69+ Best Funny Replies to A Scammer: Ridiculous & Overly Dramatic Replies

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The best funny replies to a scammer are to troll them back and waste their time without giving away any personal information, for example you can say “This scam attempt is simply devastating! My day is ruined!”

Scammers try to manipulate people, so the best way to respond is to outsmart them for your own amusement. After exposing their scam, have fun stringing them along with ridiculous responses to frustrate their efforts. Just be careful not to provide any real details about yourself.

Now that you have the gist of how to deal with scammers, read on to learn specific funny replies you can use next time they contact you.

Sarcastic Compliments To Scammers

“Wow, your scam emails are so convincing! You clearly put a lot of effort into this.”

This exaggerated praise highlights the absurdity of their attempt to manipulate you. Pointing out their scam calls attention to the fact that you see right through it.

Here are some other sarcastic compliments you can try:

  • “Your persuasion skills are amazing. I almost believed you were a real prince!”
  • “You definitely deserve an Oscar for this performance. Your acting is superb!”
  • “Your dedication to tricking people is truly impressive. Kudos to your commitment!”
  • “I love how creative you get with these scams. So innovative!”

Ridiculous Backstories

“I’d love to help, but I’m busy hunting unicorns today.”

Invent an outrageous fictional story about yourself to poke fun at their attempt to get personal information. This shows you’re onto their scam without directly accusing them.

Other absurd backstories you can share:

  • “As much as I’d like to, I can’t right now. I’m training to be an astronaut.”
  • “Sorry, I’m waiting on a call from the President about my new ambassador position.”
  • “I wish I could, but I have a hot date with a mermaid later.”
  • “I’m flattered, but I need to get back to baking cookies for Santa Claus.”

Overly Dramatic Reactions

“This scam attempt is simply devastating! My day is ruined!”

Acting overly distraught highlights how silly their scam is. Ham it up by pretending to be extremely disappointed or upset by their trickery.

Other dramatic reactions:

  • “I’m utterly heartbroken to find out you’re a scammer. How could you do this to me?”
  • “I’m shocked and appalled by your deception. This is an outrage!”
  • “I’ll never trust again after this betrayal! You’ve broken my spirit.”
  • “I’m feeling faint from the total disbelief that you tried to scam me!”

Confusing Them With Gibberish

“If sideways pineapple sunset, then flying sausage cookies!”

Say something completely nonsensical to confuse them. This throws them off their scamming script since they won’t know how to respond.

Other ways to bewilder them with gibberish:

  • “The early bird gets the camel’s toe if the sausage is upside down.”
  • “Yellow legal monkey paperwork syntax error!”
  • “Bippity Boppity give me the zoppity!”
  • “My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Complaining About Their Scam

“1 star service, would not recommend. Your scam wasn’t even convincing.”

Leave them a bad “review” like they’re a business you’re unsatisfied with. This is a snarky way to call out their scam attempt.

Other scam complaints:

  • “I wanted to leave some feedback on how you can improve. First, make your story more believable.”
  • “Your scam pitch needs some work. I wasn’t moved at all. Very poor effort.”
  • “As a scam connoisseur, I rate this attempt a 2/10. So sloppy and obvious.”
  • “Please fire whoever wrote this script. The delivery was awful too.”

Asking Awkward Personal Questions

“Before we continue, I need to know – boxers or briefs?”

Catch them off guard with intrusive questions about their personal life. This makes them uncomfortable and disrupts their scam routine.

Some other awkward questions:

  • “What’s your credit score? I need to know before we proceed.”
  • “Briefly summarize your dating history for me please.”
  • “How’s your relationship with your mother?”
  • “Have you been tested for STDs recently?”

Agreeing Then Changing The Subject

“Absolutely, I can help! By the way, have you tried the new pizza place on Main Street?”

Pretend to agree to their scam request, then immediately switch topics. This confuses and frustrates them.

Other subject changes:

  • “Sure thing. Hey, did you watch the game last night?”
  • “No problem, I’ll get right on that. Speaking of which, I’m thinking of taking a trip to Hawaii.”
  • “Of course! So anyway, I have this weird rash on my back…”
  • “Yes I’d be happy to! The raspberries are ripe in my garden now.”

Repeating Their Questions

Scammer: “Can you confirm your social security number?”

You: “Can I confirm my social security number?”

Simply repeat their questions verbatim. This gives no actual information while highlighting the absurdity of their scam attempt.

Some other examples:

Scammer: “What is your mother’s maiden name?”

You: “What is my mother’s maiden name?”

Scammer: “How much money can you wire today?”

You: “How much money can I wire today?”

Giving Ridiculous Fake Information

“My social security number is 1234ABCDE. My password is password123.”

Give them clearly fake personal details. This wastes their time without providing any real information they could use to scam you.

Some other fake details:

  • “I was born on February 30th, 1972.”
  • “My address is 123 Sesame Street, Funkytown.”
  • “My mother’s maiden name is Optimus Prime.”
  • “My password is admin1234. My username is user123.”

Forwarding Their Messages To Others

“My grandma would love these scam emails! Let me forward them to her real quick.”

Pretend to forward their messages to others to embarrass them. This highlights how widely you’re sharing their scam attempt.

Some examples:

  • “Let me share these with my book club! They’ll get a kick out of your scam.”
  • “I think my professor would love to analyze these emails for his fraud detection class.”
  • “Do you mind if I post these on Twitter? My followers will find your scam hilarious.”
  • “I’m going to send these to the Better Business Bureau unless you can verify your legitimacy.”

How to Reply to a Girl

When replying to a girl scammer, take an extra friendly approach while still trolling them. For example:

  • “Aw shucks, I’m truly touched you tried scamming me! Here’s a smiley face to cheer you up 🙂 Better luck next time!”
  • “Aww hun, I know you’re just trying to make some cash. But maybe find a legal side hustle instead?”
  • “No thanks girlie, I’d rather not get involved in illegal stuff. Let’s talk about getting you on the right path instead!”

How to Reply to a Guy

With male scammers, you can be a bit more direct in your trolling replies. For instance:

  • “Nice try bro, but your scam game is weak. Step it up if you want to fool me!”
  • “Bad move man, now I get to waste as much of your time as I want. Sucker!”
  • “Really dude, you picked the wrong guy to scam today. I’m going to make you regret this!”
  • “Come on man, there’s easier ways to make money than scamming people. I believe in you!”

Key Takeaways

Don’t give scammers any real personal information

Waste their time creatively for your own amusement

Call out their scam attempt directly or subtly mock them


Scam The Scammers!

The best way to deal with scammers is to outsmart them at their own game. With these funny reply ideas, you can troll, confuse, and frustrate them for trying to manipulate you. Just remember not to offer them any real details they could use against you. Stay safe, but have fun exposing their scam artist tactics! Which ridiculous ways of replying will you use next time?

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  1. I’ve based some replies to phone scammers on what they are pretending to be.
    When a fake Amazon scammer asked me my name I told him that it was Jeff Bezos.
    Whenever I am told that there is a problem with my computer I tell the scammer that I do defence work at home so my computer is behind a Ministry of Defence firewall and if they have any information about it then they have broken the Official Secrets Act and can be sent to Guantanamo Bay.


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