30+ Best Responses To  ‘Come Visit Me’: Flirty, Witty & Savage Responses

Can’t think of how to reply when someone invites you over? Here are 10 clever responses you can send back, ranging from flirty to friendly.

I decided to put this together after a friend recently asked me to come hang out and I blanked on what to say. If you want even more ideas, keep reading below for different types of funny, witty, and nice ways to respond.

30 Good Responses To “Come Visit Me”

Getting a “come visit me” message can catch you off guard. Before you resort to a boring “sounds good!” or leave them on read, here are 30 solid responses to inspire you.

I’d love to! When works for you?

Let me check my calendar and get back to you

Sure, I’ll bring the snacks!

As long as I can have the comfiest spot on the couch

Only if your place is clean. I don’t do messy hangouts, haha

Can I get back to you tomorrow on timing? I need to figure out my week

Depends. Can we order pizza?

Count me in. Any fun plans or just chilling?

I wish! My week is slammed but let’s definitely hang soon

Okay but fair warning I make a perfect couch potato

Should we invite [mutual friend] too? Could be fun!

Your place or mine?

Tempting offer but I may be bad company today, long day at work

Let’s do it! Want me to pick up food on the way?

Sure! I’ve been needing some quality friend time anyway

Yes please, as long as you have coffee for the morning after our movie marathon

I’d say yes but I’m waiting to hear back from someone today, so I may have other plans already. I’ll keep you updated!

Sounds good, want me to bring a Redbox movie or something? Up to you!

Sure! Want me to bring anything specific snack-wise? I bake a mean batch of brownies too, just saying

Absolutely! Want me to pick up [favorite drink/snack/takeout place] on the way?

Love to. Want me to come over around [general time that works]?

Count me in! Want me to bring anything like drinks or snacks?

Sure, I could use a fun hangout! Any ideas what we should do or just see where the night takes us?

My night just freed up so hanging out could be great. Want me to head over now-ish?

That sounds awesome. Want me to come over around [time] tonight?

Can I take a raincheck for [specific day]? I’m swamped tonight but could really use a friend hangout this week!

Yes! Wait do you still have that awesome hammock chair? Because I call dibs, haha

Should we make it a potluck with [favorite snacks]? I can bring ingredients for taco dip!

I wish I could but I’m behind on [chores/errands/work project] tonight. Definitely save me a spot on the couch this weekend though!

Funny Responses

If you want to make them laugh, try one of these 10 amusing ways to say yes to coming over.

Only If You Have Food

I don’t make house calls without guaranteed snacks! I hope you’re cool with me raiding the pantry when I get hungry every 5 minutes.

Do You Charge Admission Fee?

What’s the cover charge to enter this establishment? I hope you have validation for parking too!

Can I Bring My Teddy Bear?

I can’t sleep without my teddy bear when I’m not at home. Don’t worry, he’s perfectly potty trained!

Is This A Slumber Party Invitation?

I accept on one condition: we get to build an epic blanket fort, watch Disney movies, and stay up way too late!

Do You Have A Dress Code?

I wasn’t aware your place had a formal dress code. Does sweatpants and a holey t-shirt count as business casual attire?

Only If You Help Me With My Math Homework

I’ll be there! You have to help explain these geometry proofs though. Ugh I’m so lost.

Can We Make prank Calls?

Count me in but only if we can use *67 to prank call people after 9 pm! I’ll bring a list of numbers.

I’ll Be Your New Roommate

Oh perfect, I was just looking for a new place to crash! I don’t snore too loudly so I’ll make a great roommate, don’t worry. Want me to pick up dinner on my way over tonight roomie?

Do You Charge For Arm Wrestling Competitions?

I accept your invitation on one condition: we hold an arm wrestling tournament! I hope you’re prepared to get beat

Wait This Isn’t Grandma’s House?

Oh shoot, I must have written down the wrong address – I thought I was going to Grandma’s for biscuits and tea at 4 pm. Are you sure this isn’t her new place?

10 Best Responses

#1 Go For The Direct Plan-Making Approach

This simple response gets right down to making concrete hangout plans so you can lock in details.

When To Use: If you want to hang out with the person soon and don’t need to beat around the bush.

When NOT To Use: If you want to politely decline the invitation indirectly or leave plans open-ended.

Lets you pick a specific day and time to hang outMay come across overly eager or pushy
Clear and direct communicationDoesn’t work if your schedule is up in the air

Example: I’m free Wednesday night – want me to come over around 5 and we can order in dinner?

#2 Politely Defer For A Specific Later Date

If you can’t hang out soon but want to make plans for later, suggest getting together another time.

When To Use: When you have a conflicting commitment but want to hang out later.

When NOT To Use: If completely uninterested in ever coming over.

Leaves the invitation open without an outright “no”Doesn’t provide an immediate yes
Shows you still want to hang out eventuallyMay come off as stalling

Example: I would but I have dinner plans with family tonight. Can I take a raincheck for Friday?

#3 Offer To Bring Food Or Drinks

Suggest picking up snacks, drinks or takeout food to contribute to the hangout.

When To Use: If you want a casual, low-key way to accept the invitation.

When NOT To Use: For more formal invitations or situations where bringing stuff is discouraged.

Shows you want to reciprocate their hospitalityCould create unwanted obligation to provide food
Easy way to accept while offering to pull your weightWon’t work if they want to provide everything

Example: Sure, that sounds great! Want me to pick up a pizza on the way over?

#4 Make A Joke Or Funny Remark

Use humor and gentle sarcasm to confirm you’re coming over in an entertaining way.

When To Use: When messaging friends or others you share casual rapport with.

When NOT To Use: In professional or formal contexts.

Comes off fun versus dull yes/no replyHumor can risk landing poorly
Keeps conversation livelySarcasm doesn’t translate well digitally

Example: I’ll be there with bells on! Want me to bring my karaoke machine?

#5 Suggest A Shared Activity

Rather than defaulting to chilling, propose doing something fun together.

When To Use: When you want a memorable or active hangout.

When NOT To Use: If you know they just want to casually relax at their place.

Gives you something to look forward to besides just hanging outCould ignore their desired simple hangout
Makes plans feel more date-like or intentionalRisks them not being interested in your proposed activity

Example: Sure! Want to look up a new recipe together and I can help you cook dinner?

#6 Set A Definite Day And Time

Provide specifics on when you can come over to better coordinate schedules.

When To Use: When your schedule is mostly open and flexible.

When NOT To Use: If you are unsure of your availability and need to get

Eliminates frustrating back-and-forth communicationCould come off presumptuous if details don’t work for them
Allows for proper planning and preparationMay prematurely overcommit to a time you end up needing to adjust

Example: I’m free this weekend – want me to swing by around noon on Saturday?

#7 Offer A Tentative Yes Depending On Other Plans

Give a conditional acceptance pending other commitments shaking out.

When To Use: If your schedule is up in the air but you likely can come over.

When NOT To Use: When you know 100% you have other commitments already.

Holds space open in case you can make it workMay frustrate them to not get a solid yes/no
Allows you to accept if other plans fall throughCould come off noncommittal

Example: I should be free but let me confirm my other plans for tonight and circle back!

#8 Suggest An Alternative Hangout Date

If saying yes now doesn’t work, provide another day/time that does.

When To Use: When declining for now but you definitely want to reschedule shortly after.

When NOT To Use: If you can’t commit to follow through hanging out soon.

Preserves the opportunity to spend time togetherStill postpones the initial invite they sent
Shows clear interest in getting togetherRequires following up to lock in raincheck plans

Example: I can’t tonight but I’m 100% down to come over Friday!

#9 Offer To Host Instead

Flip the invite to hang out at your place, if that’s easier for you.

When To Use: If going to their place presents logistical challenges right now.

When NOT To Use: If you prefer taking them up on visiting them.

Conveniently moves hangout to your locationCould ignore their interest in having company over
Enables you to more easily say yesRisks them declining interest in switching venues

Example: Any chance you want to come chill at my place instead tonight?

#10 Ask For More Details

Respond with questions about the hangout so you can decide whether or not to come over.

When To Use: If you need more information to inform your availability and enthusiasm.

When NOT To Use: When you want to accept no matter what or surprise them by showing up.

Allows you to make a more educated choiceCould signal reluctance versus openness to the invite
Gets clarity so there’s aligned expectationsPeppering them with too many questions might feel like an interrogation

Example: What did you have in mind for us to do? Dinner? Movies? Just hang?

How to Reply to a Girl

When a girl invites you over, you want to respond in a way that makes her feel comfortable, respected, and excited to see you. Here are tips for crafting great responses.

Focus on Safety and Building Trust

Don’t make assumptions or push her boundaries. Keep communication clear and confirmation based.

Avoid anything forceful sexual or expecting physical intimacy without her consent.

Emphasize getting to know her better emotionally and having low-pressure fun.

Make Concrete Plans

Suggest specific days, times, activities, foods or movies to make her feel cared for.

Don’t just vaguely say “Yeah let’s hang out soon.”

Provide thoughtful ideas like “Want me to pick up Italian on the way over Friday around 6 pm?”

Ask Questions and Listen

Invite her preferences into the conversation so she feels heard and respected.

Don’t dominate directions of the hangout without her input.

Ask things like “What do you feel like doing – board games or movie night?”

How to Reply to a Guy

When responding to a guy inviting you over, you want to sound cool and confident without playing games.

Keep It Low Pressure

Make it clear nothing is expected or required physically so he knows you want authentic connection first.

Avoid subtly suggestive comments that could pressure intimacy.

Focus on friendly activities and conversation to build emotional bonds.

Bring Levity Into It

Show you don’t take yourself ultra seriously and can take jokes.

Don’t mock or neg him aggressively or risk seeming rude.

Tease very lightly by asking about his pillow fort policy or Monopoly prowess.

Imply Future Plans

Hint this is just a start of spending time together to indicate ongoing interest.

Don’t explicitly make intense long-term plans prematurely.

Casually suggest ordering his favorite takeout next time too or watching the sequel together later.

In Closing

Getting an invite asking you to come over out of the blue can induce anxiety over how to respond smoothly. Whether you want to confidently make plans, reschedule for later, or decline the offer, using one of these dynamic responses saves you from stumbled silence.

With examples tailored for laughs, flirtation, sincerity, or situations needing polite refusals, you can now handle “Come visit me” requests with natural flair. Perhaps you’ll even become the member of your social circle doling out the hangout invitations and waiting for impressive replies.

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