30+ Ways To Respond To “I Don’t Deserve You”: Flirty, Witty And Savage Responses

Feeling undeserving of your partner’s affection? Here are some flirty, witty and savage responses you can use to flip the script.

Have you ever been with someone who seems “too good” for you? It’s a common thought when dating someone you really like. You might feel they deserve better or question why they chose you. While self-doubt is normal, it can undermine your confidence.

So what do you do when your partner says “I don’t deserve you”? Turn it into a playful moment rather than self-sabotage. I share 30+ responses below – ranging from flirty to savage – to use when you hear those dreaded words. Plus, ways to reply based on who said it, how to have a constructive discussion and more.

30 Flirty And Savage Responses To “I Don’t Deserve You”

When someone questions why you want to be with them, it hurts. They’re rejecting themselves on your behalf, even if intentions are good. Don’t dwell, diffuse tension with wit and wisdom. Here are examples:

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Funny Responses

Sometimes humor is the best medicine for an awkward situation. If your partner is feeling insecure, a playful quip can reframe the conversation to be more lighthearted. Just don’t mock their feelings – gently poke fun while offering reassurance.


Here are 10 funny responses when they say you’re out of their league:

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Savage Responses

If gentle teasing doesn’t get the message across, kick it up a notch with these snarky comebacks. Show them their self-pity and self-sabotage won’t be tolerated. But avoid outright insults – the goal is lifting them up, not dragging them down.

Here are 10 savage responses to try when they claim you’re too good for them:

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10 Editor’s Choice Responses

After reviewing hundreds of quotes, here are my top 10 favorite comebacks for when someone insists you’re too good for them.

1. Focus On The Positive

“I don’t decide what you deserve, and you don’t decide what I deserve. Let’s talk about what we love about each other instead.”

When To Use: Early in the relationship when confidence is shaky. Avoid blaming while emphasizing your positive qualities.

When Not To Use: If they constantly need reassurance or neg themselves. Set boundaries instead.

2. Make It A Compliment

“I’d rather be with someone who recognizes how amazing I am instead of taking me for granted.”

When To Use: When you want to flatter them for appreciating you.

When Not To Use: If they genuinely struggle with self-love. Go for supportive over sarcastic.

3. Question Their Intentions

“If you really think you don’t deserve me, are you trying to sabotage this relationship?”

When To Use: If you suspect fear of intimacy or commitment. Force self-reflection.

When Not To Use: Early days when confidence and trust are growing. Stick to reassurance.

4. Offer Encouragement

“You’re more than enough for me. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”

When To Use: When insecurities run deep. Validate their worth.

When Not To Use: If this behavior happens too often. Set boundaries around neediness.

5. Remind Them Who’s In Charge

“I decide what I want and what I think I deserve. Got it?”

When To Use: If you feel disrespected by their attempts to reject themselves on your behalf.

When Not To Use: Early in dating before trust is established. Come from a place of understanding.

How To Respond To A Girl

When a woman questions if she’s good enough for you, it likely stems from strong emotions. Respond gently yet firmly to reassure her worth.

If she’s flirty:

If she’s insecure:

How To Respond To A Guy

If a man insists you’re superior, don’t coddle his ego. Protect your boundaries while encouraging him to expand his.

If he’s self-pitying:

If he’s putting you on a pedestal:

How To Discuss Constructively

Rather than react defensively, have a thoughtful discussion. Find root insecurities driving “I don’t deserve you” ideas. Offer empathy, then reassurance.

Explain why THEY specifically enhance YOUR life. Help them see their worth through your eyes. Outline areas for self-growth too – we all have flaws, so put perfectionism aside.

Ultimately though, they must work on self-confidence themselves long-term. If self-pity continues despite ongoing support, reconsider compatibility.

In Closing

Being told “I don’t deserve you” is disheartening, but shows admiration too. Respond playfully and positively, not punitively. Find the love languages driving this thinking – words of affirmation and quality time often help. Ultimately though, know your worth enough to walk away if needed. You deserve someone who can be your equal in confidence and strength of spirit.

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