Best Comebacks When Someone Says “Ooga Booga” To You

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Sarah Koch


Have you ever been in a situation where someone makes an unexpected or strange comment towards you like “ooga booga” and you don’t know how to respond? We’ve all been there. Getting the perfect comeback or reaction can be challenging when you’re caught off guard.

But not to worry – this article will provide you with the ultimate list of responses when someone hits you with an “ooga booga” or any other odd remark. From funny quips to clever comebacks, you’ll be equipped with a variety of retorts that’ll leave ‘em speechless.

What Is The Best Response When Someone Says “Ooga Booga” To You?

The best response when dealing with nonsense comments like “ooga booga” is to not engage at all. These types of remarks are often just meant to get a reaction out of you or throw you off guard. The best policy is not to feed the trolls – act unfazed and move on. You could subtly roll your eyes, but outright responding often gives them exactly what they want.

Below are more ways to handle odd comments and come out looking cool as a cucumber!

Funny And Lighthearted Comebacks

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Maybe they were just trying to be funny but totally missed the mark! In that case, laugh it off to ease the awkwardness. This shows you don’t take the silly comment too seriously.

Laugh lightly and come back with something like:

  • “Ooga booga! Got any more caveman impressions?”
  • “Ooga booga to you too!”
  • “Ha! Good one. Haven’t heard that since 3rd grade!”

Make sure your laughter comes across as genuine, not mocking. Below are more funny reactions when dealt an odd or nonsensical remark.

Clever And Witty Retorts

So You Think You’re A Comedian?

If someone blurts out something totally absurd or random just to try and get a reaction, keep your cool with a clever comeback. This lets them know their silly comment didn’t shake you one bit.

Try out rejoinders like:

  • “Thanks for that nugget of wisdom!”
  • “Did you get that line from a cereal box?”
  • “I’ll alert the comedy police about that killer joke.”
  • “A+ material right there.” accompany with slow clap

Below are more subtle yet savage responses to show them you won’t be easily frazzled.

Sarcastic And Teasing Comments

Ooga Booga? Is That The Best You Got?

Another way to handle odd remarks is to tease them right back with some light sarcasm. This shows you can volley their lame attempt at humor.

Some examples:

  • “Ooga booga? Groundbreaking stuff, I’m impressed.”
  • “Ooga booga? How long did it take you to come up with that zinger?”
  • “Ooh, haven’t heard that one since I was 5, good job!”

Lay on just enough mockery without going overboard into mean territory. See below for more sarcastic yet funny comebacks.

Perplexed And Confused Reactions

Umm…Come Again?

Sometimes the best response is a confused look coupled with a clarifying question. This reaction shows the absurdity of their weird comment without needing a snappy retort.

Try out responses like:

  • “I’m sorry…ooga what now?”
  • “Not sure what ooga booga means, care to clarify?”
  • quizzical look “Come again?”

Act thoroughly puzzled rather than judgmental. Check out more genuinely bewildered reactions below when at a loss for words.

Playful And Absurdist Responses

Fighting Fire With Fire

If someone is just trying to rile you up, fight fire with fire and one-up their nonsense with even more nonsensical absurdity! This shows you can outwit their ridiculousness.

Respond by getting extra silly:

  • “Shaka Laka Boom Boom!”
  • make armpit farts
  • howl like a wolf
  • “Hocus Pocus Alimagocus!”

The kookier your comeback, the better! See below for more absurdist reactions to perplex them right back.

Snarky And Sassy One-Liners

Serving Up Some Attitude

If you really want to shut down their attempt at oddball humor, hit back with a healthy dose of ‘tude. Drop a snappy one-liner to showcase your confidence and let that sass flag fly!

Some prime examples:

  • “Cute. Got any other dinosaurs to trot out?”
  • “Aww, someone learned a new word!”
  • “Try again when you level up from preschool jokes.”
  • “Wake me up when you get some new material.”

Check out more brutally blunt zingers below for those times you’re feeling especially saucy!

Straight-Up Weird Reactions

When In Doubt, Get Bizarre

Can’t come up with the perfect snappy reaction? Channel your inner weirdo and respond with something totally off-the-wall. They went rogue to throw you off, so go rogue right back!

Get delightfully strange with reactions like:

  • bark like a dog 4 times
  • “Well butter my biscuit!”
  • make loud squawking sounds
  • freeze and imitate a mannequin

Pull out your best oddities and make it even more uncomfortable for them! Peruse more kooky comebacks below.

Play Dumb And Oblivious

Ooga What? I Have No Idea What You Mean!

Acting totally clueless can also perplex someone who makes a strange comment. Pretend you don’t even comprehend what they’re trying to get at. This flips the awkwardness back onto them.

Try out bewildered responses like:

  • “I’m sorry, I don’t know what ooga booga means?”
  • vacant stare “Huh?”
  • “What exactly does that mean?”

Make them explain the nonsense. They’ll likely get more uncomfortable trying to clarify that absurd remark. Explore more oblivious reactions below.

Lean Into The Absurdity

I Can Out-Weird You Any Day!

Want to really throw them for a loop? Fully commit and lean into the sheer absurdity of it all! If they’re expecting you to be rattled, do the exact opposite.

Amp up the silly factor with responses like:

  • “Ooga booga right back at ya, buckaroo!” tip imaginary cowboy hat
  • “Pantalones magnifico!” roll entire body
  • make armpit farts while maintaining eye contact

Out-absurd them to seize back control of the conversation. Discover more delightfully bonkers reactions below!

How to Reply to Girls When They Say “Ooga Booga”

Whether a girl says “ooga booga” to be funny or throws you off guard, reacting smoothly is key. But how do you respond without coming off insensitive?

The trick is walking the line between lighthearted yet respectful. Laugh while making clear you don’t tolerate disrespect.

If she seems well-intentioned, joke back about her goofy humor. But if she’s pushing boundaries, politely tell her that language makes you uncomfortable. She’ll likely respect you for stating your boundaries.

The bottom line – don’t get flustered. A girl wants to see you react gracefully under social pressure. Simply stay confident and you’ll earn her admiration.

How to Reply to Guys When They Say “Ooga Booga”

When a guy blurts “ooga booga” out of nowhere, he likely just wants a reaction. Remaining totally stoic and unaffected demonstrates high social intelligence and confidence – exactly what an alpha male would do.

Rather than snapping back, take a bemused detached stance. Raise your eyebrows, shrug, and casually change the subject. Making him explain himself just spotlights the absurdity.

But if he persists with silliness despite your aloofness, a subtle jab questioning his maturity works nicely.

No matter what, don’t get outwardly annoyed or awkward. That satisfying response is precisely what he’s fishing for. Simply stay poised and unimpressed. He’ll learn his oafish antics don’t faze you one bit.

Key Takeaways: Responding to “Ooga Booga”

  • Laugh it off to ease tension
  • Subtly call out their lame humor attempt
  • Go absurdist and out-weird their weirdness
  • Act confused like you don’t understand
  • Stay unbothered to retain dignity

When Cavemen Attack: Handling the Absurd

At the end of the day, odd comments like “ooga booga” often come from a place of social awkwardness or attempts to provoke us. Meeting randomness with unflappability and humor is the ultimate power move.

So next time, fight fire with fire. Combat strangeness with playful absurdism or subtle wit. Getting visibly annoyed only hands them the upper hand. Instead, double down on the silly till they realize how ridiculous they sound. Stay frosty my friends – and may no ooga booga ever rattle your cool again!

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