30+ Responses When Someone Says “I’m Hungry”: Flirty, Witty and Savage Comebacks

I was recently talking to a friend who mentioned they were hungry. I wasn’t sure how to respond at first. After thinking for a bit, I finally came up with “Well I can fix that!” We both laughed and it lightened the mood.

That interaction made me realize that having some good responses ready for when someone says “I’m hungry” can be useful. So I decided to put together this list of over 30 flirty, witty, and savage responses to use next time someone tells you they’re hungry.

If you want to have the perfect comeback ready, or just make them laugh, then keep reading.

30 Funny, Flirty, Savage Responses to “I’m Hungry”

Before jumping into the list, here are some quick tips:

  • Match your response to your relationship with the person. Using a flirty response with your boss might not go over very well!
  • Savage responses should only be used with close friends who will find it funny.
  • Flirty responses work great for crushes or partners.
  • Funny responses are safe for almost any relationship.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! Here are 30 responses you can use next time someone says “I’m hungry” to you:

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Hilarious Responses to “I’m Hungry”


When someone says they’re hungry, it’s the perfect opportunity to make them laugh with a witty or hilarious response. Here are some funny things you can say when someone tells you they’re hungry:

  1. Well stop looking at me like a snack then!
  2. Hello Hungry, I’m dad’s 2 day old leftovers. Help yourself!
  3. Damn, you must have a tapeworm or something.
  4. If you’re that hungry, you can lick my plate clean.
  5. Quick, someone get this person a Snickers!
  6. Do I look like a walking buffet to you?
  7. Stop undressing me with your eyes, I’m not on the menu!
  8. Sorry, we don’t accept food stamps here.
  9. No wonder you’re starving, eating air all day!
  10. Hey hungry, meet my friend food. You two should hook up.

Savage Responses to Shut Them Up

If someone is constantly complaining about being hungry, dish out one of these savage responses to shut them up:

  1. Hi Hungry, I’m “stop being dramatic and make yourself a damn sandwich.”
  2. Well I ain’t your personal chef so figure it out.
  3. Hungry for attention more like it. 🙄
  4. Cry me a river and drown your sorrows in it.
  5. Do I look like Uber Eats to you??
  6. Sucks to suck I guess. 🤷‍♀️
  7. And what exactly do you want me to do about it?
  8. Aww does someone need their baba? 👶
  9. I’ve got a knuckle sandwich with your name on it if you don’t quit whining.
  10. If you don’t shut up I’ll give you something to eat – my fist!

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Flirty Pick Up Lines When They’re Hungry

If your crush or partner tells you they’re starving, use one of these flirty responses to heat things up:

  1. Lucky for you I’m a full course meal 😉
  2. I’ve got something nice and juicy you could stick your teeth into…
  3. Wanna nibble on my drumstick?
  4. I bet you’d look great with a cherry dangling from those lips
  5. I’m suddenly craving a slice of that cake over there points to their butt
  6. Well I wasn’t hungry before but now you got my mouth watering baby
  7. You can lick the whipped cream off my body if you want…
  8. I’ll let you polish off my banana split wink wink
  9. Sit on my face and I’ll eat my way to your heart darling
  10. My lips would look great wrapped around your cannoli hmm?

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10 Best “I’m Hungry” Responses

1. Well, you are what you eat…

This witty response implies they must be hungry since they’re saying “I’m hungry.” It’s a clever play on words that often gets a laugh.

When to use: Use this with friends or romantic partners. It’s a flirty response that isn’t too inappropriate.

When NOT to use: Don’t use this with strangers, colleagues, bosses, etc. as it could come across oddly.

2. Oh nooo, my poor baby! What do you want me to make you?

This flirty and caring response shows you want to take care of their needs. Offering to cook for them demonstrates affection.

When to use: Use with a romantic partner to showcase your loving and nurturing side.

When NOT to use: Avoid using with platonic friends or it could give the wrong idea.

3. Well I ain’t cooking! What takeout you want?

If you want to make it clear you won’t cook for them but are still willing to help, this funny response gives takeout as an option instead.

When to use: Use with friends, family, roommates etc. Shows you relate but have boundaries.

When NOT to use: Don’t use with romantic partners as it could come across as uncaring.

4. Hungry for attention more like it. 🙄

This savage response calls out what you perceive as them fake-complaining for attention.

When to use: Only use this with people you have a blunt/brutally honest relationship with.

When NOT to use: Avoid using this with sensitive people or new friends/romantic interests.

5. Do I look like a walking buffet to you?

This funny comeback implies you feel they’re looking at you hungrily, like they want to devour you. It often gets laughs.

When to use: Use when joking around with friends. Especially funny to use on someone who is checking you out.

When NOT to use: Don’t use with someone who could take it as an insult instead of joke.

6. Damn, me too. What kind of food are you craving?

This casual empathy shows you relate to their hunger then asks what food they want to narrow down options.

When to use: This works great with friends, roommates, partners etc. It moves the conversation productively forward.

When NOT to use: No need to avoid using this with anyone. It’s appropriate in most scenarios.

7. Stop undressing me with your eyes, I’m not on the menu!

This flirty response playfully accuses them of checking you out instead of actually being hungry for food.

When to use: Use this with romantic interests when you catch them gazing at you. It often gets flirty banter going.

When NOT to use: Don’t use this with friends/family – it could make things awkward. Also avoid using with strangers.

8. Hi Hungry, I’m “make yourself a damn sandwich.”

This savage response shows tough love by bluntly telling them to deal with their own hunger instead of complaining.

When to use: Only use this with very close friends who will think it’s funny instead of mean.

When NOT to use: Don’t use this with sensitive people or new friends/romantic interests. It could really offend them.

9. Hello Hungry, have you met food? I think you two would hit it off!

This funny response personifies their hunger and introduces it to food like you’re making introductions between two people.

When to use: Use this with friends or partners. It’s lighthearted humor that most will find amusing.

When NOT to use: Don’t use this with bosses, colleagues, etc. as the humor may not land well professionally.

10. I’ve got a few snacks up my sleeve! 😉

This flirty innuendo implies you have some tasty treats they can nibble on up the sleeve of your shirt or somewhere else naughty.

When to use: Use this with current romantic partners when you’re in the mood for sexy flirting.

When NOT to use: Avoid using this with casual friends/acquaintances unless you want to turn things romantic. The innuendo could make them uncomfortable.

Clever Responses to Say to a Girl

Impress any lady who tells you she’s feeling famished with these charming responses:

  1. Lucky for you, this restaurant happens to serve sexy little things like yourself for free 😉
  2. I’ve got a nice cucumber sandwich for you in my pants darling
  3. Well maybe you’re just thirsty for me instead? 😉
  4. I bet you look delicious with chocolate syrup licked off your skin…
  5. How about I take you out for a hot dog and we see what dessert cravings pop up later?

Funny Responses for Guys

If one of your guy friends says he’s starving, joke around with him using one of these funny replies:

  1. Yo hungry I’m dad, let’s grab burgers dude
  2. Bro we just ate 2 hours ago! Were you raised by a pack of wolves or what? 😆
  3. Pats belly Come feast on this sexy 6 pack won’t you handsome
  4. Hey I know it sucks but we’re kinda stuck here so make those crumbs in your beard work lol
  5. Dude if you don’t shut up about food soon I’m gonna eat you

How to Politely Say You’re Hungry Too

If you want to let someone know you relate to their hunger without being too direct, use one of these subtle responses:

  1. Oh me too, I could definitely eat right now!
  2. Haha I’m feeling those hunger pains myself lately
  3. You too huh? I’ve totally been craving [x food] all day!
  4. I hear ya, my stomach’s been growling for the past hour over here!
  5. I know right, I’m starving too! What sounds good?


As you can see, having the right response ready when someone says “I’m hungry” can lead to laughs, romance, or even ordering delicious takeout together!

Match your reply to your relationship and the mood you want to set. Funny responses work great for lightening the mood with friends. Flirty replies heat things up with crushes. Savage comebacks cut off constant complainers. And subtle responses allow you to politely relate.

So next time hunger strikes someone near you, try out one of these 30+ flirty, witty and savage responses. They’re sure to satisfy in more ways than one!

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