21+ Best Responses to “Happy President’s Day”

Have you ever been wishing someone “Happy President’s Day” and got a lame response? It’s happened to all of us. But there’s an art to crafting clever replies that make you memorable.

In this post, we’ll explore some savvy responses that make you shine. Soon you’ll be the comeback master!

What’s a Good Response to “Happy President’s Day”?

A good response playfully leans into the holiday while showing your personality. For example:

“Thanks! I’m celebrating by binge-watching Scandal and eating cherry pie. Hope you have a great day too!”

“Appreciate it! I’m headed to the Washington monument for some selfies with the other presidents fans.”

The key is to avoid boring “thanks, you too” messages. Get creative and highlight why you love Presidents Day!

10 Best Replies for “Happy President’s Day”

1. “I’m celebrating with a viewing party of all the National Treasure movies!”

What better way to celebrate our presidents than by watching Nicolas Cage steal the Declaration of Independence? Other fun movie options: Lincoln, All the President’s Men, Air Force One.

Similar witty responses:

  • I’m rewatching the Hamilton musical 5 times in a row!
  • Headed to Mount Rushmore for some presidential selfies!
  • Celebrating with a “dead presidents” poker night!

2. “Thanks! I’m kicking back with some cherry pie and Scandal reruns.”

Leaning into classic American desserts and political dramas is always a solid move.

Other responses in the same vein:

  • Relaxing with an All-American apple pie and House of Cards.
  • Binge-watching The West Wing while housing this pumpkin pie!
  • Counting down to the fireworks show with hot dogs and Veep!

3. “I’m taking the day off to read presidential biographies and be boring.”

Self-deprecating humor shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Similar funny comebacks:

  • Honoring the presidents by not leaving my PJs all day.
  • Headed to the Washington Monument to read all the plaques out loud.
  • Celebrating with the presidents Bingo and than a rousing speech about agriculture subsidies.

4. “Thanks! I’m recreating famous White House weddings with my stuffed animals.”

Quirky creativity always gets a laugh. Go through some presidential history for more weird specifics to reference.

Other outside-the-box responses:

  • I’m hosting a round-robin presidential debate tournament for my pets.
  • Reenacting famous White House weddings with potato dolls!
  • My presidential Pez collection is getting out of control. Send help!

5. “The cherry tree in my yard is definitely not safe today.”

Reference presidential legends and myths for some subtle humor. The George Washington cherry tree story is a classic one to riff on.

Similar history-inspired comebacks:

  • I’m crossing the Delaware River in a row boat since I’m in-between uber jobs.
  • Whistling “Hail to the Chief” at strangers all day.
  • Celebrating like Lincoln—going to the theater than grabbing a drink next door.

6. “Thanks! My backyard barbecue grill is acting as a stand-in for Mount Rushmore today!”

Comparing random everyday objects to presidential monuments and landmarks keeps things fun and lighthearted.

Other everyday/president mashups:

  • Cutting out Oval Office shapes in my PB&J.
  • My drink koozies have the presidential faces on them today.
  • Building my own White House out of Legos!

7. “I wish I was as cool as William Henry Harrison. Died 30 days into his presidency—ultimate mic drop!”

Fact-checking presidential history for quirky tidbits provides lots of offbeat material. Lean into the randomness!

More presidential fact comebacks:

  • Turns out Martin Van Buren popularized OK as an abbreviation. Pretty neat!
  • On a quest today to find Millard Fillmore’s birthplace. Bet you didn’t know he was the 13th president!
  • Fun fact: Herbert Hoover and his wife spoke Mandarin Chinese together. Relationship goals!

8. “You too! I’m kicking off my Italian dinner tonight with some White House spaghetti—a Jefferson fave!”

Name-dropping presidential favorite foods always whets the appetite. Boost this one with more food specifics.

Other presidential food responses:

  • Chowing down on Lincoln’s beloved gingerbread men!
  • Fried chicken and waffles tonight—a Clinton White House specialty!
  • Whipping up some of Nancy Reagan’s legendary mac & cheese!

9. “I wish I was as savage as John Quincy Adams and his pet alligator.”

Recalling presidential pet stories shows off some stellar history knowledge. Quincy Adams kept a real alligator in a White House bathroom. Yes, real story.

More presidential pet references:

  • Feeling fierce like Jefferson and his two bear cubs!
  • Celebrating Tippecanoe (William Henry Harrison’s pet billy goat)!
  • Shout out to Lincoln’s turkey named Jack! Gobble gobble!

10. “You too! My stovepipe hat may make an appearance today.”

Hinting at Lincoln’s iconic top hat look proves you know presidential fashion statements.

Similar style references:

  • Breaking out my Jefferson powdered wig tonight!
  • Time for me to rock Teddy Roosevelt’s glasses and mustache!
  • Contemplating Washington’s wooden teeth for my Halloween costume…

Most Popular President’s Day Activities

Watching Movies/TV shows38%
Shopping Sales6%

How to Reply to Girls

When responding to girls wishing you a “Happy President’s Day,” take a playful approach. Show off your creativity and sense of humor by inventing presidential puns or mashing up history with pop culture.

For example, try:

“I’m celebrating like Angelica Schuyler with a Hamilton karaoke night!”

“Thanks girl! I’m hosting a viewing of National Treasure at my place if you want to help me analyze the secret codes and clues.”

How to Reply to Guys

With guy friends, lean into the humor by exaggerating your President’s Day celebrations. Use self-deprecating humor or preposterous scenarios they’ll find funny.

Some zany examples:

“Dude! I’m testing out presidential pickup lines at the bar tonight. Want to come watch me crash and burn?”

“I’m attempting to bake a life-size William Howard Taft cake. Pray I have enough batter.”

“My pet iguana is dressed up as John Quincy Adams. Just another normal President’s Day over here!”

Key Takeaways

  • Use pop culture puns – Joke about binging Scandal or National Treasure.
  • Riff on history – Cite presidential myths, facts and trivia for unique comebacks.

Coming up with clever responses takes some creativity and knowledge about American history and culture. But the payoff of laughs and impressed reactions is worth it!

Now that you know examples of witty comebacks for “Happy President’s Day,” try inventing your own. Customize them to your interests and sense of humor.

Soon you’ll be the friend everyone loves getting holiday messages from!

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