39+ Great Excuses For Accidentally Calling Someone On WhatsApp

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I wasn’t paying attention and somehow my finger slipped on the video call button when trying to message you. My bad! Take a look below for some silly, possible excuses in case you ever find yourself in this awkward situation.

30 Witty Excuses For Accidentally Calling Someone

We’ve all absentmindedly tapped the wrong button and accidentally called or video requested a contact before. It can feel quite awkward, especially if it’s someone you don’t know super well!

When this happens, having a solid excuse ready can help save you from embarrassment. Below I’ve crafted 30 believable, lighthearted reasons you could potentially use. Hopefully one makes you chuckle – or better yet, gets you out of a sticky social situation next time!

  1. New phone – still figuring out where all the buttons are.
  2. I was trying to decline an incoming call and must’ve hit the wrong button!
  3. My phone was on my lap and I think my cat stepped on it. 🐱
  4. I could’ve sworn I clicked on your name to send a message. This new update is so confusing!
  5. I was closing a bunch of tabs and oops – butt dial! 🙊
  6. I actually meant to call my mom. Your names must be one after the other in my contacts.
  7. I was cleaning my phone screen and bumped the call button. My bad!
  8. I think my phone might be haunted because that was very odd. 👻
  9. Is this part of the new WhatsApp 8D audio update? Just testing it out!
  10. My toddler grabbed my phone when I wasn’t looking. Those little fingers are wild. 🤦‍♀️

Funny Excuses

Who said coming up with a spur-of-the-moment reason why you accidentally called needs to be boring? Sprinkling in some humor can help lighten up the mood.

  1. I was watching cat videos while eating tacos and things got messy. 🌮 🐈
  2. Butt dial! My butt has a mind of its own when it comes to technology.
  3. Just ensuring you weren’t a Russian hacker impersonating my friend. Can never be too careful! 🕵️
  4. I think we have ghosts! 👻The phone totally called you on its own.
  5. Oops sorry, I was looking for the self-destruct button and called you instead.
  6. A squirrel jumped on me right as I opened WhatsApp. Damn squirrels! 🐿️
  7. It’s national butt dial your contacts day…you didn’t get the WhatsApp notification?
  8. I have no reasonable explanation for this sorcery. Let’s blame Mercury retrograde!
  9. I was accidentally initiated into a WhatsApp butt dial chain letter. You were next on the list!
  10. I wanted to make sure you didn’t disappear or get abducted by aliens or anything. Phew, you’re still here! 👽

Savage Responses

If you’re feeling sassy or the accidental call receiver deserves some attitude, try out one of these snarkier replies. Delivered the right way, they could generate a laugh. 😏

  1. New phone, who dis?
  2. This butt dial interrupted my power nap. I don’t take that lightly. 😤
  3. I actually meant to butt dial someone WAY more interesting than you.
  4. Oops, wrong person. Meant to prank call my ex. 🙃
  5. I didn’t butt dial you on purpose, but I AM screenshotting your contact photo now. 📸
  6. Ignore me, just deleting some irrelevant contacts… 😬
  7. Didn’t expect YOU to answer…who even ARE you? 🤨
  8. Sends selfie with exaggerated confused emoji face
  9. I would say wrong number but sadly I know exactly who you are. Sigh.
  10. Who is this? Jk…but maybe we should talk less. 😅

Flirty Excuses

If you called your crush or are feeling brave, test out adding a subtly flirty vibe. Caution: only recommended for those with advanced flirting skills and an existing rapport!

  1. You were the next random contact on my list to send a flirty late night WhatsApp. Lucky you! 😘
  2. Oops sorry, I was kinda daydreaming about you and it led to me actually calling you…awkward. 🙈
  3. My phone and fingers have a mind of their own when your contact pops up. 🙊
  4. Your name autocorrected to “call immediately because super cute.” My bad!
  5. I swear I didn’t butt dial you on purpose!…or did I? 😏
  6. This call definitely wasn’t an accident. I just couldn’t resist! 💕
  7. A surprising call for a pleasant surprise of a person. 🥰
  8. You’re so unforgettable I absentmindedly hit call. Can you blame me? 💞
  9. Your contact just gives me happy fingers I suppose. 🤗
  10. I know this is random but wow you’re pretty great. Calling you made me realize that even more. 😍

10 Editor Choice Responses

Out of all the witty excuses above, these are my 10 personal favorite failproof options for replying to an accidental call or video request. Consider these you golden excuses that are harmless, humorous, and effective all at once!

New phone glitch

Blame it on still figuring out a new device! Quick and utterly believable.

When it works bestWhen to avoid
Recently got an updated modelUsing the same phone for years

Cat stepped on my phone

Pets accidentally interfering provides a totally solid reason.

When it works bestWhen to avoid
You actually have a petCalling someone who knows you have no animals

Cleaning slip up

Reasonably common mishap people can relate to.

When it works bestWhen to avoid
Recently cleaned or wiped your screenPhone is obviously grubby

Squirrel attack!

Random wildlife surprises make for fun, whacky excuses.

When it works bestWhen to avoid
With playful or silly personalitiesSuperintendent serious contacts

Butt dial extravaganza

A classic standby excuse we can all understand.

When it works bestWhen to avoid
Frequently moving around while phone is on youRarely ever butt dial

Ghost haunted device

Hey, ghosts make as good an excuse as any!

When it works bestWhen to avoid
Near Halloween for added credibilityContacts super scared of ghosts

Adorable toddler interference

Kids messing with phones – enough said!

When it works bestWhen to avoid
Actually have young kidsNo children in your life

Testing bizarre new features

Plausible idea phones are frequently updating.

When it works bestWhen to avoid
Tech-savvy contactsLuddites unfamiliar with apps

Declining call mishap

Believable in the moment fumble.

When it works bestWhen to avoid
Recently dealt with nuisance callersRarely receive calls

Burglar face check

Quirky cautionary tale for the extra quirky.

When it works bestWhen to avoid
Known for being offbeat and caringMore professional atmosphere

How To Reply to Her After An Accidental Call

Whoops! So you’ve accidentally hit that call button on your female friend’s WhatsApp profile. It happens! If it’s your crush, responding the right way could possibly work in your favor.🤞Here are 5 tips for replying to a girl after the awkward accidental call.

  • Keep it short and simple
  • Add a chagrined emoji 😅 or remark
  • Ensure she knows it was a total accident
  • Casually say you were about to message her anyway
  • Suggest an alternative chat platform to continue the conversation

So an example response could be:

“Omg I’m so sorry, total accident! 🤦‍♀️ Was just about to message you about weekend plans actually. Can we move this convo to IG instead?”

Brief, casual, hints at wanting to chat more while still reinforcing it was unintentional. Just add your own style!

Replying To a Guy You Know After Accidentally Calling

Getting stuck in an impromptu video call with a male friend or acquaintance due to your own blundering fingers or device can feel oh so uncomfortable! Using an air of confidence and not dragging out the moment is key.👇

Here’s a solid structure to follow when responding to accidental calls from guys:

  • Initial shock reaction
  • State it was obviously not on purpose
  • Poke fun at yourself so he knows you’re human too
  • Mention you meant to message him
  • If the vibe is right, say you’re down for an actual call later

A stellar example:

“Ohh wow haha oops, that was not at all intentional! 🤦‍♀️ Note to self: get better at working this thing. I swear I meant to message you about your…”

Casual, hints you wanted to reach out, shows you have a sense of humor about the mix-up. For the win!

More Tips For Responding To Accidental Calls

Beyond the obvious excuses already covered, having some supplemental tricks up your sleeve certainly can’t hurt!

  • Own Up To Your Goof – Some self deprecating humor shows confidence and humility. People relate!
  • Shift Gears Quickly – Don’t dwell, move the conversation elsewhere fast. Awkwardness disappears!
  • Suggest An Alternative – Propose texting instead. Lower pressure than surprise calls!
  • Make Future Plans – Mention you now do actually want to properly call and catch up soon. Great segue tactic.

Proper WhatsApp Call Etiquette To Avoid This!

While witty excuses can get you out of accidentally calling or video calling someone once and awhile, making it a habit is not cool. 😒 Spare your contacts and preserve your dignity by following basic WhatsApp call manners.

  • Pay Attention – Eyes on your screen when opening chat windows!
  • Check Names – Double check whose chat you’re in before pressing buttons!
  • Lock Keypad – Enable keypad lock so objects in bags or pockets don’t hit call.
  • Keep Phones Clear – Don’t use device while eating, walking, or laying in bed.
  • Update Settings – Customize swipe gestures and auto call/video permissions.

In Conclusion

At the end of the long day, accidentally calling or video requesting someone from time and time happens to all of us. Having some solid, creative excuses readily available helps ease the awkwardness when this occurs. I hope this list gave you a few new foolproof excuses to try out or have a laugh with next time you experience a mortifying unplanned call. 😅 But do also use the etiquette tips to avoid making it a frequent habit! Here’s to smooth social media sailing for us all. 🥂

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