21+ Best Responses to “Nice to E-Meet You”

Can you believe we once had to meet people in person? Crazy right? These days so many introductions happen online. From dating apps to Zoom happy hours, e-meetings are now the norm.

So how do you make a stellar first digital impression when someone says “Nice to e-meet you”? This article has all the tips, tricks, and exact responses you need to virtually wow a new connection.

How do you respond when someone says “Nice to e-meet you” online?

The best response is to keep things light and reciprocal. Reply with something like “It’s great to e-meet you too! I’m looking forward to chatting”. Throwing in a bit of friendly enthusiasm and reciprocity is key.

10 Best Replies to Use After an E-Introduction

The Classic “Likewise”

It’s nice to e-meet you too!

This simple response is a classic for a reason. Short, polite, and pleasant, it gets the job done. Follow up by introducing yourself or asking the other person a friendly question.

Other options:

  • Great to e-meet you as well!
  • The pleasure is mine!
  • Nice to meet you too!

The Upbeat Reciprocal

I’m so glad we could connect virtually!

When someone expresses that it’s nice to meet you, turn that sentiment around with an upbeat reciprocal response. This response conveys excitement about the budding connection.

Other options:

  • I’m happy we could e-meet today!
  • I’m stoked we could link up online!
  • Yay for virtual introductions!

The Future Focused

I look forward to getting to know you and chatting more soon!

Give your new connection a tantalizing teaser of future conversations to come. This response conveys eagerness for deeper discussion down the road.

Other options:

  • Excited to keep talking and learn more about you!
  • Can’t wait to continue our conversation!
  • I’m excited to chat more as we get to know each other.

The Humorous

Virtual meet cutes for the win!

A dash of light humor can instantly disarm a new online acquaintance. It conveys confidence and gives you an early chance display your wit.

Other options:

  • So nice to add you to my e-circle!
  • Yay for meeting cuties online!
  • Love meeting new people without leaving my couch!

The Flirtatious

I have a feeling we’ll be fast friends…

If you want to get a little flirty with your new e-mate, try using a response that hints at future friendship (or more). Saying you have a “feeling” piques interest and intrigue.

Other options:

  • Something tells me we’ll hit it off 😉
  • I’m digging our virtual chemistry already!
  • I can tell we’re going to vibe really well!

The Philosophical

It’s fascinating how technology lets us connect beyond physical space…

If you want to get a bit “think-piece” with your response, wax philosophical about the wonder of technology enabling human connections across distance and time. This signals intelligence and depth.

Other options:

  • What a time to be alive, meeting people online from miles away!
  • Imagine telling our grandparents about meeting digitally like this!
  • The internet really has connected humanity in remarkable ways…

The Flattering

With warm vibes like yours, every meet up is nice!

Send some sweet, flattering energy your new connection’s way with a response that compliments them in some way. Flatter them for having a friendly, welcoming air about them.

Other options:

  • Your bright personality makes virtual meetings fun!
  • Something about your energy makes me want to chat for hours!
  • I love connecting with magnetic people like you!

The Thankful

Thanks for taking the time to meet me virtually!

Sometimes simple gratitude is the perfect online meet cute response. Thank your new digital acquaintance for carving out time in their busy schedule to connect. A little thanks goes a long way in making a stellar first impression.

Other options:

  • I appreciate you being open to this online friendship!
  • It was so thoughtful of you to want to e-meet me!
  • Thanks for being down for a digital introduction!

The Diplomatic

Virtual meetings expand our world infinitely.

Keep things friendly but neutral with a thoughtful response about how online meetings remove geographic limitations on connections. This is a warm response that stimulates good discussion.

Other options:

  • E-interactions make the planet feel a little smaller!
  • I love how easy it is to meet all kinds of people online!
  • Digital friendships across the globe are so cool.

The Direct

I’d love to get to know you better! What brought you here today?

If you want to skip the clever quips and cut right to getting to know each other, respond directly with some open-ended questions. This pulls the other person into a longer dialogue.

Other options:

  • Tell me a bit about yourself! What do you do for work?
  • What inspired our virtual meeting? I’d love to hear how you got here!
  • Enough small talk – what interests you most in life?

How to Virtually Charm Women After an E-Introduction

Women love confidence, humor, intrigue, and authenticity. So after an e-meeting try out responses like:

“You seem so fascinating – I’d love to take you out for a video coffee date to learn more if you’re open to that!”

“Between your captivating smile and sharp wit, I know we’ll have some fun conversations ahead!”

“Hmm…something intriguing about you – I can’t wait to uncover more!”

Play up mystery and be bold in asking for future interactions. She’ll find your assertiveness and curiosity about her alluring.

How to Impress Men After Meeting Online

Guys appreciate laid-back, easygoing interactions. Respond to an e-intro with chill statements like:

“Hey man, really enjoyed meeting you! We should grab a virtual beer sometime and chat more.”

“Awesome to e-meet you bud! Have any epic adventures planned this weekend?”

“Great to meet you dude! You seem like a really funny guy – I bet we’d get along great in person too!”

Keep things casual, make plans for future hangouts, and pay him genuine compliments to stroke his ego. This combo serves as digital catnip for most men.

Key Takeaways for Responding to “Nice to E-Meet You”

  • Mirror their sentiment – If they say it’s nice to meet you, respond in kind by saying “likewise!”
  • Make future plans – Suggest continuing the conversation or meeting up again soon.
  • Ask questions – Further the dialogue by asking light, open-ended questions about who they are and what interests them.

In Closing…

From online dating matches to zoom networking, mastering digital meet cutes is an essential 21st century skill! With the tips above, you can flawlessly navigate responding to “Nice to e-meet you” and other e-introductions.

Be confident, be witty, be thoughtful, and most importantly HAVE FUN connecting digitally! The world is at your fingertips.

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