18+ Perfect Replies When Somebody Says “You Look Like Someone”

Have you ever had someone tell you that you look like someone famous or someone they know?

It can be awkward not knowing how to respond. This article will provide the best comebacks when someone says you resemble another person.

What is the best response when someone tells you that you look like someone else?

The best response is to take it as a compliment, even if you don’t necessarily see the resemblance. A simple “Thank you” or “I’ll take that as a compliment” shows confidence and helps move the conversation along. Throwing a joke back also lightens the mood. If it bothers you, politely share that while keeping things positive. The key is responding graciously.

10 Best Comebacks When Someone Says You Look Like Someone

Coming up with a quick, clever response when someone tells you that you look like someone else can be challenging. Here are 10 great comeback lines to have ready for those awkward “you look like” moments:

1. Why thank you! I’ll take that as a compliment.

Playing it as a compliment, even if you don’t see the resemblance, is often the easiest route. This response keeps things positive without getting bogged down. Other options: “I appreciate that!” or “What a nice thing to say.”

  • “I’ll take that as a compliment to both of us!”
  • “Well I think we both have a certain charm!”
  • “I wish I was as good looking as them!”
  • “I don’t see it personally, but thank you!”
  • “We must have something in common for you to say that!”

2. Well my mom always said I look just like [celebrity name]!

Joking that your mom sees the resemblance shows confidence while bringing some humor. You could use a celebrity like Zendaya or Harry Styles. Or get silly with someone totally unrelated to you.

  • “My dad also tells me I look just like [other celebrity]!”
  • “I must have a famous doppelganger out there somewhere!”
  • “Maybe I have a long lost twin!”
  • “If only I was as talented as [that celebrity] too!”
  • “I wonder if anyone else will agree with you on that!”

3. Are you saying all [race/hair color/height] people look alike?

A cheeky response like this calls out the possible ignorance behind the comment about your appearance. It brings awareness to judging by stereotypes. Other versions: “Do I really look like every guy/girl you’ve seen?”

  • “Should I take that as a generalized compliment?”
  • “Do you really think we all resemble each other?”
  • “I would be careful with stereotyping people like that!”
  • “I think we all have very unique looks, wouldn’t you say?”
  • “Well I definitely don’t see the resemblance there!”

4. I don’t see it, but I’ll take it!

If you don’t see the resemblance at all, politely share that while still playing it as a compliment. This response is gracious without being rude if the comparison bothers you.

  • “I don’t notice it personally, but thank you I guess?”
  • “Hm, I think we have very different looks, but I appreciate the compliment!”
  • “You may be seeing something I certainly don’t, but that’s ok!”
  • “I’d say we have very different styles and appearances, but thanks!”
  • “We must each have our own perspectives here, but no harm done!”

5. Well my friends say I’m the prettier version.

For those celebrity lookalike comments, joking that you are better looking pokes fun in a harmless way. Or try: “I don’t know if I’m THAT good looking” if said sincerely.

  • “My friends tell me I’m much better looking, haha”
  • “I’ll happily take being the hotter twin there!”
  • “Well I sure hope I’m better looking than them at least!”
  • “Oh gosh, prettier than a celebrity? What a nice compliment!”
  • I don’t know if I could match their good looks but I try my best!”

6. Are you flirting with me? Because I’ll take that as flirting.

Sometimes people use lookalike comments as a thinly veiled way of flirting. Calling that out confidently puts the ball back in their court. Other good options: “Is this your way of hitting on me?” or “Are you trying to sweet talk me?”

  • “Hmm if this is your way of complimenting me then I’ll take it!”
  • “Are you attempting to smooth talk me here? Cause it’s kinda working!”
  • “Are you saying I’m attractive in your own unique way?”
  • “Not the most conventional line, but points for creativity!”
  • “I mean I know I’m good looking but no need for odd compliments, haha!”

7. I wish! LOVE her/him!

If you’re compared to someone you admire, like an athlete, musician or actor, lean into it enthusiastically. This shows confidence: “He/she is awesome so thanks!” Or “She’d be an honor to look like!”

  • “Yes I love them too, super flattering comparison!”
  • “They are just the coolest, thanks for saying I look like them!”
  • “Aww they are amazing! I wish I was that talented!”
  • “I admire them a lot too, what a nice thing to hear!”
  • “I can only hope to be as skilled as that someday!”

8. Well we all have our twins out there!

Appreciating that we all likely resemble someone else somewhere in the world keeps this comment in perspective. This releases any uncomfortable tension calmly.

  • “I do think everyone has a twin for them out there!”
  • “It’s a small world, I probably resemble all kinds of people!”
  • “You’re so right, everyone has someone they look like.”
  • “I wonder who my other lookalike is then!”
  • “There’s definitely another me running around somewhere!”

9. I don’t really see it but I’ll take that as a compliment to both of us!

Politely share that you don’t notice the resemblance, while still playing it as positive for you and the other person. Keeps things gracious.

  • “I personally can’t see the similarities, but I’ll take it!”
  • “You may notice something I certainly don’t, but thanks!”
  • “Not what I see in the mirror, but I appreciate the nice compliment!”
  • “I don’t think we look much alike, but no harm done!”
  • “Our looks must come across differently to each person, but that’s ok!”

10. No way, I’m much funnier. Or – No way, she/he is much taller.

Poking a little good-natured fun at key differences shows confidence. Just don’t insult the other person they compared you to. Other options: “Well I can actually sing/dance better!”

  • “No way, I have a much better sense of humor in my opinion!”
  • “Nah, I’m definitely way goofier and funnier!”
  • “Haha well I’m certainly known as the comedian among my friends!”
  • “I consider myself to be quite hilarious, so I’ve got that on them!”
  • “Are you saying I should go into comedy? Cause I’m down!”

Replying to Girls

If another girl says you look like someone, keep it friendly! Here are examples for when ladies make lookalike comments:

“Aww thanks girl, you’re so sweet!” Charismatic response for friendships

“I wish I was as pretty as her!” Self-deprecating humor if it’s a celebrity

“Do you really think so? I don’t see it.” Polite if it actually bothers you

Key is responding kindly – she likely had good intentions even if the comparison bothers you. Stay positive and it will keep things easygoing between you two!

Replying to Guys

When guys make “you look like” comments, it can feel more loaded. Here are great reactions:

“Haha well aren’t you quite the charmer!” Playful response if he’s flirty

“Thanks man, she’s really talented!” If you don’t mind the admiring comparison

“I like to think I’m one of a kind” Confident comeback if it’s insensitive

If a guy’s comment really bothers you, stay composed. Clarify politely that you’d prefer not to be compared to others. Smile and move the conversation to a new topic gracefully.

Key Takeaways: Responding to “You Look Like Someone”

Being told you look like another person can be awkward. But how you react matters. Here are 3 key tips:

  • Take it as a compliment, even if you don’t see the resemblance. This keeps things positive.
  • Joke back good-naturedly – this shows confidence and brings some fun to the awkwardness.
  • If it really bothers you, politely share that while still keeping your response kind.

In Conclusion

Having someone say you look like someone else can be a sticky situation. While often well-meaning, it can hit the wrong way if it feels thoughtless or insensitive. This article provided tips ranging from laughing it off to calling out subtly offensive comparisons.

Hopefully with these clever, kind comeback ideas for “you look like” comments, you now feel ready to react smoothly. So next time someone tells you that you look like someone, you can handle it with grace and even humor!

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