21+ Best Replies to “How Was Your Weekend?”

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Sarah Koch


We all know small talk can feel awkward. You run into a coworker on Monday morning, and they pleasantly ask, “How was your weekend?” Your mind goes blank.

You want a response that’s friendly but not too personal or dull. Where do you even start to sum up your whole weekend in a few words?

What’s the best way to respond when someone asks how your weekend was?

The best responses give a simple overview without getting too detailed. For example, “It was pretty relaxing – spent some time with family and caught up on shows I’ve been meaning to watch. What about you?” This answers the question while keeping things positive. It also turns the question back to the asker.

10 Best Weekend Recap Responses

1. Positive and Brief

“Great, thanks! Hope you had a nice one too.” This politely answers their question without offering too much detail. It ends by turning the question back to them.

  • Other options:
    • “It was good, how about yours?”
    • “Can’t complain – yourself?”
    • “Not bad at all. And you?”

2. Detail One Activity

“It was pretty fun – my brother was visiting so we did some sightseeing around the city. What did you get up to?” This response names one specific activity. It keeps things positive without getting overly personal.

  • Other examples:
    • I went to my niece’s dance recital on Sunday which was very cute.
    • “Caught up on some reading out on the patio all weekend since the weather was so nice.”
    • “It was good – took the kids apple picking at a local orchard.”

3. Shift Focus to the Week

“The weekend was good but flew by way too fast! Feeling motivated for the week ahead though. What’s on your agenda this week?” This redirects from details about your personal life. It keeps things professional by emphasizing the week ahead.

  • Other responses:
    • “It went well thanks – excited to get started on plans for next week! How about you?”
    • “Can’t complain, but definitely glad it’s a new week. Anything fun coming up on your calendar?”

4. Keep Response Brief

“It was good, thanks for asking! And yourself?” This super simple response politely answers their question. It immediately turns it back to them without offering details.

  • Other options:
    • “Good, thanks! What about your weekend?”
    • “No complaints over here. How was yours?”
    • It was nice – hope you had a great weekend too!

5. Include Family Focus

“We took the kids apple picking at a local orchard, so it was a nice family weekend. How was yours?” For those with kids, include a family detail. This gives a snapshot without getting overly personal.

  • Other examples:
    • “My parents were visiting so we had a nice family weekend going on walks and watching movies.”
    • “Spent some good family time together baking cookies and decorating for Fall. What about you?”

6. Share a Fun Detail

“It was awesome, I ran a 5K race on Saturday! Much needed after all those carbs. How about you?” For those active on weekends, highlight a fun detail like a race or sports game. Keep it short with one detail.

  • Other options:
    • “It was great – we took the boat out one last weekend before storing it for winter. Hope you had fun too!
    • “My friend had a Halloween party on Saturday so that was really fun. How was your weekend?”

7. Emphasize Relaxation

“It was super relaxing – read a new book from start to finish and caught up on shows. Did you do anything fun?” For quieter weekends, focus on the relaxation and restoration without getting overly personal.

  • Other examples:
    • “Just took it easy watching movies – after last week I needed the downtime! What about you?”
    • “Spent some time gardening and meal prepping. The perfect calm before Monday! How was your weekend?”

8. Share a Challenge

“It was good but exhausting – ran errands all weekend getting ready for company next week. What about you?” If your weekend involved stressful prep, you can share the work without getting personal. Quickly shift back to them.

  • Other options:
    • “We spent the whole weekend potty training our toddler so I’m tired! How was your weekend?”
    • “Let’s just say wrangling sick kids all weekend wore me out. What did you get up to?”

9. Make Weekend Plans

“It was nice and relaxing after a crazy workweek! Caught up with an old friend too. Any fun plans coming up for you?” A relaxing or social weekend can be summarized without oversharing. End by asking about their plans.

  • Other examples:
    • “Headed up to the mountains for a quick camping trip with friends. Do you have any trips coming up?”
    • “It was good – went to several open houses since we’re looking for a new place. How was your weekend?”

10. Say It Was Personal

“It was good – pretty personal stuff though. How about you?” If your weekend involved something very emotional that you don’t want to get into, this response politely avoids details.

  • Other options:
    • “I’d rather not get into details if that’s alright. How was your weekend?”
    • “It was good thanks – pretty personal family stuff going on. What did you get up to?”

How to Reply to Her Weekend Question

Focus on Positive Vibes

When a female colleague or acquaintance asks about your weekend, keep things upbeat. “It was great – went on a nice long hike with friends. What about you?”

Emphasize enjoyable activities rather than challenges. “Spent some good family time together baking holiday cookies.” Redirect away from emotional matters back to her.

Keep it Simple

Women often appreciate responses that give a simple snapshot without lots of detail. “It was nice and relaxing – caught up on my reading list out on the patio. Did you do anything fun?”

Save deeper bonding for closer friendships. “It was good, can’t complain! How was yours?” Polite brevity is perfectly acceptable for casual office small talk.

How to Reply to His Weekend Question

Add Some Color

Since male colleagues often relate more to activities vs. emotions, feel free to highlight a fun detail. “It was awesome – I ran a tough mudder race on Saturday! I’m pretty sore but it was worth it! How about you?”

Give a friendly snapshot of your weekend activities without oversharing emotional matters. “My brother was visiting from out of town so we hit a ballgame Saturday. Great weather for November! How was your weekend?”

Flip the Question

Men also appreciate responses that politely answer before flipping the question back to them. “It was pretty good – ran some errands and enjoyed the fall weather. How about yourself?”

Keep things relatively simple without elaborate details about relationships or family matters. “Can’t complain – yourself?” Allow them to share comfortable details from their weekend next.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep it simple – give a friendly snapshot without sharing anything too personal or emotional.
  • Highlight 1 enjoyable activity or overall mood like relaxation.
  • Briefly answer the question then flip it back to the asker.
  • Add some friendly color for male colleagues by highlighting an activity.
  • Keep it positive – save emotional details for closer friends.

Finding the Perfect Response

Crafting the ideal response is all about balance – being friendly but not overly personal, briefly answering their question before deflecting back to them, and walking the line between colorfully highlighting activities without oversharing emotional matters.

The examples above provide easily adaptable response templates for a variety of weekends and relationships. Simply pick 2-3 key details that encapsulate your weekend mood or activities and weave them into a friendly, conversational response.

The key is letting your response follow the lead of the existing relationship and comfort level. Use extra brevity for casual office acquaintances while allowing a bit more colorful detail for closer work friendships. When in doubt, keep things positive, simple, and focused on moving the conversation along.

With practice choosing the perfectly balanced responses for each unique situation, replying to “How was your weekend?” will become second nature instead of an awkward small talk stumbling block. The weekend recap is a dance we can all learn to master with thoughtful effort.

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