxing at home – having that renewal period is so important.

When the weekend wraps up, it’s common for people to ask “Hope you had a great weekend!” as a way to show interest in how you spent your days off. Coming up with a response, however, can sometimes draw a blank. You want to reciprocate the nicety without launching into a whole recap.

What’s the best way to respond when someone asks if you had a good weekend?

The key is to keep it positive but concise. You likely don’t want to give a whole run-down, but a simple “I did, thanks! How was yours?” opens the door for them to share more if they’d like.

Other options:

  • It was lovely, just what I needed
  • Perfect – very relaxing
  • Great, spent time with family/friends
  • Enjoyed the beautiful weather” etc.

Put the focus back on them by ending with the question. This shares just enough while allowing both parties to expand if desired.

Best Replies to “Hope You Had A Great Weekend”

It was wonderful!

It was wonderful!” is a polite, positive response letting them know you enjoyed your weekend without going into too much detail. This leaves it open for them to inquire further if interested.

Other options:

  • It was splendid!
  • It was delightful!
  • It was rejuvenating!

We had beautiful weather

When you really appreciated the nice weather, saying “We had beautiful weather” shares that while keeping things simple. This gives them the chance to connect over whatever pleasant conditions you both experienced.

Other weather-related responses:

  • The sunshine was glorious!
  • It was nice to be outdoors
  • Clear skies made for great views

Spent quality time with my family

If you focused on family activities, “Spent quality time with my family” says just enough without lots of elaboration. This gives room for further questions if they want to know more.

Other family-focused replies:

  • My kids and I had some adventures
  • It was all about family bonding
  • Made memories with parents/siblings/relatives

Took time to recharge

When you purposefully recharged, saying “Took time to recharge” shares that benefit concisely. This leaves space for them to discuss relaxation too, or ask what activities you found restorative.

Other responses about rest & renewal:

  • It was wonderfully restorative
  • Focused on some much-needed self care
  • Finally got caught up on sleep!

It flew by too fast!

The sentiment “It flew by too fast!” is one many can relate to – weekends seem to disappear. This gives them the opportunity to connect over that common feeling.

Similar responses about the quick passage of time:

  • Where did the weekend go?!
  • Can’t believe how fast it went
  • Over in the blink of an eye

Made progress on some projects

If you were productive during your weekend, “Made progress on some projects” shares this succinctly. It provides room for them to ask questions or talk about their own progress if interested.

Related responses about weekend accomplishments:

  • Checked off some to-do list items
  • Tackled a few lingering tasks
  • Finalized plans I had pending

It was okay, but I’m glad it’s Monday!

For an average or rougher weekend, replying “It was okay, but I’m glad it’s Monday!” keeps things polite. This gives space for further inquiries while ending on an upbeat note about the week ahead.

Other neutral or mixed weekend reactions:

  • Had its ups and downs! But Monday’s fresh start is welcome
  • Nothing too wild – nice to be back to routine
  • It was alright…ready to get back into things!

Traveled out of town

If your weekend involved a quick trip, then “Traveled out of town” neatly summarizes without tons of detail. This gives them the chance to ask where if interested.

Other responses about weekend journeys:

  • Took an overnight trip
  • Got away for a night
  • Did some exploring elsewhere

Went to a concert

Telling friends you “Went to a concert” piques interest without lengthy elaborations required. This invites questions about the music or experience if desired.

Other responses about weekend entertainment:

  • Caught a sports game
  • Saw a show
  • Attended a music festival

Celebrated a birthday

Milestones like birthdays often occupy weekends. Saying you “Celebrated a birthday” shares the occasion simply, leaving room for further discussion if they want it.

Other responses about weekend celebrations:

  • Threw a dinner party
  • Attended a wedding
  • It was a holiday weekend

How to Reply to a Girl

When responding to a girl asking about your weekend, keep things positive and polite. Reply based on how well you know her:

With close friends, you can open up more, e.g. “It was great catching up with you! The hike was so nice too.

With casual acquaintances, stay friendly but less personal, e.g. “It was lovely thanks! Spent time enjoying the outdoors.

With someone you just met, keep it general, e.g. “It was good thanks, how was yours?” Then let the conversation flow naturally.

With romantic interests, you could get a bit flirty, e.g. “It was nice thanks! Would have been even better if I’d gotten to spend it with you ” See if she reciprocates interest. But avoid anything too strong or assuming with someone you don’t know well.

Example friendly/flirty replies:

It was wonderful! How about next time we go hiking together?

Mine was good! Want to meet up later & swap weekend stories?

Great, re-energized me for the week ahead! Maybe we could meet for coffee?

How to Reply to a Guy

Responding to guys about your weekend plans requires similar tact. Keep it light based on your rapport:

With buds & brothers – get chatty! E.g. “It was awesome! Camping trip was a blast. How’d the big game go?

With friendly acquaintances – stay gracious but less personal. E.g. “It was really nice thanks! Hope you had a great one too.

With vague acquaintances – keep it generally positive. E.g. “It was good, spent time with family. How was yours?

With someone you’re interested in – get a bit playful with replies like:

It was fun thanks! You should’ve come to the summer festival with me

Great! But would’ve been nicer to get coffee with you instead

It was good…but missed seeing your cute face around!

Key Takeaways

When someone asks if you had a good weekend, the key is responding positively without over-sharing. Some main tips:

  • Keep it friendly & polite – you want your response to reciprocate the nice inquiring.
  • Share high-level details – give the gist of your weekend without excessive detail.
  • Redirect with a question – put the focus back on them by asking about their experience.

In Summary…

Replying simply, politely, and redirection back to them strikes the right balance for a solid response! This works whether with close friends, vague acquaintances, crushes, partners and everyone in between.

Knowing how to react when questioned “Hope you had a great weekend!” makes engaging in that common Monday morning small talk much smoother. With the right combination of brevity, positivity, and redirected attention, you can reciprocate the nicety gracefully.

May we all continue having weekends that rejuvenate our spirits, open fun opportunities to share with others, and ultimately leave us feeling blessed as we head into each fresh week!

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