30+ Best Replies When Someone Falls Asleep Texting You, Flirty, Witty & Savage Responses

Oh no, they fell asleep. Whether it’s your crush, your best friend, or your long-distance lover, getting left on read is never fun. But have no fear – I’m here to provide you with the perfect responses to keep the conversation going or get a little playful revenge.

Based on my own trials and errors, below are 30 usable comebacks when your texting buddy dozes off mid-chat. Skim through and find ones that match your style. If you want even more, keep reading!

“Let me sing you a lullaby next time so you can fall asleep faster.”

“I apologize if my dazzling personality wore you out.”

“Sleep tight! Hope you have dreams about me.”

“I must be real boring if I put you to sleep that quick!”

Send a voice message of you fake snoring

“Sorry, did my message interrupt your beauty sleep?”

“Let’s plan a nap date instead of a coffee date.”

“Is this when I’m supposed to awkwardly watch you sleep?”

Send a Bitmoji with zzz coming out of it

“I’ll assume you died and came back as a ghost if you don’t reply when you wake up.”

“I see my storytelling skills literally bored you to sleep.”

Send a voice message that starts off chatty but trails off into fake snores

React with the snoozing emoji 😴

“Let’s hope you have sweet dreams about me now!”

Send a gif poking fun at their sudden silence

“I apologize for disturbing your beauty rest, sleeping beauty!”

“I guess you found me a real snooze fest, huh?”

“Wow, my singing voice must have really soothed you!”

“Sorry, I’ll stop messaging so your phone doesn’t wake you up!”

“I didn’t mean to be such a snore!”

“Let’s chat once you’ve caught up on your zz’s.”

“Sleep tight!”

Send a text speaking gibberish pretending your phone is acting up

“Good morning sunshine!” send this the next day

Funny Comeback Replies when Someone Falls Asleep on You

We’ve all been there – you’re in the middle of a riveting conversation and suddenly…no reply. They fell asleep! Instead of getting offended, have some fun with it by sending one of these funny responses:

  • “I didn’t realize my voice was so soothing. Maybe I should make ASMR videos!”
  • “Did you really fall asleep or did you fake it to avoid talking to me?”
  • “I must be so interesting if you fell asleep this quick.”
  • “Let’s plan a nap date instead of a coffee date next time.”
  • “Wake up sleepy head!”
  • Send a voice message of you fake snoring
  • “I’m offended you fell asleep when I was telling my amazing story.”
  • I’ll forgive you this time but you owe me!”
  • Send a gif of someone sleeping in a funny position
  • “Sorry, did my message interrupt your beauty sleep?”

Make light of the situation with some harmless teasing. It shows you don’t take it personally but also aren’t afraid to call them out!

Savage Reply Options when Someone Leaves You on Read

If you want to be a little devious with your sleeping texting buddy, try out one of these snarky comebacks:

  • “Thanks for letting me know my stories are boring AF.”
  • “I see your dreams are more important than talking to me.”
  • “Well that was rude.”
  • “Am I really that uninteresting?”
  • “Wow I must be so fun to talk to.”
  • “I thought we were having a nice chat but I guess not!”
  • “Did you seriously just fall asleep on me?”
  • “I apologize for distracting you from your nap.”
  • “I’ll remember this next time you complain I don’t reply fast enough.”
  • “I didn’t realize you were so exhausted talking to me.”

Feel free to get a little sassy if you feel slighted by their sudden sleeping! But read the situation carefully before firing off a more aggressive text.

Flirty Replies for a Crush Who Falls Asleep on You

If your crush is the one who conked out mid-conversation, inject some playful flirting into your response:

  • “Dream of me tonight ;)”
  • “Sleep tight cutie!”
  • “Aww you must be all tuckered out from talking to lil ol me”
  • “Let’s snuggle up and nap together next time”
  • Send a photo of you pouting with “Am I boring you?”
  • “If I was there I’d sing you a lullaby”
  • “I’ll forgive you this time but you owe me a drink!”
  • Send a voice memo saying sweet dreams
  • “Is this when I’m supposed to awkwardly watch you sleep?”
  • “Sorry my dazzling personality wore you out!”

Flirty texts let your crush know you like talking to them, even if the chat got cut short by some Zzzzs.

10 Editor-Approved Replies for When Someone Falls Asleep on You

Sometimes you need an expert opinion on the best comeback. So I picked 10 dynamite responses for when you get left on read due to someone snoozing on you mid-convo:

1. The Sassy GIF

There’s no need for words when a reaction GIF says it all. Send something sassy like this:

Use When: You want to call them out for their rudeness but keep things playful.

Don’t Use When: You’re talking to your boss or parent. Sass could backfire!

2. The “F U” Text

If savage is your style, this simple message gets the point across:

“Wow f**k you too then.”

Use When: You’re feeling feisty and want to make them feel guilty.

Don’t Use When: The person falling asleep was an accident or they’re going through something serious.

3. The Flirty Voice Memo

Send an audio message like:

“Aww you must be all tuckered out from talking to lil ol me. Sleep tight cutie!”

Use When: You want an excuse to send your crush something cute.

Don’t Use When: You’re annoyed or talking to someone you’re not interested in romantically.

4. The Sarcastic Laugh

Reply back:

“LOL thanks for making me feel so interesting.”

Use When: You’re feeling salty about them losing interest in your conversation.

Don’t Use When: You said something awkward right before they fell asleep. Don’t draw more attention to it!

5. The Kind “It’s Okay!”

Let them know you aren’t upset with something like:

“No worries that you fell asleep! Just text me when you get up 🙂 Sleep well!”

Use When: It’s your close friend/family member and you know they didn’t mean to pass out on you.

Don’t Use When: You want to make them feel a little guilty for leaving you hanging!

6. The Snarky Meme

Send a funny reaction meme like:

Use When: You want to seem chill while still calling them out.

Don’t Use When: You’re actually upset or talking to your boss/someone you respect.

7. The Sweet Dreams Text

Keep it simple with:

“Sweet dreams!”

Use When: It’s late and you want to end the convo on a cute note.

Don’t Use When: You want to make them feel guilty or call them out. Too nice!

8. The Playful Joke

Poke fun by saying:

“Let’s plan a nap date instead of a coffee date next time since you love sleeping so much lol.”

Use When: It’s your crush and you want to flirt or someone you’re comfortable teasing.

Don’t Use When: The timing is inappropriate, they have insomnia or sleep troubles.

9. The Chill Bitmoji

Send a cute Bitmoji:

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Use When: You’re talking to a friend and want to brush it off.

Don’t Use When: You’re feeling totally ditched. The happy Bitmoji downplays your feels.

10. The Dramatic GIF

Reply with:

Use When: You want to gently poke fun at their sudden radio silence.

Don’t Use When: Something serious is going on in their life to make them fall asleep (sick parent, exam week, etc). Too insensitive.

How to Respond to a Girl Who Falls Asleep Texting You

When a girl you’re interested in chatting with passes out mid-text sesh, tailor your comeback carefully. Here are 5 pro tips:

1. Keep it playful: React with light teasing or a funny meme so she knows it’s no big deal.

2. Try a flirty text: Her beauty sleep joke lets her know you find her cute.

3. Avoid aggressive reactions: Don’t be rude or passive aggressive if you want a second chance.

4. Be understanding: If it seems out of character, gently check in on her the next day.

5. Change the subject: Redirect the convo so she doesn’t feel pressured to address it.

The key is making your feelings known while keeping things breezy. She’ll appreciate you not guilting her for dozing off.

How to Respond to a Guy Who Falls Asleep Texting You

When your male conversant starts snoring mid-chat, tailor your reaction based on your relationship:

1. Boyfriend: A “miss you” or kissy face emoji is flirty yet gentle.

2. Brother/Guy Friend: Poke fun with a meme or overdramatic “I see how it is!”

3. Crush: Stay lighthearted with a sweet dreams/nap date invite.

4. Boss/Co-worker: Simply send a “We can continue this tomorrow!” message.

The tone you take depends on your dynamic. Just avoid aggressive responses to prevent hurt feelings or misunderstandings down the line.

When Is It Okay For Someone To Fall Asleep Texting You?

Look, drifting off mid-chat happens to the best of us. But are there times when it’s more socially acceptable? Yes! Here are 3 instances when it’s 100% okay to snooze on a texting buddy:

1. It’s Late

If you’re volleying messages at 2am, no judgement if one person eventually crashes. Super late convos always risk someone dozing off out of sheer exhaustion.

2. They Warn You They’re Tired

If someone gives you a heads up like “I’m so beat, probably going to pass out soon,” you can’t be shocked when zzz incoming texts start. They forewarned you!

3. You Can Tell They’re Unwell

If your chatting partner is battling illness, injury, or emotional issues, their falling asleep could signal they literally need the rest to recover. Extend some grace.

However, if it’s mid-afternoon on a Saturday and they seemed perfectly fine 5 minutes earlier? The sleepy sneaking is a tad ruder.

What To Do When Someone Repeatedly Falls Asleep Texting You?

Once or twice, someone abruptly snoozing mid-convo happens. But if someone consistently leaves you hanging by falling asleep while texting, follow these steps:

1. Call Them Out

Kindly but directly address the pattern so they know it’s bothering you. They may not realize how often it’s happening.

2. Set a Time Limit

Explain you value chatting, but for both parties sake, agree to only text between X-X time when you’re both alert.

3. Switch to Voice Notes

Ask to exchange quick voice clips instead of typing out long texts if attentiveness is the issue.

4. Limit Chat Sessions

If it’s chronic, shorten your convos or take breaks so neither person wears out their texting thumbs or energy.

5. Accept It

If someone’s life is super hectic, or they have conditions like chronic fatigue, their frequent snoozing may be out of their control. All you can do is control your expectations.

Prioritize open communication to find a middle ground. And don’t take repeat sleep texting personally!

In Conclusion…

No one enjoys shouting into a void of zzzs! But now you’re armed with 30+ fun, flirty and sassy comebacks for every time your texting buddy passes out mid-chat.

Sleepy texts happen to all of us. But with the right responses, you can handle these convo intermissions with grace, humor and understanding.

So next time you see those ellipsis disappear into digital darkness, simply whip out one of these blame-free replies before picking things up in the A.M. The chat will live to see another day!

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