45+ Best Responses to “Happy Memorial Day”: Witty & Clever Replies

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The best response to Happy Memorial Day Wish is to simply say “Thank you, you too.” This conveys appreciation and returns the well wishes.

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering and honoring the military personnel who died while serving in the armed forces. While it’s important to pay respect to those we’ve lost, Memorial Day has also become an occasion to get together with friends and family.

When someone wishes you a “Happy Memorial Day,” they are likely just being friendly and wanting you to enjoy the long weekend. The considerate thing is to thank them and wish them the same. You can keep the interaction light and positive.

Casual and Friendly Responses

Thank you, hope you have a nice weekend!

This response thanks them for the well wishes and returns hope that they enjoy their weekend too. It keeps things upbeat.

The tone is appreciative and friendly. Replying in kind continues the positive interaction. Extending good wishes back demonstrates courtesy and care.

Other options:

  • Thanks, you too!
  • Appreciate it, have a great weekend!
  • That’s kind of you, hope your weekend is relaxing.
  • I hope you have a nice Memorial Day as well.
  • Thanks! Wishing you a fun long weekend.

Gracious and Sincere Responses

I appreciate the thoughtful wishes. Hope you and your family stay safe and enjoy the holiday.

This reply conveys genuine gratitude for their considerateness. It offers a sincere hope for their safety and enjoyment.

The tone shows gratitude and thoughtfulness. Acknowledging their gesture and returning well wishes deepens the exchange. Expressing care for their family adds meaning.

Other options:

  • That means a lot, wishing you and yours a safe and happy weekend.
  • Thank you for the kind words, I hope the holiday brings you joy.
  • That’s very considerate of you, I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well.
  • Your thoughtfulness is appreciated, hope you have a relaxing weekend.
  • How kind, I hope you and your loved ones enjoy the time together.

Responses Acknowledging Memorial Day

Thank you. It’s important we honor those who sacrificed for our country.

This reply thanks them and acknowledges the real meaning of Memorial Day – honoring fallen service members. It shows appreciation while refocusing the conversation.

The tone is polite yet sincere. Thanking them maintains courtesy.Highlighting Memorial Day’s purpose reminds its significance while retaining positivity.

Other options:

  • I appreciate that, and we remember those who gave their lives serving our nation.
  • You’re right to honor the military heroes we’ve lost, thank you.
  • Thank you, I’ll reflect on the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers and veterans.
  • That’s very thoughtful of the troops we’ve lost. I wish you a nice weekend.
  • Thanks, I’ll be sure to commemorate our country’s fallen service members.

Humorous and Upbeat Responses

I appreciate it! I’ll be sure to have one beer for every hot dog I eat in your honor.

This injects some friendly humor into the reply, promising to enjoy the holiday weekend with classic Memorial Day activities like BBQs. The tone is upbeat and lighthearted.

Other options:

  • Thanks! I plan to relax so hard I’ll be in a food coma by Monday.
  • You know it! Gonna get my tan on and binge some TV shows.
  • For sure, my only plan is to not make any plans at all.
  • I’ll do my best – you can count on me having a burger in one hand and a brewski in the other!

Reflective and Sincere Responses

Thank you for the kind wishes. I’ll take some quiet time this weekend to honor the fallen.

This reply appreciates their sentiment and promises reflection on the real meaning of Memorial Day – honoring those who died serving our country. The tone is thoughtful and sincere.

Other options:

  • I appreciate that. The holiday reminds me to be grateful for the sacrifices made by others.
  • That’s very thoughtful. I’ll be sure to pay tribute to our troops this weekend.
  • You’re right, it’s important we remember the courage and sacrifice of America’s soldiers. Thank you.
  • Thanks, I’ll say a prayer for the families of those we’ve lost in service to our nation.

Relating to Shared Connections

I appreciate the thoughtful wishes. Hope you and the rest of the Johnson family enjoy the weekend.

If you know the person’s family, mentioning them personalizes your response. It shows you relate Memorial Day plans to time with loved ones.

Other options:

  • Thank you, give my best to the kids/your parents/spouse!
  • That’s kind of you. Hope you all have a wonderful time at the lake house.
  • I hope you and your loved ones make some great memories this weekend.
  • Enjoy your visit with relatives coming into town. Thanks for thinking of me!

Redirecting the Conversation

Thanks for the wishes! Any fun plans with friends/family this weekend?

This thanks them for their sentiment, then redirects by asking about their holiday plans. It shifts the focus to Memorial Day as a time for enjoyment with loved ones.

Other options:

  • I appreciate that. Are you doing anything special this long weekend?
  • That’s nice of you. Are you getting to relax a bit or staying busy?
  • Thanks, hope you enjoy yourself. How are you spending the holiday weekend?
  • Very kind of you. Got any backyard BBQs or fun trips coming up?

Declining Further Interaction

I appreciate the wishes but I’m busy at the moment. Enjoy your weekend!

If you want to limit the interaction, politely convey that while thanking them and returning the gesture. The tone remains friendly.

Other options:

  • Thanks for thinking of me. I’ve gotta run but hope you have a nice weekend!
  • That’s kind but I’m in the middle of something. Have a great holiday!
  • I’m a little tied up right now but I appreciate the thought, have a good one!
  • You’re very sweet but I’m just on my way out the door. Enjoy Memorial Day!

Supportive and Encouraging Responses

Thank you, I know this weekend holds a lot of meaning for veterans like yourself. Hope you find some peace and healing.

If speaking to a veteran, acknowledge their service and the holiday’s personal significance. Express care and encouragement.

Other options:

  • As a fellow service member, I appreciate your wishes. Hope this weekend brings comfort.
  • Thank you for your service, and for the kind words. Wishing you strength this Memorial Day.
  • That means a lot coming from a fellow soldier. Hope this holiday gives you solace.
  • I appreciate that. Getting together with platoon-mates this weekend?

Humorous Deflection

Don’t go planning my Memorial Day demise just yet! But I appreciate the kind thoughts.

This adds some friendly levity, joking they are writing you off already. But it still thanks them for the gesture. The tone remains light.

Other options:

  • Memorial Day honors the dead, and I still have some life in me! But thanks for thinking of me.
  • Let’s hope I don’t become a Memorial Day honoree any time soon! I appreciate the wishes all the same.
  • Hey now, no need to memorialize me before my time! But that’s nice of you to say.

Somber Reflection

I appreciate the sentiment. It’s a somber occasion to honor those we’ve lost, but one we must not forget.

This acknowledges Memorial Day’s solemn purpose in a poignant yet gracious way. It reflects rather than rejects their wishes.

Other options:

  • Thank you. It’s a solemn holiday, but important we honor the fallen.
  • You’re right that it’s a time to reflect. I appreciate the thoughtful wishes.
  • True, it’s a serious occasion to pay tribute to those we’ve lost. Thank you for the kind words.

How to Reply to a Girl

When responding to women, try to be extra gracious and thoughtful. For example:

  • I appreciate you thinking of me, hope you enjoy quality time with your loved ones.
  • That’s so considerate of you, wishing you and your family a safe and relaxing weekend.
  • Thanks so much for the well wishes, I hope you have a nice time with friends/family this weekend.

Reply genuinely, be respectful, wish her well in return. She will appreciate the effort.

How to Reply to a Guy

When responding to men, a simple sincere reply is often best. For example:

  • Thanks man, you have a good one too.
  • I appreciate that, hope you enjoy the long weekend.
  • That’s nice of you to say, hope you have a nice holiday weekend.

Show thanks, reciprocate the wishes, and keep things casual. He will appreciate the easygoing reply.

Key Takeaways

  • Thank them and wish them the same in return. This maintains courtesy and positivity.
  • Tailor your reply based on your relationship. More sincerity for loved ones, casual for acquaintances.
  • Consider acknowledging Memorial Day’s true purpose – honoring the fallen – while retaining a friendly tone.


When someone wishes you a “Happy Memorial Day,” the ideal response is to thank them and wish them a nice weekend in return. This continues the positive interaction. You can also politely refocus the conversation on Memorial Day’s real meaning of remembering our fallen troops. Most importantly, reply in a way that makes the person feel appreciated while enjoying the holiday weekend yourself.

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