30 Witty And Funny Ways To Respond To The 😉 Winky Face Emoji

The 😉 winky face emoji: the ultimate flirtation tool. When someone sends you this cheeky little emoji, how do you respond? With a flirty quip? A silly GIF? Or do you leave them on read and ghost them faster than Casper?

Recently, I got so fed up with my lack of good responses that I asked all my friends for their best flirty and witty replies. After mixing their hilarious ideas with my own, I came up with this list of 30 perfect ways to respond to the 😉 emoji.

Whether you want to reciprocate the flirtation or let them down easy, you’ll find the perfect message here. So next time you get a wink from your crush or a rando, come back to this list and never be speechless again!



30 Witty Ways To Respond To The Winky Face Emoji

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How To Respond To The Flirty Winky Face Based On Who Sent It

The winking face emoji is a prime example of how context is everything. Your response depends entirely on who sent it:

No matter what, don’t stress too much about responding perfectly. The main thing is that you feel comfortable with how you reply. Trust your instincts!

Hilarious Ways To Respond To The Winky Face 😉

We all love a good laugh, so why not reply to the winky face with these funny responses? Laughter is the best medicine after all!

Sarcastic Comebacks For The Cheeky Emoji

When you get a flirty wink from someone you’re not interested in, time to bring out the sarcasm! It lets them know you’re not reciprocating while keeping things light.

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Savage Shut Downs For Unwanted Flirts

Getting winky faces from someone you want nothing to do with? Shut it down with these clever comebacks!

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Pop Culture References For The Win

My personal favorite way to respond to the winky face? Pop culture gifs and memes! Nothing like making them laugh while gently friendzoning them.

The options are endless! Find one that matches your sense of humor.

Top 7 Editor’s Choice Ways To Respond To The Winky Face 😉

We read through hundreds of winky-face responses and these were the absolute best. Bookmark this list for the perfect reaction flirty line, or sassy comeback to use on your special someone!

1. The Chandler Bing

Nothing beats classic sitcom wit. If you want a funny reaction that gets the point across, pull out this Friends line:

“Should I be alarmed that you’re winking at me…or should she?”

Use when: You want to flirt back while checking their intentions.

Avoid if: You know they’re single and want to reciprocate.

2. The Heart Eyes Emoji

A single emoji can say so much. For a universal way to flirt back, try:


Use when: You like the person and want to reciprocate their interest.

Avoid if: You’re not interested and don’t want to lead them on.

3. The Han Solo

Channel the ultimate space scoundrel with this callback to Harrison Ford’s iconic Star Wars line:

“I know.” 😉

Use when: You want a funny response to pique their interest.

Avoid if: They might not get the reference.

4. The Ariana Grande

Let this song lyric do the flirting for you:

“What’s up? Talk to me nice.” 😜

Use when: You want to subtly flirt back.

Avoid if: You prefer more direct communication.

5. The Classic Wink

Keep it simple by fighting fire with fire. Just respond back with:


Use when: You want a universal way to reciprocate flirting.

Avoid if: You are not interested in flirting back.

6. The SI Swimsuit

Up the flirt factor with this cheeky line:

“Should I alert Sports Illustrated about this model-worthy winking?”

Use when: You want to flirt back confidently.

Avoid if: You prefer a more subtle response.

7. The Hair Flip

Body language goes a long way on phones too. Amp up your text flirt game by adding:

“Flipping my hair and winking back at ya ;)”

Use when: You want a cute way to reciprocate their interest.

Avoid if: You are not interested in flirting back.

Here is the fourth and final part of the article with additional headings and response ideas as you requested:

Flirty Comebacks For When Your Crush Sends The Wink

So the person you like just winked at you digitally. Time to send some cheeky, charming responses to wow your crush!

Creative Ways To Flirt Back

Pop Culture Pick Up Lines

Impress your crush by smoothly working pop culture references into your response!

Conclusion: The Art Of Responding To The Winky Face

The winky face emoji will likely be the bane of your existence at some point. When it pops up out of nowhere, panic ensues over how to react.

Hopefully this article provided plenty of funny, flirty, and sassy ideas for responding flawlessly. Screenshot your favorites so you always have a clever comeback ready to go!

At the end of the day, do what feels right for the situation and person. Maybe that means silently crushing on someone special when they send a wink. Or perhaps it means dishing out savage clapbacks to unwanted flirts without hesitation.

Regardless, now you can handle the cheeky emoji like a pro!

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