21+ Best Responses to “How is Home”?

Have you ever been asked “How’s home?” and struggled to come up with a good response? This common question can catch us off guard, especially if things at home are not going so great.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best responses and comebacks to give when someone asks the loaded question, “How’s home?”. Whether you want to give a lighthearted quip or a more thoughtful answer, use these examples as inspiration next time you’re put on the spot.

What’s the best response to “How’s home?”

The best response is to keep it short, simple, yet positive. You don’t need to delve into personal details. Example replies:

  • “Can’t complain!”
  • “Same old, same old.”
  • “It’s going pretty well, thanks for asking!”

Best Replies to the Typical Hows Home Question

1. Can’t complain

This simple response shifts the focus to you rather than your home life. It’s mildly positive without inviting follow up questions. Other options:

  • Not too bad
  • No complaints here
  • I’m doing alright
  • Could be worse!

2. Same old, same old

If you want to politely brush off the question, this classic line does the trick. The repetition emphasizes the mundanity and lack of news. Alternatives:

  • Same shit, different day
  • Nothing new to report
  • Steady as she goes

3. Going pretty well, thanks!

Keep it upbeat with this safe answer. Throwing in the “thanks” at the end curtails follow up questions. Other positive choices:

  • Can’t ask for more!
  • Things are good!
  • All’s well

4. Still standing

For a more humorous spin, play up your resilience with this wry response. Other options in this vein:

  • The house hasn’t fallen down yet
  • No major fires to report
  • She’s still in one piece!

5. Ask me after [insert time period]

If things at home are in flux, deflect with a specific future check-in time. Examples:

  • Ask me again after my kid’s exams are over
  • Check back after my remodeling is done
  • Let’s talk again post-holidays

6. Well, the [pet’s name] is fine!

Pivot the spotlight onto a less fraught subject – your beloved pet! Try:

  • At least the dog’s happy!
  • My cats have no complaints
  • My fish seem content

7. Oh, you know…just trying to keep the chaos at bay!

Commiserate over the common chaos of domestic life. Other united misery options:

  • Wrangling the munchkins as usual!
  • Just maintaining some semblance of order amongst the pandemonium

8. [Shrug] Still standing. You?

Flip the question back on them to avoid oversharing. Other friendly redirects:

  • No emergencies! What’s new with you?
  • Can’t complain. How about yourself?
  • All’s stable on the home front. How are things shaping up for you?

9. Living the dream!

Ham it up with exaggerated contentment! Adds a dash of levity. Consider as well:

  • Everything’s coming up roses!
  • Straight chillin’ like a villain
  • On cloud nine 24/7!

10. How’s your home?

When all else fails, return the question with interest. Allows you to avoid hashing out your home life without shutting down the conversation.

How to Reply to a Girl

When responding to a girl asking “How’s home?”, keep it positive. If home life is uneventful, reassure her everything is status quo with answers like “Can’t complain” or “Same old routine”. If facing challenges at home, vaguely imply things are still a work in progress, for example: “We’re still adjusting to some recent changes, but getting there!”. Follow up by flipping the question onto her.

Some Good Examples:

  • “Oh, you know how it is…just trying to keep all the plates spinning! What’s new with you?”
  • “We’re trucking along! How are things on your end?”
  • “Doing alright, surviving and thriving! How’s your world looking?”

How to Reply to a Guy

When a guy asks “How’s home?”, he usually expects a short n’ sweet update. For a lowkey response, go with lighthearted answers like “No news is good news!” or self-deprecating quips such as “Well, I haven’t burned the place down yet!”. Or get creative by personifying your home’s status – “She’s still standing!”

To spark conversation, shoot the question back or redirect to neutral topics like sports, pop culture, weekend plans etc.

Solid examples:

  • “All’s good! How’s your new place working out?”
  • “Can’t complain. Catch any games lately?”
  • “Same old madness. Got any fun trips planned this summer?”

Key Takeaways

  • Keep responses upbeat yet concise
  • Deflect with humor
  • Flip the question back on them
  • If needed, vaguely imply status is a work-in-progress
  • Redirect to neutral topics

Smoothly Sidestepping “How’s Home?”

When caught off-guard by this intrusive question, apply the strategies above to tactfully dodge and weave. A dash of humor, splash of ambiguity, and pivot to safer subjects allows you to be polite while still maintaining boundaries.

Most importantly, know that whatever is going on at home is your own business. How much you disclose is completely up to you! With these responses in your arsenal, you can artfully manage nosy inquiries while keeping private matters private.

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